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Eco-Tec specializes in providing integrated water treatment components to provide the highest purity water in a simple, reliable package.
Eco-Tec's specified clarifiers assist in optimizing a water treatment system by improving efficiency and helping to purify produced water to meet effluent water specifications. The patented Spectrum Micro Media Filter™'s backwash process reduces the need for frequent backwashing cycles. The Recoflo® Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs by up to 40% and use less brine and water for regeneration.
Reverse osmosis (RO) is integrated into the system when feed water has a high concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) or other parameters that require additional pre-treatment. Biosolids are derived from wastewater sludge, mainly a mix of water and organic materials that are a by-product of the sewage treatment processes.
Biosolids may also contain traces of synthetic organic compounds and metals, including arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel and selenium. Biosolids can be applied as a fertiliser to improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth. Biosolids are graded according to chemical composition and the level of pathogens remaining after production.
What you flush down the toilet and plug-holes in your house eventually requires treatment at a sewage treatment plant.
This video produced by the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research in New Zealand descibes the wastewater treatment process in simple terms. During sewage treatment, microorganisms digest (eat) the sewage, completely breaking down the original organic solids that have been discharged into the sewerage system. Biosolids comprise dead micro-organisms, a small portion of active microorganisms, and any inert solids such as sand which have come down the sewer. The final quality of the biosolids produced depends on the quality of the sewage entering the treatment plant and the treatment process.

Strict state and national guidelines in Australia and New Zealand specify the way in which specific biosolids can be used. In recent years, the pollution in rivers and lakes has become increasingly worse, and it has become necessary throughout Japan to take measures toward securing a stable supply of tap water and supplying good-tasting water.
This system uses the adsorption effect of activated carbon to remove abnormal odors and tastes as well as organic matter.
The system sends air into a biological oxidation tank, creates a swirling flow in the tank, efficiently uses special contact material to cause the raw water and air to come into contact with each other, and breaks down the dead matter. Ozone generated by an ozone generator has a strong oxidation capability that produces excellent results for breaking down organic matter in water and removing odors and colors. These systems use the adsorption effect of granular activated carbon to produce excellent results for removing odors and colors. This is a flow chart for applying an advanced treatment system to an existing drinking water treatment flow.
There are many components involved in a typical Chlorination system.  The following is a listing of the components and a short description of the purpose of the component. GW Pumps and Purification will gladly assist you with all your water pump and water treatment needs. The clarifiers consist of special blends of polymers, coagulants, surfactants, and metal salts which work to reduce the turbidity of the water and remove particulate matter that could decrease the effectiveness of down-stream processes. The origional size of the image is 900 A— 366 px and the origional resolution is 300 dpi.Thousands ClipartsFree users have previously viewed this image, from photographs free collection on ClipartsFree.
When treated and managed appropriately, they can be beneficially used for a number of purposes. Biosolids can only be considered as such once they fulfil the requirements of a set of approved biosolids management guidelines. These contaminants limit the extent to which biosolids can be used, with all applications regulated by appropriate government authorities in each State and federally.

Approximately 55% is applied to agricultural land and around 30% is disposed of in landfill or stockpiled. A typical sewage treatment plant uses a range of treatment processes to produce recycled water and biosolids. Sewage consists of used water from household activities such as washing dishes and clothes, taking a shower, flushing the toilet and even cleaning your teeth. This discharge is usually regulated and limits are set so that any potentially dangerous compounds are not allowed in the sewer at levels that might cause harm to the environment or people.
The Australian and New Zealand water industries use some of the most advanced wastewater treatment and biosolids production technology and quality assurance programs in the world. Also, if this system is combined with the ozone treatment system, it has the effect of biological activated carbon, and is particularly appropriate for controlling the generation of chlorinated organic compounds.
Australia has one of the strictest regulatory regimes for biosolids production and application in the world.
The water content of the solids is then reduced, usually by passing through mechanical processes.
However, there is concern that the chlorinated organic compounds that occur as a result of reactions between chlorine and organic matter cause cancer, and the use of chlorine has become controversial. Also, algae occur in the summer, and if the amount of chemicals in the water is increased in closed water regions where the tap water has an odor, there will be an increase in dissolved matter, which will lead to an even worse taste.
Regulators, such as State departments of Health and Environment strictly control the production, quality and application of biosolids. We provide advanced drinking water treatment systems with the aim of supplying good-tasting water in response to these problems.

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