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With Spring Recruitment, snow days, and Healthy Relationships Week, February has been an eventful month for us. Today's blog post is from Leah Miller, chapter president of Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Nebraska.
The Beauty 101 Tour was a great experience, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln was lucky to be a part of it.  Promoting domestic violence awareness and receiving makeovers? At the tour, you and the other volunteers asked students to take a pledge, sign their name and promise not to look away from abuse. Though she is from Illinois, Leah Miller was raised a Husker fan and couldn't imagine a better place to go to school than the University of Nebraska. The Beauty That Counts BloggersMary Kay's Beauty That Counts blog represents the voice and heart of Mary Kay. Mary Kay invites women to discover what they love about Mary Kay to help them feel beautiful, confident and connected.
Mary Kay is known for its irresistible beauty products, rewarding opportunity and positive community impact.

We enjoyed spending a couple days off school to bond with our sisters over sledding and snow ball fights. Mary Kay partners with Alpha Chi Omega chapters at universities along the Beauty 101 Tour as both organizations have made a commitment to end domestic violence and promote healthy relationships. As a Secondary English Education senior, Leah is looking forward to life after graduation as a high school English teacher.
The AXO volunteers I have had the pleasure of working with on the tour are smart, gorgeous girls with amazing hearts for service.
Our bloggers share great advice on everything from picking out the best shade of lipstick to the impact of Mary Kay in the community. We welcomed 9 new AMAZING girls into the chapter, and we can’t wait to see them grow during their college years in Alpha Chi Omega.
While snow days are fun, I think it is safe to say we are ready for some warmer weather here in Missouri!
Leah and her classmates recently joined Mary Kay staff to educate students about the importance of healthy relationships and spread awareness about abuse prevention resources.

We were all impressed, not only with the logistics of the event, but the purpose behind it as well.  A few girls mentioned that they wished we had more events like this on campus! The diversity of their backgrounds, experiences and personal stories showcase the best of Mary Kay. Shoutout to our sisters Annie Schrieber and Ashley Ward for putting on an awesome Spring Recruitment! We sat down with Leah to get a student's perspective of the tour and its impact on campus.
Mary Kay is giving another side, a more hopeful side, to a topic that can be really hard for people to talk about.

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