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I have no clue how it works, as it doesn’t have a temperature setting knob on it that I can find.
About KarenKaren Eidson is telling the world way too much about her, whether they want to know it or not. Glad you’ve got the meds to make you feel better, even if the price could make you sick. ID Reaction l Severe inflammatory skin reaction l Immunologically mediated l Appearance may be very different from original lesion l Fungal infections if severe enough may provoke ID reaction.
I have a bladder infection, which is making me listless and tired, so instead of sewing, I’ve been napping.

A long time reader of my blog, Judy from Travels With Emma,  asked me to make her a T-shirt quilt. She writes about her life of living full time in an RV, eating a gluten free diet, things she does for fun, and things that are important to her. Goldstein, MD, MPH Associate Professor Department of Family Medicine University of North Carolina at Chapel.
I have so many projects either piled up on my sewing table or in my head, and so little time to do them. She spent the day a while back cutting the backs and sleeves out of her shirts so she could mail them to me.

She makes you look at photos of her grandchildren, talk about her husband's survival of oral cancer, and shows you things she has made. It took me way longer to finish that flower girl dress for my niece’s wedding than I anticipated, so other things got pushed aside. I wanted one that is heavy–because it is hard to press seams when the iron is lightweight, in my opinion.

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