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14 totally under-the-radar presenters sharing *brass tacks* secretsfor making millions online WITHOUT selling a€?how to get rich onlinea€? schemes. THE place to get the latest intel on social media, PPC, Google marketing, SEO, joint ventures, affiliate marketing, email marketing, multi-media and MORE! Every year since I held the first Underground® Seminar, more than 70% of seats have been claimed by agents who attended during a previous year. Because the speakers I recruit are NOT the typical info-marketers youa€™ll find peddling their wares on the annual seminar circuit.
Highly sophisticated marketing strategies, sales funnels, traffic secrets and moneymaking blueprints that the rest of the world has NO CLUE even exist yet! Dragged away from their REAL passion (their businesses) these people typically agree to appear at Underground® ONE TIME ONLY, where they lay it all on the line. And make no mistake: I always aim to fill the stage with the widest cross-section of entrepreneurial geniuses youa€™ll ever meet. So persuading these rogue entrepreneurial superstars to attend has become an art form that involves charm, arm twisting, peer pressure, bribes, appeals to ego a€“ you name it, Ia€™ve probably stooped there. Qualification #2: No one making the bulk of their income by selling information on how to make money. Ita€™s a tall order to fulfill every year, signing a three-day line-up of truly brilliant Internet entrepreneurs who are a good match AND willing to present! He signed up for volunteer service aboard a floating hospital with a group called Mercy Ships, a humanitarian organization which offered free medical care in the world's poorest nations. Top doctors and surgeons from all over the world left their practices and fancy lives to operate for free on thousands who had no access to medical care.
Scott has pioneered new ways to use Facebook and Twitter to create massive social awareness and quickly built a charity that has already provided fresh drinking water to over 1,000,000 people in Africa. So when this 34 year old inspiration starts sharing his social media secrets you'll want to pay close attention! More recently Ted was chairman of Revolution Money, which provides secure payments through an Internet-based platform and in 2009 was sold to American Expressa€¦ and now he is on the board of directors at American Express!
He is the Chairman of Clearspring Technologies, the largest online content sharing network, which connects publishers, services and advertisers to audiences on the social web.
In 2008 he founded SnagFilms, which enables online audiences to find, watch, share and support thousands of documentary films.
And over the past 20 years he has been a board member or early investor in a number of successful technology companies, from Google to Groupon. Among his many honors, Ted has been named Washingtona€™s Businessman of the Year, one of the 20 Most Influential People in Sports, and a Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year.
The nuts and bolts of domaining and how anyone can leverage the domain channel to start adding incremental revenue to your business today! How do two 26-year-old guys start and maintain an $800,000 per year business with limited resources and only a few hours a week?
Quoc and his best friend Michael did just that as founders of "Free The Apps" as well as multiple other iPhone App companies including Hipposoft, Pici App, and more. They've gone on to generate over 18 million downloads across more than 20 applications in the iTunes App Store in less than 18 monthsa€¦ they've been featured in the New York Timesa€¦ and they've significantly reduced their working hours.
And during this exciting presentation, Quoc will be revealing how you can turn YOUR ideas into profitable apps a€“ without ANY programming experience. He'll walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to find low-cost, high quality developers to create your apps for you. Joel came out of nowhere and did the very first million dollar launch in the fitness info-marketing industry -- selling $1,400,000 worth of a $67 product in just 1 week!
Go tell your family and friends you're going to make money selling digital cook books online -- what reaction will they give you?
But Ron sold over 52,000 book and ebook cookbooks online through Clickbank, and then another 850,000+ cookbooks through his publisher.

