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It is true that to present a better profile and sharpened working capabilities you require high qualification. Qualified citizens make a civilized nation and it is required that everyone should obtain basic qualification. Though you will come across various interesting facts about people who have made it big without much bookish education to back them up, why take a chance with your career? Not only did they complete the 100 per cent record with a deflected Ross Barkley strike, an own goal and another smacked into the top corner by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
England are only the fifth country to have a 100 per cent win record in European Championship qualifying.
Roy Hodgson had to watch parts of England's 3-0 win on his own after his assistants moved to the tunnel in order to get a better view of the match.The England boss, his assistant Ray Lewington and coach Gary Neville all vented their frustration after a camera appeared to block their view before deciding to move away from the touchline.
Objectives: Physiotherapy training in Nigeria is almost 50 years old with no history of appraisal of research projects produced by the physiotherapy students. Professor Tan Siew Ann was a Colombo Plan Scholar who graduated from Auckland University with First Class Honors B.Eng.
Professor Tan has taught courses in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, with post-graduate courses in Earth Retaining Structures and Deep Excavations, Slope Engineering and Groundwater Seepage and Consolidation. He has published over 200 technical papers covering topics such as Applied Geosynthetics, Ground Improvement on Soft Clays, Land Reclamation, Deep Excavations and Pile Foundations. He serves on the editorial board of "Geotextiles and Geomembranes", of the International Society of Geosynthetics, and the Journal of "Geotechnical Engineering" of the South East Asian Geotechnical Society since 1997.He has served as a committee member of several technical committees, including the US Transportation Research Board committee A2K06 on subsurface drainage in highway pavements, TC-09 Technical Committee on Earth Reinforcement for the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, SPRING Singapore technical assessor on geotechnical testing and site investigation, SPRING Singapore working group on Code of Practice on safety of mobile cranes, SPRING committee on earthworks and geotechnical engineering.
He is a registered professional engineer in Singapore since 1992, and has been involved in several major consulting jobs in Singapore and Malaysia. Chairman of technical committee for drafting TR26 - Spring Singapore technical reference for deep excavations in soft clay sites, 2005.
Working Group member for BCA-GeoSS on Implementation of Eurocode for Geotechnical practice in Singapore, 2014. Scientific Activity: Structural fire design, Steel structures, Connection design, Aluminium structures. Wang Y C, Burgess I W, Wald F, Gillie M, Performance-Based Fire Engineering of Structures , CRC Press, 2012. COMPFIRE Design of joints to composite columns for improved fire robustness, Research Fund for Coal and SteelBeam flange resistance under natural fire, GA A?R Project No. ENGINEERING SCIENCES, Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Building and construction materials. Study of long spanning Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board (PSSDB) floor subject to lateral loading, Project Leader, 2006-Present, MOSTI (EScienceFund), National. Development of Composite Floor Using Local Industrial Waste, Co-Researcher, 2006-Present, MOSTI (EScienceFund), National. Yayasan Canselor Phase I (Distance Learning Centre) Complex, UKM, UKM, Project Leader, 1999-2000, National.
New 4 Blocks of Laboratory for the faculty of Engineering, UKM, UKM, Consultant, 1996-1998, National. Refurbishment Work of the Hotel Hyatt Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Jurutera Kinakota, Consultant, 1997-1997, National. Islamic Students Centre, Trengganu Polytechnic, Politeknik Trengganu, Consultant, 1995-1996, National. Gold Medal, 26th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Institute for Industrial Patents of Switzerland (Association Suisse des Conseils en Propriete Indust, 1998, International. Low-Ductility High Strength Steel Decking: Experiment and a Finite Element Model, Thin-Walled Structures, 42(7), pp. Very much involved in assisting the various department in UiTM in activities related to Human Resources Development.
Chia Chay Tay, Hong Hooi Liew, Chun-Yang Yin, Suhaimi Abdul-Talib, Salmijah Surif, Afiza Abdullah Suhaimi, Soon Kong Yong.
Yin Chun-Yang, Suhaimi Abdul-Talib, Lim Ying-Pei, Mohd Safirun Nizan Ismail, Siti Nor Aisah Abd-Razak & Ahmad Mahyuddin Mohd-Mohtar (2007).
