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I spent one afternoon in the kitchen years ago making BBQ chicken with my son Jonathan, then 5 years old. Believing that Jesus is the answer to the worlds problems carries with it much responsibility. Not wanting to see any of the precious sauce go to waste, I licked the knife clean which was my normal practice. Carrying the scenario a little further, what if your friends, relatives and loved ones were driving right past you and plummeting to their doom? Just as Jonathan saw me licking the blade of a knife and attempted to mimic me, others are watching us and will be attracted to us as God meets the worlds need through us. And if we say we have the answer to the worlds predicament, it seems that more of an attempt could be made on our part to jump out of our cars and wave down the drivers who are heading to inevitable doom. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

Upon taking the chicken out of the oven, I slathered (if there is such a word) tons of BBQ sauce on my creation as the finishing touch.
It’s far worse to have the answer and not share it, than never to have had the answer at all. Normal, that is until I looked behind me just in time to catch my 5 years old about to lick the blade of a second BBQ sauce covered knife.
What if you could hear the tires screeching and the cries of anguish and no one was around but you to warn the unassuming drivers who were plummeting to their death up ahead. Even those who don’t know they need answers are watching us and waiting for us to give them a reason to believe. Not one time while the four of us were together did I think about leading us in prayer for Shannon’s healing.
If we believe what we claim to believe, maybe we should begin living a little more intentionally in dealing with those we come into contact with.

What I’m saying is that maybe we should start living our lives with sensitivity, knowing that with everything we do, everything we say, and everywhere we go, someone, somewhere is watching us. Not one time did I think about the healing power of God, which I claim to believe in, healing her on the spot. If we think we have the answer to the needs that surround us, shouldn’t sharing the answer to the need be more of a natural response?

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