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A very interesting documentary series coming from the hand of H2 called AmericaA?s Book of Secrets.
Americaa€™s Book of Secrets uncovers the controversial truths behind some of the most confidential secrets in American history.
Behind the faA§ade of some of Americaa€™s most public institutions and landmarks, there is another world that is hidden from view. Now, insiders and experts have pierced the shroud that conceals the covert world of seemingly familiar places. Through exclusive channels of access and deep research, AmericaA?s Book of Secrets reveals inside information about such icons as the White House, the Pentagon, Fort Knox, the FBI, Area 51, the Freemasons, and more.
As Kristi mentioned in another thread, mention was made in this doc about the myth of Bowie throwing gold down the Alamo well.Rich pretty much pooh-poohs it, saying how it was all a ruse to get permission to do excavations on Alamo Plaza.
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A profile has already been created with the email address associated with your social profile. The new series takes a look at historical landmarks throughout the country and reveals mysteries through captivating footage and live interviews and wea€™re sure your readers with be amazed with what theya€™ll witness. Shrouded in secrecy, only a handful of people will ever have access to these forbidden corridors of intelligence.
The narrator of thedoc also mistakenly calls the convento courtyard well of later construction. But I did catch a couple of minutes worth in a break and I must say, Rich, you looked pretty darn good in HD.
The show will surely ignite discussion and interest among your readers and would appreciate your support in sharing this with your fans. But their inside knowledge can actually mean the difference between national securitya€¦and national disaster. The series premieres Sunday, January 15 at 9pm ET on H2 and then airs Saturdaya€™s at 10pm ET thereafter. It may well be new stonework, but the well itself is indeedon the site of the mission's original well. And its name is synonymous with one of the most precious commodities in the history of the world--gold.

Hopefully, after seeing this doc, many folks will want to inquire more about the Village and that's always a good thing.It was also nice seeing Rich Curilla, Bill Chemerka, Mark Lemon and Frank Thompson doing little sound bytes throughout.
This episode unlocks the secret contents, political controversy, and cutting edge security hidden behind the gates of the world's most famous vault.
I suggested she might consider shooting some footage down at the village, since it represented San Antonio de Bexar. Two hours into her visit, she finally called her producer and asked if she could spend the rest of the afternoon shooting -- that there was far more here than they had imagined. As she was leaving she apologized for failing to convince him.Two days later, the producer called me to ask if they could come back out in a few days with the whole crew to do a major shoot. They did return and do almost a full day complete with a walk-and-talk interview with our historian ( ).

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