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This week is all about the man who put the "Arrested" in Arrested Development, the pater familias pop-pop of the Bluths, George Bluth, Sr. Listen, modern-day miracles are few and far between, so the fact that Arrested Development is coming back into our lives - via Netflix - should be treated with reverence and respect. Treatment by means of a u slab or hanging cast could lead to union wth acceptable alignmement.

Each week here at IGN TV we're bringing you a new Bluth, as little reminders of why this show tops our 25 TV Comedies of All Time list. There is a high incidence of radial nerve fallout, especially with distal humeral shaft injuries.
Another indication for exploration would be an open fracture, as the wound needs to be debrided anyway.

Only George could manage to turn his time behind bars into both a soul awakening experience and a money-making scheme.

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