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After the success of "The Mistress," another movie about infidelity is coming to theaters soon. Also starring in the movie are Jacklyn Jose, Joel Torre and Jackie Lou Blanco, and under the direction of Nuel Crisostomo Naval. In this short doc, the Women’s Voluntary Service stitches a map of the British countryside. On the 70th anniversary of the start of the crucial battle of Anzio during World War II, LIFE presents photographs - many never before published - from the hard-won victory of the Allies.Caption from LIFE. A German disabled soldier learning how to operate a spade with an artificial arm, probably at a school of training for German disabled soldiers at a Westphalian hospital.

On December 17, 1944, although it had already started the Battle of the Bulge, US forces were pressured to leave the forest Heurtgen. These color images, taken by photographer David Seymour in 1947, trace the route that the Allied forces took as they drove toward Berlin during World War II.A woman walks on Omaha Beach in 1947, three years after the Allied forces invaded German-occupied France during World War II. For no pay (save for a few administrative staffers), they lent their time and skills to the war effort, mainly aiding with air-raid precautions on the homefront.
They led massive evacuations for urban residents, fed, clothed, nursed and sheltered bomb victims and war refugees, and set up canteens for firemen and rescue workers.They also contributed to wartime cartography. In this chummy 1943 British Pathe film, jumpsuit-clad WVS volunteers work cheerfully on a large jute mat that they’ve painted, stitched, and accessorized with model homes, trees, and train tracks to represent the British countryside.

Wood?” puns the perfectly mid-century British narrator.) The film doesn’t mention what this mat-map was used for, but the WVS organized evacuations from cities to rural parts. The soldier Robert Scullion holds the Purple Heart, which was awarded after being wounded by a grenade while he was in hospital, Anzio.

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