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Copyright © 2016 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING. If you study the subject you are good at, you have higher chances of gaining success in your life.
You have the road map and have a clear vision of where you want to go and which path to take. Henry Ford, Larry Ellison (the founder of Oracle), Larry Page (founder of Google), Michael Dell (founder of Dell), Steve Jobs, Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Ralph Lauren, Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo), Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress and last but not the least Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) – all have dropped out of colleges and do not have high qualification. Rather, take inspiration from them and set out to attain your career objectives, confidently.
This problem needs to be addressed urgently in order to cope with the uncertainty of turbulent industry condition.
IntroductionEmployee engagement has received a great deal of attention in the last decade in the popular business press and among consulting firms and the practitioner community. But they also took the random elements of a plastic pitch, freezing temperatures and crowd disturbances in their collective stride.There can be no doubt that England have the quality, professionalism and focused minds required to grind ordinary opponents into the artificial turf. Physiotherapy students complete research projects in partial fulfilment of the requirements for graduation. Physiotherapy was first introduced to Nigeria in 1945 by two British Chartered Physiotherapists who commenced physiotherapy training as a diploma programme.
Signal versus noise in the evidence base for medicine: An alternative to hierarchies of evidence?
Evidence based guidelines for determination of sample size and interpretation of the European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30. Reporting ethics committee approval and patient consent by study design in five general medical journals. He has received several teaching commendation awards from the Department of Civil Engineering for being among the best 20% of teachers in its 40 plus faculty members.
Prof Tan had served as Chairman of TR26 the new Technical Reference for Deep Excavation Works from 2005 to 2010.
His latest involvement is to act as leader of the State "Expert Witness Team" comprising of four international experts in the COI (Committee of Inquiry) for the Nicoll Highway tunnel LTA C824 collapse incident of 20th April 2004. Manager EM MC SUSCOS_M 520121-1-2011-1-CZ-Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events.
New Additional Teaching Block for the Faculty of Engineering, UKM, UKM, Consultant, 1996-1998, National. Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), Board of Engineers, Malaysia, Council Member, 2006-2006. Wan Badaruzzaman,1999: Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board System - An Innovative Construction Material, Public Lecture, National Science Centre, 1999, MOSTE, National. Wan Badaruzzaman, 2003: Construction System in Malaysia - Paradigm Shift a Necessity?, Research Seminar, UKM, 2003, UKM and Jurutera Perunding Zaaba, National. Participated as module designer, speaker, trainer and facilitator for various courses and workshops conducted at UiTM Level.
Biosorption of cadmium ions using Pleurotus ostreatus: Growth kinetics, isotherm study and biosorption mechanism.
Hazard due to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) and heavy metals in soil: assessment of closed Kubang Badak landfill, Selangor.
Biodegradation of naphthalene-contaminated soil using with white rot fungus with addition of oil palm fiber as nutrient.
Evaluating the Potential of Bacteria Isolated from Municipal Sludge in Degrading Phenanthrene under Non-Indigenous Condition, Artificially Contaminated Sand. On-site Performance of a Compact Two-Stage Fiber Filtration System for Direct Filtration of Surface Water at Two Rivers in Selangor, Malaysia.
Transformation of Selected Sulphur and Nitrogen Compounds in Bulk water and Biofilm Phases of Municipal Sewer under Anoxic Condition. Can mere words written on paper give you the ability to face challenges and overcome drawback? Current employers are fascinated by the idea of having highly qualified employees working under them. Without professional guidance you will not be able to learn the basic mathematics or science.
This paper attempts to determine the antecedents of employee engagement such as job autonomy, strategic attention, role benefit and goal setting in private sector in Malaysia.
They claim employee engagement is a new human resource practice that business organizations can use in order to cope with the uncertainty of turbulent industry conditions.
Kane linked up with Adam Lallana who provided a neat flick to the Tottenham striker and he drove the ball past Arlauskis. An appraisal will reveal areas of strength and weakness in the research requirement for students, potentially leading to better research capacity and promoting evidence-based clinical practice among graduates. The first degree programme began in October 1966 in the University of Ibadan with the graduation of initial students in 1969.

He has taught the use of Plaxis in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia and the Netherlands over the last 10 years.
