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Nowadays, the Porsche 911 gets even more attention than it used to, which means that its motorsport incarnations now reach a much larger audience. So not only did Porsche keep the press info for itself but the company also doesn't want to show the posterior of the 2017 911 RSR. And we expect this Porsche to be a bag of surprises - notice how these images, which show the car at the company's development center in Weissach, Germany, only reveal the front end of the car. The 991-based 911 RSR will make its track debut at the 2017 Rolex 24 at Daytona, which will mark the start of next year's United Sportscar Championship in January.
Just in case you were unaware of these remarkable likenesses of the buildings attacked, here are some of the photos that may help.
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The Knights Templar worked with the Muslim Brotherhood Assassins to carry out Crusade-era plots against Saracen Muslim nationalists.  The founder of the Assassins was Hasan bin Sabah, who shares names with the Kuwaiti ruling Hashemite clan. The Eight Families and their surrogate intelligence agencies backed Islamic fundamentalists during the CIA overthrow of the leftist Sukarno government in Indonesia in 1964.
Israeli Mossad used the fundamentalist Hamas as a fifth column against the nationalistic Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and has funded Egyptian Islamic Jihad along with fundamentalists in Jordan.
In 1996, according to the London Observer, British MI6 used al Qaeda operatives in Libya in an attempt to assassinate nationalist President Mohamar Qaddafi. Agha Khan is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose modern-day tentacles include the House of Saud, Hamas, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Shi’ite Ismaili sect, Louis Farrakhan’s Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.  The House of Saud serves as financier to all of these neo-Crusaders. The Eight Families emerged from a tangle of secret societies – Freemasons, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Rosicrucians, Cabalist Order of Melchizidek, Knights of Malta and Knights of St. It was Bandar who, twenty years earlier, had personally donated $20 million to the Nicaraguan contras.  Were his wife and the other wealthy Saudis with whom the al Qaeda money trail was intertwined, simply playing the same paymaster role the Saudis have played for the CIA for decades? While Bush propagandists hammered home the “Arab terrorist” thesis, serving up photos of 911 “hijackers” within hours and conveniently “finding” Mohamed Atta’s passport in the WTC rubble, several US agencies were quietly tracking down leads concerning Mossad spy rings active in the US on and since 911. In early 2002 a group of Israelis was stopped in a Philadelphia suburb in a truck containing surveillance footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago.  On 911 a group of five Israelis were detained in Hoboken, NJ for suspicious behavior. Der Spiegel reported that a group of Mossad agents had rented an apartment near the one used by alleged 911 hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi in Hollywood, FL just prior to 911.  The Israelis conducted round-the-clock surveillance on the flight schools where Atta and al-Shehhi trained and neglected to inform US intelligence of their presence or of their activities.
Was Osama bin Laden working for Mossad or the CIA – as University of Ottawa Economics Professor Michel Chossudovsky has stated?  According to John Trochmann of the Militia of Montana, bin Laden carried a “CIA-issue RC 58 Harris satellite phone” and his family was a primary backer of the CIA’s Iridium satellite tracking consortium.  Did elements of the CIA and Mossad deploy 19 modern-day mind-controlled Assassins, of which 15 just happened to be from the Muslim Brotherhood Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – whose point man in funding the Afghan mujahadeen, which constitute the core of al Qaeda, was CIA agent Osama bin Laden? What did 911 fall guy Zaccarias Mousaui mean when he told the judge at his July 25, 2002 arraignment that he was not involved in 911, but that the US government had another person in custody who was involved and that “the government knew all about 911 plans” before the tragedy took place?  Why did the CIA refuse to hand over a key al Qaeda operative to the Mousaui prosecution?  What don’t they want him to tell the court?

