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I am one of life’s natural helpers, nothing makes me happier than making someone smile by helping them achieve something they are finding difficult.
I married my husband Neill, nearly 10 years ago, and was very lucky to be blessed with my children, Kathryn and Leo. Life brings you swings and roundbouts, and motherhood, and redundancy on my husbands part brought me to the Wedding Industry, something I felt quite passionate about, and which blended with my skill set from nursing. Further to this and in the last year, ill health has brought me to full time Wedding Blogging. I Blog because I am passionate about Weddings, I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I have gained in my Wedding Planning career, and the talents of those I have been privileged to meet and work with. Twitter has been a massive help to my Business in that in has opened up the opportunities to meet those in my industry that ordinarily I wouldn’t get the chance to meet. When I Blog I do the initial post and then schedule other updates from that post throughout the day.
I am constantly getting told that you have to hold back but I believe in sharing the real me, warts and all, as not doing that just makes you fake.
At the time of writing you’ve sent 182,707 tweets – how do you manage your time on Twitter? Apart from being an early riser like I said before it’s a mix of scheduling and spontaniety. My life is much like a washing machine with a cycle of family, work, social media and housework going around and around. It’s a list of the top UK wedding suppliers, brands, professionals and individuals on Twitter ranked by influence, not just follower numbers.
It means a huge amount to me as it’s the only honour so far that I have actually been bestowed with.
I value this as is nice to be known as a major influencer though sometimes I don’t feel like it.
When you are first developing your business strategy, having an open mind can help you move your business in the direction that can make it most successful. Staying open minded and attached to nothing leaves your planning open to move in the direction which works best for you. I have worked with many producers who were attached to their particular product or method of sales that just did not work for potential customers. When I am perplexed by an issue, I find that if I remove myself from it, relax and let my inner intuition guide me, I will find the solution. I know this last week’s business tips are a bit different, but I hope they will help you to align your thinking process for success and inner peace!
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With a deep understanding of economic issues and financial markets, learn how to accurately predict economic trends to leverage business opportunities.
This years’ NBA finalist for the Customer Focus category shows how DHL Express has managed to grow globally by keeping their clients happy. Secrets of their success Two dozen firms on the Greater Cincinnati 100 have been there since its inception in 1983.
Their business operations are varied -- from hotel builders to animal food makers, soft drink sales to casket builders -- but 24 firms on the Arthur Andersen & Co.
They have made the annual list for 15 consecutive years -- every year it has been compiled. Favorable interest rates, a rosy economic climate and a close watch on the competition kept wind in the sails of many of the 24 local companies marking a decade-and-a-half on the list.
The company, which produces animal feed ingredients and proteins, also deals in animal hides and skins for consumer products like shoes, clothing and automobile upholstery. There has been an explosion in revenues in the 15 years the firm has been a member of the Greater Cincinnati 100. The accounting firm has produced the list since 1983, compiled from basic revenue and payroll information among private companies willing to participate.
One company on the 15-year list with little obvious link to rising or falling national or international economic indicators is the Aurora Casket Co. The company, with 1997 revenues of $99.6 million, imports few raw materials and relies on manpower and not robotics to produce 160,000 caskets annually.
While some might think that the aging baby boomer generation will drive double digit revenue increases in the years to come, that may not occur, said William E. The company also developed an efficient integrated supply network with a team of consultants advising customers on the full medical product range offered by Standard Textile, he said.
The company also consults on engineering, finances, clinical operations, equipment standardization and utilization. With 11 manufacturing facilities in locales such as Pakistan, Jordan and Israel, the company has been able to be a low-cost provider to international medical groups. Kirk and Blum Manufacturing, an industrial sheet metal contractor and custom metal fabricator, has seen steady growth, making it the largest industrial sheet-metal contractor in the United States. The firm was acquired in August by MYR Group Inc., a publicly held Chicago-area specialty contracting firm.
Founded 93 years ago as a company that put promotional labels on small bars of soap for hotels and food stores, the Crescent Springs company today builds packaging equipment for firms that distribute 4,000 consumer products: from juice to cereal, pain-killers to beer. Like many Cincinnati firms, this company, which once looked for business at downtown hotels and Cincinnati neighborhood grocery stores, sees the globe as its market. I spoke to Alison Tinlin, the UK’s top wedding tweeter, about how she has used Twitter and her top tips for wedding businesses. So my previous careers of nursing, and then more recently Wedding Planning were a natural step. I am Glaswegian, I am not posh or glamorous in any way but I try really hard to be the best I can be to help others.

If you don’t have much social media time, set aside specific times of the day to respond to queries or chat. Is there a special talent or creation within you that you are hesitant to follow through on? I believe each of us has a divine purpose to create something and to share that wonderful talent. If you see things as problems outside yourself which have no solution, you probably are not going to solve it. Thinking about performing at their highest ability can invoke their inner strength to be as efficient as possible.
Others aggressively sought new markets -- even international opportunities -- while some firms grew enough to stay on the list by tending to customer needs and expanding already successful divisions.
Griffin Industries is one of the fast-risers on the list, with revenues growing by 807 percent and moving up on the list from 58th in 1983 to 12th today. All 100 companies on the list will be honored at the 15th annual banquet Tuesday at the Omni Netherland Plaza Hall of Mirrors, where sports broadcaster Dick Vitale will give the keynote address.
Wyler said automotive retailers are usually the first to see market downturns, but he expects no slide anytime soon -- despite stock market volatility and overseas worries.
Inc., developer, manufacturer and distributor of multiple use health care, surgical, patient and incontinence apparel, looked overseas to 31 countries for production and markets. A family-owned firm founded 91 years ago, Kirk and Blum will continue to design, manufacture and install air pollution control and industrial ventilation equipment, but under a different nameplate. We're partnering up with these people and gaining a lot of resources and opportunities," Mr. Another friend, Ginny, is to create wonderful quilted products and share them with the world. Make sure to let go of all negative thoughts such as guilt, shame, apathy, fear and anger as they will weaken you. Whether that trend will continue depends in large measure on international economic underpinnings, Mr.
But this is likely to be the last year on the list for this company, which employs 600 at six operations, including about 220 at its Oakley headquarters, said President Richard J.
In other words, if you don’t have a purpose or vision for your business, you cannot grow or move forward.
We currently have six locations with 23 franchises in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana," he said. Sales for consumer packaging equipment and systems increased by 38 percent last year, a third year of record order input.

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