Wan Badaruzzaman, 2003: Equivalent Elastic Analysis of Profiled Metal Decking using Finite Element Method, International Journal of Steel Structures 3(1), pp. Contaminated Land Remediation Technologies: Current Usage and Applicability in Malaysia, Bulletin Ingenieur, Vol 32 Dec 2006.
Model Concept for Nitrate and Nitrite Utilization During Anoxic Transformations in the Bulk Water Phase of Municipal Wastewater under Sewer Conditions. Half Saturation Constants for Nitrate and Nitrite During Anoxic Transformations of Municipal Wastewater. Anoxic transformation model a€“ modeling of electron acceptor utilization rates in the bulk water phase of municipal wastewater. Exfiltration From Sewers Pipes a€“ Effects Of Flowrates, Different Leakage Area And Soil Beddings. Electron Transfer Rates And Energy Releases During Denitrification Of Municipal Wastewater. Benefiting From Microbial Processes In Sewer Networks During Transport Of Municipal Wastewater.
Nitrate utilization rates during microbial transformation of municipal wastewater under anoxic conditions.
Half Saturation Constant for Nitrate and Nitrite by In-Sewer Anoxic Transformations of Wastewater Organic Matter. The 2010 International Conference on Science and Social Research (CSSR 2010), 5-7 Dec 2010 Kuala Lumpur. Proceedings of the 3rd IWA Asia Pacific Regional Young Water Professionals Conference 21-24 Nov 2010, Singapore. Performance of an Innovative Submerged Aerated Biofilm System in treating municipal wastewater (2010). Legislations and Policies on Remediation of Contaminated Land in Malaysia, Procs of Soil Remediation Workshop, 8-9 January 2008, Bangi, Selangor. A survey method was used to collect 204 responses from private sector employees in Malaysia which are engaged in telecommunication, finance, IT, property and plantation.
However, in the academic community, the concept remains new, and therefore, the concept require rigorous seminal studies to validate it.
Whether they actually possess the class, style and depth to test Europea€™s best teams in France next summer remains to be seen.
This study describes issues related to the study design, scope, statistical analysis and supervision of physiotherapy undergraduates in Nigerian universities.
He was the course leader for the 1st Asian Experienced Users Plaxis course held in Singapore in August 2003, and again in Thailand in April 2006. He was an invited speaker at ER2010 (Earth Retention Conference at Seattle USA) for the session on case histories to address the subject of numerical analysis of retention systems for deep excavations. Wright, 2002: Two Way Bending Behaviour of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board System, Thin-Walled Structures 40(11), pp. Wright, 2000: Experimental and Finite Element Study of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board Folded Plate Structures, Thin-Walled Structures 38(2), pp.
Akhand, 1998: Application of Dry Boards in an Innovative Composite Panel System, Symposium on Latest Technologies Development on Mineral Bonded Board, FRIM, Kepong, 1998, FRIM, National.
Apart from teaching was also actively involved is supervision of student projects at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3Rs) a€“ Alam Floraa€™s Initiatives Towards Sustainable Solid Waste Management, Bulletin Ingenieur, Vol 44 Dec 2009-Feb 2010 (4th Quarter). Sediment Model for Natural and Man-made Channels using General Regression Nueral Network, IEM Journal, Vol.
In Water & Environmental Management Series a€“ Sewer Networks and Processes within Urban Water Systems. In Water & Environmental Management Series a€“ Advancement on water and wastewater Application in the Tropics. Transformation of Selected Sulphur and Nitrogen Compounds in Bulk water Phase of Municipal Sewer Under Anoxic Condition.
Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Contaminated Soil Using Pleurotus Ostreatus. Biodegradation of fluorene (PAH) by Corynebacterium agropyri isolated from municipal sludge.
Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005: Aspects Relating to Issues of Contaminated Land in Malaysia. Effect of anoxic transformation processes in municipal wastewater on pH and oxidation reduction potential.
Benchmarking Through Performance Indicators Toward Sustainable Water Supply Services: A Case Study in Malaysia. Extraction Technique for Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Municipal Sludge. It is now that you realize the equal importance of real life education and text book knowledge.
