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Running is recommended even for those whose aim is to decrease stress and tension, get rid of insomnia and improve overall health. Run longer distancesEven if you are not a professional athlete, still you can challenge yourself and try to see how far you can run. Keep track of your resultsIt is the fact that people who take notes of their progress weigh less.
Control what you eatIf you do not get rid of your bad eating habits, you won’t get rid of excessive weight either.
Enjoying being activeIt is absolutely normal that from time to time people should get sick and tired of doing the same activities.

Include vegetables and fruit in your menuAll those who lose weight stop eating high-calorie foods. Practice interval trainingIf you want to make your body burn more calories, then the first thing you should do is to boost your metabolism. To make the weight loss process more optimistic and exciting think of the results you will achieve if you do not give up what you have already started doing.
See the difference between the weeks and you will be able to figure out why some of the weeks are more productive than the others. For example, you run as fast as you can for 4-5 minutes and then slowly jog for a minute or two.

However, running even long distances is useless if after the run you snack on fast food, candy bars and sodas. You need plenty of vegetables and fruit to restore energy, provide your body with nutrients and fiber. Make vegetable smoothies in the morning and eat more vegetable salads during the rest of the day.

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