Newsweek wondered why top-ranking Pentagon officials suddenly canceled flight plans for September 10th?  TheWall Street Journal questioned the timing of Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan’s canceling of a mid-September trip to Japan and wondered why Saudi Intelligence Prince Turki al-Faisal – who was especially cozy with the Taliban and who met with Osama bin Laden regularly – suddenly resigned his post of 25 years on August 31, 2001? While Unocal adviser and Afghan President Hamid Karzai huddled with Unocal official and Bush Afghan envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, US Ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Chamberlain busied herself meeting with Pakistan’s Oil Minister Usman Aminuddin and her Saudi counterparts to plan the new Turkmenistan-Indian Ocean trans-Afghan pipeline.  In 2005 Unocal was bought by Chevron Texaco, assuring Four Horsemen control over the recently completed pipeline. Bush’s closest confidant at the White House was said to be Condaleeza Rice, who sat on Chevron’s board before becoming a Stanford University expert on Central Asia and Kazakhstan.  Did Bush bring Rice on board knowing US troops would soon headed to Central Asia?  Was it mere coincidence that Uzbekistan – which Trilateral Commission founder and BP Amoco board member Brzezinski identified as the key country in his global chess game – was suddenly receiving US bases?  Why did US military exercises begin in the region months before 911? A July 2001 meeting in Berlin attended by former US Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons, former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Karl Inderfurth and former State Department South Asian expert Lee Coldren included Russian and Pakistani intelligence officials.  The US delegation informed their Pakistani and Russian counterparts of US plans to bomb Afghanistan come October 2001. Canadian Vision Television discussed the US Central Asian agenda on its January 28, 2002 program Insight Media File, which suggested CIA involvement in the 911 attacks.  US Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Despite Vreeland’s warning and those of numerous governments around the world, on 911 the Air Force National Guard was ordered to stand down from standard procedure of intercepting any plane that strays from its designed flight path, much less jumbo jets flying towards the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  While much political hay was made by Bush cronies about last-ditch failed attempts to scramble fighters to shoot down the planes, the fact is that fighters should have automatically intercepted those planes. Newsweek wondered why top-ranking Pentagon officials suddenly canceled flight plans for September 10th?  The Wall Street Journal questioned the timing of Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan’s canceling of a mid-September trip to Japan and wondered why Saudi Intelligence Prince Turki al-Faisal – who was especially cozy with the Taliban and who met with Osama bin Laden regularly – suddenly resigned his post of 25 years on August 31, 2001? This medieval rollback could be easily accomplished through the mere withdrawal of Eight Families funding of America’s $14 trillion debt, which has mostly accrued owing to the US military’s role as mercenary praetorian guard of the Illuminati global empire.
The commercial pilots said this accounts for the transponders being turned off, since this is necessary to hand over manual control of an aircraft to computerized AWACS, which then fly the plane by remote control.  This would also account for the pinpoint accuracy of the attacks, which had to have been calibrated using engineering specifications to have brought down the WTC towers, in tandem with pre-set explosives attached to the elevator shafts. The only countries – other than the US – who possess this remote electronic capability are Israel, Russia, China and the UK.  Did Israeli Mossad and British MI6 perpetrate 911 as part of an ongoing counter-revolutionary master plan to bring down the US?
Did the Nazi International Illuminati bankers bait the US into a Central Asian ring of fire surrounded by China, Russia and India – who recently formed the G-3 coalition as counterweight to US global hegemony”? The NASDAQ crash, a plummeting dollar and the massive housing bust have proven her right again.  This “secret group” could only be the Illuminati Rothschild-led Eight Families. Palestine’s reality: Al Nakba commemoration and the right of return or the return of the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement? By now, you should have watched part one of Porsche’s official behind-the-scenes video from their secret lockup on the edge of Zuffenhausen.
To read all about Lee’s visit to the Porsche Museum’s secret warehouse, pick up a copy of Total 911 issue 119, available in store and online now. And while Porsche has partially revealed the machine that will race on both US and European soil next year, all we have is the set of images below. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until next year to see what this Porshe packs for the GTLM class of the United Sportscar Championship and the GTE class of the World Endurance Championship. Since Porsche has moved the street car's engine close to the middle of the vehicle, a similar move is expected with the circuit animal, but this is an area where a few inches can make quite a big difference.

The latter had been employed by the British to repel the Turks from the oil-rich Persian Gulf region by the end of the 18th Century. According to David Icke, the Agha Khan Foundation is owned by Crown Agency – a British House of Windsor subsidiary. John’s Jerusalem.  These groups also descend from the Sumerian and Egyptian Brotherhood of the Snake, later carrying out the political machinations of the Genoese banking families who funded the expansion of the Roman Empire and who now control the City of London. Leaders of a Joint Congressional Task Force investigating 911 accused both the FBI and CIA of withholding classified documents from their probe.
Now he suggested CIA and Israeli Mossad involvement in 911, naming Mossad operative Josie Hadas as the handler of the Arab patsies involved in the hijackings.  Internet and cable feeds from the broadcast were immediately cut.
A Ryder truck full of Israelis was caught casing Whidbey Island Naval Station in Washington. Delmart Vreeland had alerted Canadian authorities to the possibility of terror attacks on the US and Canada.  Vreeland was en route to Russia and China to retrieve documents relating to Russian and Chinese responses to the US missile defense program.
Hermann Josef Abs was a leading banker to the Nazis and remained the bank’s Honorary Chairman until his 1994 death.
As the US veered left and voted in President Barack Obama, a majority of European countries began voting in far-right presidents. Is Pakistan – home to the Crown Agency-owned Agha Khan Foundation, creator of the Taliban, comforter to Osama bin Laden and paymaster to Mohammed Atta – the fuse to WWIII? Rhodes founded the Standard Chartered Bank, whose UAE Dubai branch supplied 911 hijackers with the funds needed to carry out the attack. Now you can watch the final part of this incredible film before checking out our 12 stunning photos from our own trip to this remarkable hidden collection. A few days later Cooper was gunned down at 1:00 AM in his home by Maricopa County deputies.
According to a May 13, 2002 Fox News report, the truck tested positive for TNT and RDX military-grade explosives. US intelligence also investigated a mysterious ring of “Israeli art students” who had infiltrated US law enforcement facilities and military bases over the past two years.

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