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A expansao traz um novo sistema de subscricoes permitindo aos jogadores que tenham usado a loja e passem a pagar a mensalidade irem para outro servidor especial para subscritores.
Por fim os servidores alemaes, polacos, franceses e ingleses foram fundidos num mega-servidor europeu.
Allods Online is an impressive free to play fantasy MMORPG with some Sci-Fi elements that fans of the genrea€™s most successful titles can enjoy. Join one of the 2 factions at war in the deep storyline by choosing from one of the 28 classes available. Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more! But now that they’ve opened the subscription server the game finally, over 5 years, became a great game for everyone. Impressive graphics (imho), interesting gameplay (different than wow for sure) and awesome (if you pay a lot I mean). Ok from all off that comments all you guys can talk about is a discussion of wow and all mmorpg’s in general and cs. Instead of hearing random crap about wow and cs I a possible player looking at the comments of ex and current players was expecting to hear about the game. Well i have been playing this game for a little over 2 years now and i must say it is balanced out cash shop wise much more than when I first started.
Nestes servidores os jogadores podem ganhar os seu equipamento atraves de quests, matando bosses ou comprando os items com gold, deixando de ter de gastar dinheiro real, isto e, nos servidores de subscricao o jogo acaba por ficar um jogo pago por mes e sem mais gastos associados (nao tem loja).
It features extensive questing, intense player-versus-player combat, grand exploration, in-depth character development and plenty of social interaction.
Customise your character and pet via the rich creation system and level up by completing over 1500 quests at launch and confronting over 300 unique creatures. Adventurers from all over the world will have to choose between six races and eight character classes before choosing their allegiance between the two warring factions: the League and the Empire.

Some zones really capture the faction war and questing in these areas feels genuinely tense.
It will feel restrictive at later kvl if u dont spend a few quid but you’ll be supporting the game so no real issue there as thedeveloper are a business after all. No PVP, guilds com mais de 4 grupos em espera para o PVP podem participar na Dominion Raid que e uma batalha entre 48 jogadores! New ones, old ones, subscription and free games and always, always, comeback to Allods Online. You can play freely till level cap but after that, you be a punchbag and not enjoy at all the endgame content. Once you reach the level cap, you have to have a guild or spam in world chat in order to successfully enjoy going into astral to get end game gear. You will not be accepted in big Pve content groups or guilds, mainly because you’ll be very weak, without high lvl runes (cash shop). They have added many different weekly and daily quests that can help with getting gold for things you need and the fact that there is a gold to gpotato convertor in game for a while now it makes it much easier to not have to spend cash.
Maybe in a few years when the American servers grow and they lessen up on the cash shop emphasis it’ll be a better game. Allods Online features Faction vs Faction, Players vs Environment, and Ship vs Ship mechanisms. Just to prove it is on time every MMO goes subscription to free to play, Allods Online went otherwise. Battle grounds are totally unbalanced due to the fact that there are people who actually spend tons of money to upgrade runes while you may not have taken interest in doing so. I agree that some models are fairer than others but with so many mmo available just find the one that works for you. The game is very good (I love it), just not fair to anyone who doesn’t pay, not even to those who pay small amounts.

The zones can be a bit sparse in places and mobs are quite repetitive but i have no major complaints. I mean of coarse you can drop loads of dough in this game to get to the top fast but even in sub based games if you want to get geared you have to grind for gold and such to get there.
Be ready to explore the Astral space on board of your own ship, and if piracy sounds like the life for you, it can be!
You get teleported to astral with free mercenaries(minions to fill spots in group) once every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour. A real waste of time unless you are willing to spend a lot of your life and money on the game.
This gives alot of gear drops compared to before and makes gearing a toon much faster than when I started.
This also serves as a great way to earn gold if you have multiple toons and not planning on gearing some. Cost of upgrading was significantly reduced from what it was and the amount of reagents needed went to 1 per upgrade which used to be up to 6 needed for one. All in all i think you can spend alot of cash on this game only if that is your choice but after you get going and reach level cap it gets very easy to earn gold and play more F2P style.
As for the WoW comments i played WoW for about 4 years and this game does have some similarities but then again it has alot of differences.

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