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Increased bureaucracy (policy, process, form filling, delays, deferred responsibility) therefore loss of speed and increased cost.
Unable or unwilling to embrace the enormous potential for online collaboration and internal knowledge sharing offered by new digital technologies for fear of massive security breaches and data leaks (intentionally or otherwise). Organisational trust is created through the collective behaviours of its employees and how they interact with each other, their suppliers, their customers and other stakeholders. Clarify Expectations – agreed up front for clarity, responsibility and accountability.

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In 2011 TAA-TWA published a list of thought leaders in Europe and the Middle East, the most recognisable name on the list from the UK was Sir Richard Branson (#17). Consider the far-reaching implications of > 1 million secret documents shared by Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks) sourced from anonymous news sources and whistleblowers.

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