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That’s why women with poor diets are more prone to experiencing bacterial vaginosis, as the vagina is not given the nutrition it needs to keep up with the delicate balancing act between good and bad vaginal bacteria.
Each of these techniques is uniquely designed to get rid of bacterial vaginosis at the source, leaving you feeling fresh and on top of the world again. Most frequently these lesions are caused by a bacterial infection (typically Staphylococcus aureus) but there can be other causes like Candida (a yeast infection). Brown and Rosenthal recommend debridement, culturing (both microbial and fungal cultures), cleaning with a mild antiseptic solution and using topical and systemic antibiotics safe for guinea pigs.
Barbara Osborn's 3 boars had been unsuccessfully treated for cheilitis with neosporin and silver sulfadiazine.

Along with the mouth sores, Becky's guinea pig, pictured at right, also had what looked a bit like cottage cheese inside his mouth. She swabbed her guinea pig's mouth with Nystatin, then swabbed the outside area also with Nystatin. Brown and Rosenthal postulate cheilitis is caused by cuts and abrasions from coarse foodstuffs (but not good quality hay), bedding, or sharp objects in the environment which might allow a staph infection to take hold and spread. The vet took a swab and did a micro-stain in the office (4-5 minutes) and identified a yeast infection -- Candida.
She was told it could take 2- 3 weeks to clear up but found the infection (which had been present for over two months) cleared up in only two days with only a small amount of crustiness remaining.

Serafina Cupido has had success using the injectable form of enrofloxacin (Baytril) topically.

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