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As the name says, smelly hair is the unpleasant odour coming from the hair and usually it occurs when a person is suffering from smelly hair syndrome. However, once you have come in terms with the problem, the next idea is to look for the treatment from the same. Along with reducing the oiliness, it also helps in creating neutral effects where the smell is concerned. Not only is lemon juice perfect for hair health but also when it comes to smelly odour from the strands. Along with removing the bad smell from the hair it will help in balancing the pH levels of the scalp. The hair clarifying properties of apple cider vinegar helps in washing out the accumulated dirt and oil that is causing smelly hair. After shampooing you need to massage fresh aloe Vera juice or gel into the hair for 10-15 minutes. The anti bacterial and antifungal properties of honey and cinnamon make it perfect for smelly hair treatment. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of vodka with water and use it as a spray for the hair to treat the smell. A site about health, alternative medicines, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, love and relationship, medicine, natural cures and healthy living.
Black spots can look really ugly, especially for girls because sometimes even makeup doesn’t help. If you open up your mouth and stick out your tongue, you can learn a lot about your body (and greet friends in Tibet). Today there are vast majorities of products and home remedies that can effectively fight smelly armpits.
Shower or bath every day; especially your underarms, groin and feet where there are more sweat glands. Wash your clothes thoroughly especially undergarments and shocks that comes in frequent contact with sweat.
Get some antibacterial or antiseptic solution (chlorhexidine 0.05%) from your nearest pharmacy and apply on regular basis. Mix 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of water and wipe the armpits, groin and feet using cotton. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or Join our Skin Care Advice Commuity to ask our experts and dermatologists about your skin conditions.

Aloe Vera which is commonly known as the “Plant of Immortality” has multitude of medicinal effect.
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The best is to adhere to some home remedies since it is safe, effective as well as affordable to achieve the goals. The idea is to wash the hair with water mixed with a little baking soda and then follow it with an application of baking soda paste. Dilutes some of this liquid with distilled water while adding a few drops of any essential oil like lavender or rose. This should be done after shampooing and should be rinsed after 15-20 minutes with plain water.
Although sweating can be minor issue for most individual, unpleasant body odor like smelly armpits can be a matter of considerable concern for both the sufferers and to others around them as well. Apocrine sweat glands mainly activated only after puberty and located predominantly on underarms and ano-genital region, and the rest of the body is covered by eccrine glands. When you were just a kid these hormones were not active so you had no problems with the odor.
When you exercise, you might prefer high-tech fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin.
Although it won’t prevent sweating, it will prevent bacteria colonization that causes the smell. Go to solidwoodbeds c ( -(o)- ) u -( (k) )-strange white circular spot on the inner foreskin, out of ideasso i had this single white cornered spot on the inner side of my foreskin for aprox 3 weeks now after a holiday with swimming pool and stuff.
Every woman wishes for long tresses and moreover she puts so much of effort to have long thick hair. Though smelly, the juice of red onions and shallots are considered to be effective remedy for natural hair growth. One of the best protein providers is surely egg white and hence it’s all the way best idea to use egg hair mask for first-rate protein treatment. A simple procedure and best results obtained if you could leave the oil overnight in your hair. Because these are natural solution to hair growth, there is no question of side effects too. For those people who have more problems of oily hair tend to have an aggravated condition because it tends to attract not only pollutants from the air but also strong odours.

It helps in soothing the hair and scalp and also removes the smelly odour without much difficulty. Although sweating is naturally odorless, it can sometimes cause an unpleasant smell when it comes into contact with bacteria on your skin.
We have all experienced that it’s the area of apocrine sweat glands that smells, not the eccrine sweat glands.
Experts say that any unusual change in body odor and sweating may also be a sign of medical problem and need immediate attention. The sulfur present in onion juice boosts the production of collagen tissues, the ones which help in hair growth.
The gel from AloeVera can be easily penetrated into the hair and thus providing nourishment from root to end.
How does this happen, let me explain; the eccrine sweat glands produce clear, odorless and watery fluid that primarily contain water and salts. However, for normal body odor and sweating, change is lifestyle and few home treatments might work wonder. While some hair treatment costs a fortune, why don’t we just try some home remedies for natural growth of hair? The oil can completely eradicate sebum build up which is a main barricade to the hair growth and also helps in building new follicles. Because this vinegar is usually used as an after-wash rinse, the mild smell of it could be an inconvenience for you. Extract Aloe Vera gel from plant and apply it to the scalp and leave it for at least half an hour.
On the other hand, apocrine sweat glands produce oily fluid rich in protein, lipids and steroids that the bacteria love to feed on. Add the vinegar with water and make use of it as final rinse to your hair, each time you shampoo.
Although the sweat is odorless, but when it reach to skin surface, bacteria that normally live on the skin feed on the sweat and excrete the strong smelling waste that is associated with smelly sweat. And the mild smell can be eradicated if you add some essential oils like Jasmine oil or Lavender oil into the mixture of water and vinegar.

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