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To be fair, I grew up watching 90210 but eventually outgrew it, however, somehow it came back into my life. Now, with online streaming, I had ten seasons, TEN SEASONS, to catch up on, and it turned into depression comfort food. Then, when I found myself watching Brenda and Kelly fight over Dillon, I had to shut it off. Last updated: 27 Jan 2016Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. The last time I suffered a severe depression, which was a decade ago, I found myself watching season one over and over and over again. It hit me that the depression I had a decade ago that came back the past few months manifested itself in going back to watching that show.

Quite frankly, I could shut if off cause I was doing much better, and now watching the show seemed beyond ridiculous. During a bad depression, when it comes to watching television, I find myself watching Beverly Hills 90210. This is back when there was DVD’s and I only owned season one so that was the only season I could watched.
The memory of that depression ten years ago manifested itself when I found myself return to watching 90210 once again.
Now a days there are plenty of reputable shows to choose from but no, it was all about Andrea and Brandon and Donna and David. I learned that if I ever have a bad depression down the line, and pick up where I left off (post college years) I know I am in trouble.

I know it’s bad and something to take more serious then smaller depressions I have experienced along the way.
So, as embarrassed I am to admit all this, I am thankful that symptoms of depression unveil themselves in all kinds of forms, and no matter what your symptoms are, be grateful you have them to know the need to seek help is serious.

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