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Down below is image of Ancient Footprints found in neighboring state Jharkahnd but at different location. I wonder if the paintings have already been accurately dated, or if they are speculating on the age. They drew the alien, which looks like a grey, and they drew the craft, complete with landing gear.
Secondly, the depiction of the being with the 'Grey' like head apparently has 3-4 fingers per hand and almost web-like 3 toes per foot. It makes me think of the apparent Native American legend about the 'how' symbol being used to check for four fingers. At least with the different animal-animal and animal-human blends we painted it makes sense as they were effectively splicing features they had seen.
But whenever we see a depiction of an apparent 'one-form' animal, it is usually very accurate with only proportions being the main issue.
Especially in the local area of the paintings in question, where it is all very 'true to life' depictions of animals and such. Someone could equally just claim 'he was being imaginative' or some crap that kills most of these debates anyway (not in a clever way either). But I do need to see a proper source regarding that painting and possibly an estimation of date. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.

Would it be a fair assumption that if the structures are exactly 800metres apart then the manufacturers must be Earth related? I have seen many similar looking areas in pictures from both the Moon and Mars as have those working for SETI.
I set to work with a team of my engineers to oversee and dig canals and dams more inland from the rivers and seas. Mars also has a way-station that had been in operation for a long time for travelers in space to make a stop-over on their way through the galaxy. George Nordahl was a big proponent of ancient civilizations on Mars and how the governments were obsfucating the data. Below is another image which NASA scientists have labeled "Roosevelt" in referral to Mt Rushmore type edifices. Greenwich time zone), the MGS was rolled 24.8° to the left so that it was looking at the "face" 165 km to the side from a distance of about 450 km. Don't suppose it ever crossed your mind that people recognize patterns because they are there? Possible, we look at Mars and think it has been like that for millions of years and it may not have been.
Magnetic field of mars gone (which scientists say was stopped by some large impact from an asteroid). This could be the people that where said to be the annunaki and other beings that made man from ape or used homonoids as their workers.

I don't like Rush Limbaugh, but he had a 7 minute diatribe about mars and people coming from mars after it was destroyed and colonizing earth.
The OP should really edit them in because I bet a large amount of people won't even visit the link.
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Those "equally spaced" objects may not even be close to being equally spaced when measured at ground level.
NASA tells us its hotter than Hell, acid rain, sulfuric acid clouds and volcanoes everywhere.
God Mars has been visited by Earthlings along time ago, we even have military bases there Oops! Well when you can tell me where Cain's wife came from and where the Dinosaurs are in that book, then I might take a look at it again.

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