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That’s why women with poor diets are more prone to experiencing bacterial vaginosis, as the vagina is not given the nutrition it needs to keep up with the delicate balancing act between good and bad vaginal bacteria.
Each of these techniques is uniquely designed to get rid of bacterial vaginosis at the source, leaving you feeling fresh and on top of the world again.
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Bacteria present in live yogurt are similar to the good bacteria present within the vagina.

I am the third generation follower of Bhagawan Baba as my grand mother (father's mother) was in Puttaparthi and she spent her old age days in Divine Presence.
De kamers zijn allen ingericht in authentieke balinese stijl met prachtig uitzicht vanaf uw balkon. They cause no indiscriminate destruction of healthy vaginal bacteria, but rather works with the body to help maintain vaginal balance and resist frequent imbalance.CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC.
So, the count of good bacteria in the vagina may be naturally increased if you soak a tampon in plain yogurt and introduce it into the vagina for about 2 hours. Swami used to call her as 'Palamoor Kistamma'.My mother received the black and white photo shown in the above image from our beloved Bhagawan when I was 5 years old and we have the same in our pooja room in Hyderabad and more actively worked in the Organisation from 1976 onwards when I received one week Sevadal Training (conducted by Shivam-Hyderabad) in my place Kollapur-Mahabubnagar District.
After one week training in various wings of the Organisation, exams were conducted and I got First Prize in Spirituality and received Three Books from Sri BV Ramana Rao, then State Sevadal Convener of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Andhra Pradesh. Wrap some ice or an ice pack in a clean towel and apply it to the area to get instant relief from the itching and burning sensation.

Worked in South Indian Canteen where coffee,Tea & Curd Rice were prepared from 18th to 24th Nov during free meals time. Had wonderful Darshan of Bhagawan's Divya Sannidhi and on 1st Sept I had a rare opportunity of offering (placing) a flower at the divine Lotus Feet of Divya Sannidhi. State President has conducted meetings with EG and WG teams in Rajahmundry and Kovvur Sathya Sai Mandirs respectively.
On the same day evening had a small meeting with BV Group in ESS and witnessed Sri Sairam Iyer songs (Dual Voice).

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