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Business is booming: International dating websites are becoming more popular than ever, but does the reality match up to the online fantasy (posed by models)?
Experts worry about the transactional nature of the sites - and international dating can definitely be dangerous. In 2004 a Maryland jury awarded battered wife Nataliya Derkach $434,000 and ruled that the dating site Encounters International failed to screen their male clients (the site is still in business). The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

VOILA QUELQUE PHOTOS DE ANASTASIYA, JE DIALOGUE AVEC ELLE DEPUIS UN MOIS, VEUX DE L'ARGENT POUR NE REJOINDRE EN FRANCEBONNE BLAGUE!! The fact that they are 'unspoiled by feminism' is, apparently, a selling point.A  In the past, agencies sold women's contact information. There are endless stories alleging that some agencies create fake profiles and overcharge for translation, among other things. TheA Center for Immigration Studies warns daters against common marriage frauds, including 'heartbreakers' who dupe Americans into marriage for a green card and 'I do, I don't' marriages where the foreigner divorces a foreign spouse and stays with their mark in the U.S.

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