The result of the regression analysis has shown tremendous outcome indicated that job autonomy, goal setting and role benefit had significant effect on employee engagement in private sector industries. Given that practical interest in work engagement has outstripped the currently available research evidence, fundamental questions, like how it can be increased and how and why it benefits individuals and organizations, still require answers. Kane was disappointed to learn it will go down as an own goal rather than his fourth in sixth international games.Between the goals came Butlanda€™s main contribution of the night a€” flying to his left to push the ball wide from Lukas Spalvis. Methods: This retrospective study analysed 864 projects undertaken by Nigerian physiotherapy students between years 2000 and 2010.
He serves on the Scientific Network committee for the Plaxis code development, training and applications since 2002.
Ahmed, 2003: Dry Board as Load Bearing Element in the Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board Floor Panel System - Structural Performance and Applications, Journal of Construction and Building Materials, 17(4), pp. Ismail, 2004: Outcome-Based Approach in Education - Gearing Towards a Paradigm Shift, Technical Seminar, UKM, 2004, UKM, Jurutera Perunding Zaaba and Gamuda Berhad, National.
Route to Becoming a Member of Evaluation Panel for the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) of Malaysia.
This study has given an important role to the organization in developing strategy for their human resource development to enhance productivity and reducing cost of hiring new employees. This empirical research aims to attempts to determine by introducing goal setting into the antecedents of autonomy, strategic attention and role benefit would further increase employee engagement. His save in the second half was routine, from a free-kick, but he needed two attempts to grasp it.Kane went close again, soon after the restart, denied by a combination of Arlauskis and full back Georgas Freidgeimas. A maximum of 20 projects per academic year were randomly selected from each of the seven physiotherapy institutions in Nigeria. We noted, however, that students' research activities that lead to research reports had never been appraised in terms of their designs, strengths and weaknesses. Sahari, 2003: Fire Resistance Performance of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board (PSSDB) Flooring Panel System, Journal of Building and Environment, 38(7), pp. Barkley is maturing into a creative midfield talent capable of influencing games, and Harry Kane, responsible for the second goal which was credited to the Lithuania goalkeeper, continues to impress with his work-rate and determination to hit the target.There was an effective and energetic debut off the bench from Danny Ings.
Data were obtained using a self-designed data retrieval form and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. This omission is a major gap in helping inform effective research mentorship for physiotherapy students in Nigeria and is the rationale for this study. In Brownfields IV a€“ Prevention, Assessment, Rehabilitation and Development of Brownfield Sites, Beriatos, E and Brebbia, C.A.
A self-designed, close-ended data retrieval form consisting of 15 items was used to obtain data from 864 undergraduate research projects undertaken between years 2000 and 2010. In accordance with the purpose and objectives of the study, 4 hypotheses were proposed based on several theories: Kahn's three psychological conditions theory, job demands-resources model, social exchange theory, and conservation of resources theory.
He has been a staff member of the Department of Civil Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) since May 1980. Given that employee engagement is an important current issue for private sector industries i.e. Work engagement: antecedents, the mediating role of learning goal orientation and job performance. Conclusions: Most research projects carried out by Nigerian physiotherapy students were cross-sectional, characterised by arbitrary sample sizes, and were conducted on human subjects but most without report of ethical approval. Fifteen randomly selected research projects from three universities were reviewed in order to generate the necessary items for the data form.
Literature ReviewEmployee engagement is a management concept that determines how involved and enthusiastic an employee is on his work that he creates a positive influence on his co-workers that would further enhance the interest of their workplace. In the second stage, three final-year physiotherapy students and two additional physiotherapy teachers who were not part of the research team were invited to a session where the initial draft was reviewed using the selected 15 projects as guidance. Scarlett Surveys International suggests that management is perceived to have control in shaping the attitude and emotional state of their employees and managing this perception would bring about positive experiences that can simulate the intrinsic desire for greater work performance.Employee Engagement as a research is not new.
From their input, the form was revised to include contents initially omitted and to remove other contents that were repetitions.
Many studies were carried out in the past covering a wide spectrum of contributors and predictors.