Brad's going to show us how he's been able to take the cutting-edge "pushing the envelope" online marketing strategies of the adult industry and apply them to mainstream business.
A serial entrepreneur with Silicon Valley start-up chops, Susan sits on the boards of a number of technology companies and is a founder of two industry associations. She is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, a technology provider of automated platforms for information products, publishing nearly 20 direct-to-consumer personal and professional growth product lines. Get savory insights from both sides of the Internet a€?worlda€? a€” shea€™ll reveal what boot-strappers like us do better and what the VC-backed industry has figured out that we can learn from them. Remember: Youa€™ll have COMPLETE access to speakers before and after presentations a€“ to ask questions, get clarification and enjoy further instruction. This is NOT one of those seminars where speakers vanish into the night when theya€™re done; these guys have agreed to stick around.
The Underground® Seminar consistently draws an extremely high caliber of entrepreneurs which has led this event to become known as one of the best networking sessions for Internet entrepreneurs in the world!
In fact every year, I am shocked by how many Internet marketing geniuses who have ALREADY made their fortunes online are sitting in the audience, taking notes along with everyone else. And because we work so hard to make this a fun and open environment, I receive feedback every year from attendees who are SHOCKED by how open everyone was to talk and share ideas. I would venture to guess that millions of dollars in sales have been generated directly as a result of the joint ventures that have taken place at Underground®. Choosing a venue that is suitable for such a high caliber crowd of entrepreneurs is extremely important to me. Located right across the Potomac River from the nationa€™s capital, the Gaylord National contains six restaurants, clubs and pubs, a spa and massive fitness center, pool and is surrounded by history.
After receiving feedback from attendees for the past few years, we have changed the dates up a little. If you are running a business on the Internet or even thinking about it, I could go on forever about why you need to attend this event.
With enough time I could easily come up with at least 100 reasons why you need to join us at Underground® 7. And Ia€™m NOT just talking about the speakers who will be featured at this yeara€™s UndergroundA® 007. Peel your eyes off the stage for 90 seconds and scan the audience of any UndergroundA® Seminar and youa€™ll discover a roomful of a€?celebritya€? marketers a€“ heroes and legends who continue to define the direction of Internet marketing. And thata€™s what makes the UndergroundA® 007 VIP Networking Dinner such an unusual deal-making opportunity. Ita€™s one of the FEW events a€“ if not the ONLY event a€“ that draws these legends together, en masse, in one location for 3 days of education and collaboration. And since UndergroundA® tends to bring out the generous side of EVERY attendeea€¦ you can confidently and casually strike up a conversation with ANY of these men and womena€¦ because everyone there is willing to collaborate, share ideas, and get deals done. Ia€™ve seen handshakes at UndergroundA® Seminars that have been worth literally MILLIONS of dollars in profits to date. So I can say, without reservation, that a ticket to the VIP Networking Dinner at UndergroundA® 007 is absolutely priceless. Yet your ticket will be FREE, my gift to you, provided you complete your registration before November 30th, 2010, demonstrating your commitment to attending. Mary Ellen Tribby who reveals how she exploded profits at a€?Early To Risea€? from $8 Million to $26 Million in just 15 months.
Adam Schran reveals how he built a $35 Million company out of a little two-man operation started in his garage.
Matthew Wadsworth the inspiration who made $600,000 with his online software website a€“ despite being completely blind and not knowing a dang thing about how to build a website. Norman Hallett who runs a 7-figure-per-year business with just 3 virtual assistants without spending a DIME on advertising. Susan Hill, who has dominated her niche selling info products and training and shares her secrets on global outsourcing.

Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org which allows people to lend as little as $25 to entrepreneurs in the developing word.
But claim your ticket(s) for UndergroundA® 007 before November 30th, 2010 and youa€™ll receive online access to the entire video series for FREE! Normally I only allow only one guest registration per attendee at this discounted price but as a special bonus for Super Early Bird Registrations we are going to allow you to be bring a second additional guest for the same massively discounted price! At the end of the first day if you don't believe what you've discovered is pure moneymaking gold or you do not want to stay for the whole event or you are disappointed in any way, for whatever reason, just discretely turn in your Secret Agent dossiers and your materials to one of our staff members. History Is ALREADY Set To Repeat Itself: Underground® is already on its way to SELLING OUT for the 7th year in a row! Or, are you ready to join the roster of loyal agents who have ALREADY experienced the profit magic that comes from attending an Underground® Seminar and applying the tactical intelligence to your own business?
Famous Les Brown Endorses Empower Network And Big Idea Mastermind Friends … Now More Is Possible! GET MORE CUSTOMERSFamous Les Brown Endorses Empower Network And Big Idea Mastermind Friends … Now More Is Possible!
Les Brown endorses what we do, he was with Big Idea Mastermind Friends in Hawaii this summer to share his wisdom and … laugh! You become like the people you surround yourself with, you know… so we are being coached by online multi millionair marketer friends and level 5 tribal leaders. We Envision Sharing Massive Growth With People Globally To Create Autonomy Fast (the urge to direct ones own life), Mastery (to become the best at something that matters) & Purpose (the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves). If you're interested in earning more money to fund your life or another business, this is the system you want. Please connect with me on Facebook and send me a private message where you 'met' me, since I'm almost maxed out and want to use my time wisely.
No theory and hype just tried and true verifiable and validated Internet success strategies. They have to be able to actually make money from a real product or service before claiming guru status. Hea€™d made his living for years in the big Apple promoting top nightclubs and fashion events, for the most part living selfishly and arrogantly. He retired from active management of AOL in 2006, where during the previous 13 years he held a number of senior positions, including Vice Chairman and President. SnagFilms grew out of Leonisa€™ experience as a producer of such award-winning documentary films as Nanking and Kicking It. His book a€?The Business of Happiness: 6 Secrets To Extraordinary Success In Work And Lifea€? was published in February 2010 and quickly became a bestseller. Quality information from one of the most successful app companies operating on the Web today! He’s performed for more than 50.000 people at once, I particularly love his Mr Butterball story, hilarious! When One Person Follows A Dream, Tries Something New Or Takes A Daring Leap, Everyone Nearby Feels That Energy And Before Too Long They Are Making Their Own Daring Leaps And Inspiring Yet Another Circle. The Intention Experiment IIThe Intention Experiment50 Ways The More Successful Are Happier And WealthierFail Frequently, Fabulous! But at the request of past attendees we have shifted the dates to run from Thursday to Saturday. David Wood, co-founder, level 5 leader, CEO ànd affiliate of the Empower Network, the most successful Online Marketing Movement on the planet, my friends… WHY give away 100% of the money?

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