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If you are consuming contaminated food, stale foods, canned food that has crossed the expiry date and foods that are affected by pet hair; then you are sure to have bacterial stomach infection. Water therapy works like miracle in case of stomach problems as it helps to drain out toxins from the body. Yersinia arthritis is a type of arthritis which is caused by the yersinia bacterial infection. It has been found that one of 100 patients of infection caused due to urethra develops yersinia arthritis.
Overview If you have bacterial gastroenteritis, bacteria have caused an infection in your gut.
Chips, fries, burgers and other canned foods have become an integral part of our daily life, so as stomach disorders.
Sometimes people may experience fever accompanied with stomach pain and continuous loose motion. If you are having a weak digestive system then you must try to avoid spicy and unhealthy foods. For this, you just have to take a small piece of ginger and add to it, a pinch of sea salt along with a pinch of crushed black pepper.
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Urethral infection is characterized by discharge from urethra and pain when urine is passed.

Chlamydophila pneumonia is one such bacterium which can cause infection of respiratory tract.
The respiratory tract infection may also trigger the symptoms of yersinia arthritis in the patients. This usually results in your stomach and intestines becoming inflamed, and youll probably experience unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Stomach infection mainly happens due to bacterial attacks in the digestive system which reduces the stomach’s capacity to produce enough digestive juice.
Even if you are having canned foods, don’t forget to check their expiry date before you have them. They do have a disgusting taste but they are too good for stomach disorders like diarrhea and bacterial infections.
It has been found that one in 100 people who is affected with gut infection can also develop yersinia arthritis.
Due to infection caused by virus, soreness in throat, skin rashes or cough can occur which can lead to yersinia arthritis. Since HIV infection and yersinia arthritis are sexually transmitted diseases, both the conditions are considered to be related to each other. It is also known as urethritis which is considered to be one of the common causes associated with yersinia arthritis.
In some of the cases, it has been found that one in 10 cases of yersinia arthritis is not triggered by any infection.

Bacteria responsible for causing reactive arthritis can be transmitted either sexually or through contaminated food. Yersinia arthritis is a polyarticular inflammation caused by infection due to Yersinia enterocolitica or Y. Those who are elderly or very young are more vulnerable to the effects of gastroenteritis and may occasionally experience serious complications. Outbreaks of bacterial gastroenteritis tend to occur in association with restaurants or at social events where the same food is served to many people. If food is undercooked, stored at room temperature for too long, or insufficiently reheated, bacteria in it will survive and may even multiply more quickly. And these toxins carry on after the reheating process even when the bacteria themselves do not. Likewise, if a baby of less than three months experiences either diarrhea or vomiting, you should call your doctor.

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