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WATER ENVIRO ENIGNEERS carries a complete range Ultra Violet Sterilization System made of SS 316 designed to disinfect potable drinking water, Process water and wastewater without the use of heat or chemicals. Our Standard features of UV sterilization system includes individual lamp indicator, ballast, drain, test port etc. Our modular design allows for a wide range of flow rate ranging from 200 LPH to 50000 LPH and larger flows can be handled by manifolding units together. UV Sterilization system are also available with Pre Micron Filtration units to avail the best results by avoiding shadow effect. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This includes operating one of the largest, engineered wastewater recycling programs in the world.
Water recycling is very important in our arid Southern California environment where water must be imported from other parts of the state.
The goal of the Sanitation Districts is to recycle as much water as possible from its Water Reclamation Plants (WRPs), therefore, the WRPs play a major role in meeting our water needs.

This recycling significantly reduces the Los Angeles Basin's dependence on costly imported water and helps to replenish a large percentage of the groundwater used by the region.
They provide what is known as primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment for approximatelyA 165 million gallons of wastewater per day.
Second, microbes use air to breath while they eat up organic material in the aeration tanks, then the microbes settle out in the secondary settling tanks (Secondary Treatment). Third, sand and coal filter out leftover particles in the filters (Tertiary Treatment) like sand in the bottom of a river.
Typical Flow Schematic of a Water Reclamation PlantPRIMARY TREATMENTA Just as in nature, when runoff first enters a river, heavier solid particles settle to the bottom while lighter materials float to the top and are carried away. The heavier solids which settle to the bottom and the lighter materials, like plastic and grease, which float to the top are called primary sludge and are removed and returned to the sewers for further treatment at the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant.
The remaining wastewater, containing dissolved and suspended materials (mostly organic), moves to the second phase of treatment in aeration tanks and secondary settling tanks.SECONDARY TREATMENTAs dirty water in a river flows downstream, naturally occurring microorganisms feed on the dissolved organic materials. As the river flows downstream, oxygen naturally enters the water so the organisms can breathe. In the secondary treatment aeration tanks, air is bubbled through the water to supply oxygen.

The same microorganisms in the wastewater grow as they feed on the organic materials in these tanks.
In the secondary treatment settling tanks, the microorganisms clump together and settle to the bottom, where they are removed and recycled back into the treatment process.TERTIARYA TREATMENTFinally, in a natural river, the clean waterA percolates into the ground beneath the river and joins the underground water supply. At the treatment plant, the ground is replaced by filters, which remove any remaining suspended materials from the water.
It is now free of harmful bacteria and viruses and is safe for human contact, recharging groundwater, and for a wide variety of other uses. The laboratory staff provides analytical services that meet all the requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Board for all of the Sanitation Districts' treatment facilities.
A full spectrum of analytical services are available, including chemical, biological, and microbiological testing. Sanitation Districts' scientists employ a combination of classical techniques and modern, sophisticated instrumentation to provide assessments of inorganic and organic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and toxicity.

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