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All methods aiming at achieving a certain state of mind are limited, impermanent, and conditioned. When you first start to meditate, you notice that attention is often being held captive by focus on some object: on thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, memories, sounds, etc. Then the mind compulsively interprets and tries to control what it is aware of (the object) in a mechanical and distorted way.
This means that no effort should be made to focus on, manipulate, control, or suppress any object of awareness.
In true meditation the emphasis is on being awareness; not on being aware of objects, but on resting as primordial awareness itself.

Silence of being will come more clearly into consciousness as a welcoming to rest and abide. It seems that the central instruction in True Meditation is simply to abide as silent, still awareness. Is it OK to use a more directed meditation like following my breath, so that I have something to focus on that will help me to not get lost in my mind? A.
It is perfectly OK to use a more directed technique such as following your breath, or using a simple mantra or centering prayer, if you find that it helps you to not get lost in thought.
It is useful when experiencing fear in meditation to anchor your attention in something very grounding, such as your breath or even the bottoms of your feet.

Imagine that you are the Buddha under the Bodhi tree, or Christ in the desert, remaining perfectly still and unmoved by the body-mind?s nightmare.
What should I do when I get an insight or sudden understanding of a situation during meditation? A.
Hold the simple intention to rest in the imageless, silent source prior to all images, thoughts, and ideas.

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