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The Ananda Woodworking Folding Meditation Bench From Ananda Woodworking can be your great solution to modernize the home gym to the next grade.
These handmade meditation benches are best for using the pressure off your ankles whilst sitting down zazen (kneeling) for the duration of meditation.
Heavy duty hinges that allow you store the bench out of the way or carry it easily until you're ready to use it.
The padding on top is nice and thick and doesn't seem to "wear flat" even after lots of use. Brief Description: Ananda Marga is a socio-spiritual organisation which originated in India, and has expanded into a global organization. Ananda Marga gives a practical, rational and systematic way of life for the balanced development of all human potentialities : physical, psychic and spiritual.
Presently we hold meditation classes at Clubs & Societies 84 Albany St, Dunedin on Mondays at 6pm during semester.

Ageing knees and ankles are so frequent amid martial arts practitioners (and the place is so hardly ever employed by "Westerners") that many of us simply can not use the standard place for any length of time (if at all). Super heavy "front door" hinges that are going to last a lot longer than your knees ever will.
These practices range from hygiene and diet, to yoga postures, to a scientific technique of meditation. These benches just take all the pressure off the ankles and vastly relieve the pressure on the knees. These projects include yoga and meditation centres, schools, orphanages, food distribution centres, disaster relief programs, medical centres and community development projects.
A mantra is a series of sounds chosen for their power to awaken the sleeping divinity within. We really like these benches considering that they are obviously made with a excellent deal of consideration to their finish and depth - additionally the padding holds up to plenty of use.

When you feel ready, a trained teacher will give you your personal mantra, according to your mental vibration, along with a special process of withdrawing your mind. The six lessons of Ananda Marga meditation work to purify and develop all layers of the mind. Also notice these are technically the "Tall" version of this bench, but we have discovered they are the most comfortable for the vast greater part of people.

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