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I ordered some things a while back on line but cos I wasn't sure of my size, I mistakenly ordered d wrong size. Dear BVs, I am in desperate need of a solution for.my face, please BVs who knows who or where I can get treatment for STURBURN hyperpigmentatiom. Stephanie this is not the first time this allegation will come up and nobody has ever come back to say you gave them hair,please defend yourself cos i feel really stupid. A 21 rooms self contained Hostel for sale tastefully finished with borehole, very well secured for sale. I am in Port Harcourt and could probably meet up with you wherever safe place you deem fit.
Dear Stella, please i'll like you to post this on the next in house news, there's this aunt of mine that got married 10years ago to a Nigerian man who stays in London, they have a son which is 9 years old .
I traveled before it was brought and someone collected on my behalf so didn't know they wouldn't fit.
Also i am doing a 2- weeks intensive makeup and gele tying training for just 10,000 per participant in Benin City. Please help me thank BV amaka from Port Harcourt who wrote asking bvs in need of baby cloths to contact her. Some people are so frustrated and looking for ways to make people join their club!.Abeg reject am sis,though I loved your last sentence after replying the mumu,but I noticed you KEEP letting them get on your nerves.
But the man was there for this my aunt for just 3 years, doesn't even care about his both of them, how they eat,feed, cloth and all.
Every time I think I have found a solution its comes back in full force and the sight is so ugly. The Latex Vest 2in1 Waist Trainer for Petite to Plus size ladies is going for a discount price of 9,000 naira only. I need to know if it's possible to sue him since he's not here in Nigeria and this my aunt is broke right now, her business is going down.
The items are in lagos but can be delivered anywhere to anyone that can bear the small delivery cost. Please any BV that is sure of a product or can suggest someone that can be of great help to me please.

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