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Stiviano (Vanessa Stiviano), Donald Sterling’s ex Girlfriend and Mistress, 9 Things You Should Know! Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto was the 47-year-old man found dead inside his car with the engine running in Washington, a terrible loss but also mysterious. It was in his duty to inform the agency about his relationship with this Mexican mistress,  just to be sure she was not a National security threat, he never did and  the relationship was revealed early this year, big mistake but not a crime, why would he kill himself? Did he and wife Ruth were working on their relationship and the affair ruined their chance?

Vanessa Stiviano began the affair with Donald Stearling in 2010 Vanessa Stiviano met Donald Sterling at the Super Bowl in 2010. She is Artist, Lover, Writer, Chef, Poet, Stylist according to her profile According to her instagram profile, she describes herself as Artist, Lover, Writer, Chef, Poet and Stylist. But if you look into her instagram account, you will find her more of a lover to post her sexy photos at Clippers games or inside fancy cars. Unlike the other celebrities in the affair that closed their social accounts.has made her account public for all the world to see her in her selfie-loving glory.

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