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Normally, cats don’t just wake up one day and decide to urinate in odd places to frustrate their owners. However, the obstructive type of cat UTI is a serious condition and if left untreated, it can be fatal. And because cats lick their wounds to clean them, frequent genital licking is another sign of cat urinary tract infection.
Lack of exercise and obesity also increase the risk of developing cat urinary tract infection.
Here at the Cat Bladder blog you can find informational articles and videos describing how to recognize the symptoms of feline urinary tract infection, what to do to treat it, and tips on how to prevent it from coming back – because even in cat health, we believe that prevention is the best medicine. Cat urinary tract infection role diet , If a cat urinary tract infection has affected your cat, you are not alone.

Home remedies dog' urinary tract infection, Home remedies for dog’s urinary tract infection. Can penicillin vk 500mg treat urinary tract, Can you give penicillin to dogs with a ear infection or a yeast infection. If your kitty is wetting on the floor or other places, cat urinary tract infection may be the problem. The non-obstructive type responds well to medication and kitty will be as good as new in a few days. When the normal flow of urine is obstructed, toxins build up in your cat’s blood and uremic poisoning sets in. If you’ve ever had a bladder infection, you understand the pain and burning sensation.

Take a moment to read about cat urinary tract infection (cat UTI) on our site – and contact us if you have any questions! If the urethra becomes completely blocked, the kidneys can’t remove toxins from the blood. Often, kitty associates the pain with the litter box, so when a cat urinates in odd places, kitty is looking for relief from the pain associated with the litter box.
If the bladder isn’t emptied regularly, that can lead to cat urinary tract infection, too.

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