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RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health* Just one capsule per day! Vaginal bacteriosos is a medical condition among women wherein the bacterial flora in the vagina is disrupted causing an imbalance between the protective bacteria and the harmful ones. This infection was once called Gardnerella vaginitis pertaining to the bacteria that causes it.
These factors are believed to be contributors to the increase of the probability of this vaginal infection developing. A combination of alternative practices and prescription medications may increase the chance of curing vaginal bacteriosis. The overgrowth of these harmful anaerobic bacteria results to this kind of vaginal infection, which is also called bacterial vaginosis (BV).

However, it was later discovered that the overgrowth of other bacteria like Escherichia coli also are to blame, hence the name change. Sexual intercourse per se is not the root cause and this infection should not be considered a sexually-transmitted disease as bacterial vaginosis has also been found on women with no sexual history. However, the occurrence of thin, whitish vaginal discharge with an unpleasant fish-like smell is connected with this bacterial infection. Metronidazole in pill or gel form along with clindamycin creams are normally given patients with bacterial vaginosis. In medical clinics that specialize on sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), 30 to 60% of their female patients are suffering from this vaginal infection. These symptoms are more evident after sexual intercourse as the semen combines with a woman's secretions.

Soaking in bath water with a few drops of tea tree oil or a couple of cups of apple cider vinegar will also help. It should not be confused though with common medical conditions like yeast infection and trichomoniasis which are not bacteria-related.

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