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You can rub vanilla extract on your feet with the help of a cotton swab 2 to 3 times on a daily basis to treat the problem of smelly feet. You can apply a mixture created with the use of eucalyptus and lavender oil on your feet to reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet.A mixture created with rosemary and tea tree oil can also be applied on the smelly feet.
You can use a mixture of turnip and radish juice for washing your feet on a frequent basis to reduce the problem of smelly feet. It is interesting to note that tea can also be used as a home remedy for curing smelly feet. Swollen tongue is caused due to a large variety of reasons which also includes medicine as well as allergies.
Celery sticks are extremely useful for the curing and providing relief to the swollen tongue. I’m going to bet you that you did not realise that there are indeed vitamins for depression that you can take. Have you ever wanted to make a hot toddy based on an easy hot toddy recipe that you hoped you could find?
On this home remedies for cough page, I have discussed many easy to find ingredients that will help you find something that will soothe your cough.
There are many different natural remedies for a cough available, some of which you may already have available at home in the kitchen cupboards and some of which you may need to purchase. Summer has arrived in all its glory and has brought a bunch of skin problems with it, especially sweating.Sweat is an odourless fluid that is secreted by the sweat glands.
This post will describe the 5 household cures for stinking feet with easy-to-find household products and how to use each of them.
You can also soak your feet in warm water containing vanilla extract for 20 to 30 minutes to reduce the smell.
Direct application of this solution (after straining) on the feet on a frequent basis can provide excellent results.
You can also create a paste with the use of baking soda powder and vinegar.Applying this paste on the feet area on a daily basis can reduce the odour resulting from smelly feet within a short span of time. Placing feet in this solution for a period of 15 to 20 minutes can help in reducing the problem of smelly feet.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This is an abnormal state where the whole tongue or some portion of it is enlarged, puffy or inflated. This condition of the tongue can be formed from allergies, infection, genetic disorder, inflammation, trauma, malignancy, metabolic diseases and abnormal processes. Now mix one half teaspoon of turmeric paste in the glass of water and gargle with that mixture. The high content of water in the celery sticks not only helps to stimulate the salivary glands but is also valuable in the relaxing of the enlarged tongue.

When an individual suffers from swollen tongue, he even finds it difficult to swallow the saliva. This helps to make it a soothing mouthwash so as to cool the tongue, get rid of the breath as well as in affecting and exciting the salivary glands.
Sweat does not have any unpleasant smell, but it creates an environment in which some bacteria produce materials that smell awful. Foul odour is mainly caused due to sweat as it provides comfortable environment for certain bacteria. Fill one-fourth of a bucket with warm water and add half cup of salt in it (preferably sea salt). If you sweat alot, make sure you remove your shoes and socks whenever you don’t need them. Do you really have no other options for treating depression than to take prescription drugs when you feel down for more than two weeks? You can also soak your feet in warm water containing epsom salt for atleast 30 to 45 minutes to treat smelly feet. The icy temperature not only helps in the decreasing of the swelling but also reduces the inflammation of the tongue. Hence, it is always advisable for the suffering individual to avoid the salty and the sour foods so as to reduce this type of difficulty. Allowing your feet to get good ventilation should avoid excess sweating. For this, you need to choose the socks made of right type of material. Since there are no socks between your feet and shoes, all of the sweat remains unabsorbed making condition extremely convinient for bacterias to multiply and do their job of generating foul smell. You can use a pinch of it in each of your shoes and socks to avoid bacterial breeding.In case your feet already have a foul smell, wash them thoroughly and apply a little sodium bicarbonate.
Stir well with your hands to dissovle all the salt in water. Once it is completely dissolved, dip your feet in the bucket for 10-15 minutes. Just mix one-third cup of vinegar (preferably apple cider vinegar) in a bucket quarterly filled with warm water. You already wear socks to get the sweat absorbed, but socks can work only upto a certain extent after which they stop doing their part.To work well with this concept of sweat absorption, you would require something additional. All these remedies use home and kitchen products like baking soda, baby powder or bleach; which are usually there in everyone's home. Scrub your feet from toes to heel, clean the toes and toenails as well and exfoliate the whole foot skin using a brush. Common causes of smelly feet include poor feet hygiene, inadequate air ventilation and so on. The individual suffering from the ailment gets relief from the inflammation as well as the swelling of the disease. Socks are usually made of Polyester and nylon which do not allow adequate ventilation, so you can go for those made of cotton or wool as they allow your feet to breathe.

Rub your feet in towel to get all the water soaked so that you are left with fresh, dry feet.Also, avoid wearing same pair of shoes continuously. Have a look at the various remedies you could use to cure the most annoying issue - Smelly feet!
Tannic acid present in tea kills bacteria and closes pores to prevent excess sweating.  For best results, follow the procedure daily for atleast a week. Do not wash your feet with clean water after the salty dip, rather allow them to dry completely. Both work equally well in absorption and hamper favourable conditions for bacterial growth. If any of your shoes get wet (either by water or your own sweat), do not wear them or you’ll not be able to avoid that smelly condition even with cornstarch and baby powder. And teamed with a natural astringent, such as lemon, it can do wonders in treating that awful foot odour.
Soak In Vinegar: Vinegar is known for its acidic nature and is crucial for killing the bacteria, responsible for the foot odour. But just in case, the smell of vinegar irks you, you could make use of apple cider vinegar. Lavender Oil: Lavender essential oil is known for its fragrance and its healing abilities. Just add a few drops of lavender oil in tepid water, soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. Alum Powder: Easily found in the spice section of any grocery store, alum powder is used for treating many skin problems. Isopropyl Alcohol And Sugar Scrub: This is one of the most popular home remedies of all time. And one of the easiest ways of exfoliating your feet is by soaking them in Kosher salt water. Exfoliate your feet daily by soaking in this mixture and your feet will stop stinking for a long time. Oatmeal Scrub: Oatmeal acts as a powerful exfoliating agent in getting rid of the foot odour.
For any of these remedies to work, you have to be consistent with the treatment that you're following.

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