Notable recent studies include Natti et al (2011), Prabhakar (2011), Chughtai & Buckley (2011), Saks & Gruman (2011) with the latest conducted by Anaza & Rutherford in 2012. These studies were mostly concentrated in Europe and North America with a few contributions from Australia covering industries ranging from Finance, Telecommunication, Education to Medical and Tourism industries. In these studies, the authors have considered employee engagement as a process supported by a range of factors including communication, empowerment to make decision and supervisory support and not just the tangible reward factors. Saks (2006) in his research said that the Social Exchange Theory (SET) in its theoretical foundation explain the different level of engagement found in work places and organizations. Other items on the data form reflected documentation of standard research report contents that should be expected of physiotherapy undergraduates, including documentation of sample size determination, specification of research design, documentation of ethical approval and use of appropriate data analysis techniques.
In terms of Kahn’s (1990) definition, the obligation by employees in involving themselves more deeply in their roles within the organization depends on the resources that they received from their organization. For classifying research designs, eight designs were used: Cross-sectional designs, case reports, case control studies, cohort studies, quasi-experimental, experimental, correlational and longitudinal studies. In this context, when the organization does not provide these resources, it is highly likely that the employees withdraw and disengage themselves from their role.
The role of competence-based trust and organizational identification in continuous improvement. If the sample size was not calculated, we looked for evidence of any explanation for the sample size applied or assumed it was chosen arbitrarily.A maximum of 20 projects were randomly selected for each academic year between 2000 and 2010 from each of the seven physiotherapy training institutions in the country.
For schools that had more than 20 projects in a given year, 20 projects were selected randomly. After selection for inclusion, projects in hard copies were retrieved from schools' departmental libraries where they were stored. Through the entire study process, the confidentiality of the students, including their supervisors and the universities, were protected. More than half of the projects (51.6%) were conducted in the areas of orthopaedics, sports and fitness and neurology. Structured SurveyThe survey data related to this study were collected from private sector employees in Malaysia which are engaged in the business of telecommunication, finance, information technology, property and plantation.
The employee involvement was range including their age, gender, academic qualification, job category and total year of work exprience levels. Set of questionnaires were structured from the past research studies from Slatten & Mehmetoglu (2011), Medlin & Green Jr (2009), King (2010), Taipale & Selander (2011),Vanam (2009) and Saks (2006). These set of questionnaires were evaluated and validated its readability and understandability by the authors, but some questions have been modified slightly to fit the aims of this study.This structured survey consists of two main sections which is Section A, respondent background (5 characteristics) and Section B, set of questionnaires (29 questionnaires) from the sub-section of Company Goal Setting, Job Autonomy, Strategic Attention, Role Benefit & Employee Engagement. Employee Engagement in Malaysia's Education Industry: A Survey of Cosmopoint, Kuala Lumpur. In Section A, respondent has to answer about their socio-demographic characteristics including age, gender, level of education, job category and total year of work experience by selecting the appropriate boxes.
It was expected that through their research projects candidates should be able to demonstrate evidence of their competence in sample size determinations, knowledge of research design, awareness of the need for ethical approval and use of appropriate data analysis techniques.
While in Section B, the prospect respondent has to respond to a seven-point of Likert-type scale for all questionnaires.
Only 32 (3.7%) did not utilise any form of descriptive statistics in their research projects. Antecedents and effects of engaged frontline employees: A study from the hospitality industry. Table 3: Distribution of expected research competencies seen in the projectsClick here to viewThe research designs reported in the students' projects included case reports, cross-sectional surveys, case control studies, cohort studies, longitudinal studies, experimental and quasi-experimental studies and correlational studies. For ease of presentation, we ranked research designs applied by the students on the commonly accepted level of evidence they provide. Multi-Collinearity among the variables is checked and tested using Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) from collinearity diagnosis.
From strongest to weakest, study designs have been ranked as systematic reviews and meta-analyses, randomised controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, cross sectional surveys and case reports.
Step-Wise Multiple Regression technique is used to identify the significant of independent variables influencing employee engagement.
Work engagement in eight European countries: The role of job demands, autonomy, and social support.
The summary reliability results in Table 1 shows that the overall Cronbach Alpha values are above 0.6 for all measures indicating acceptable internal consistency and reliability (Nunnally, 1978). Based on research designs that students used, Level I is made up of true experimental studies, Level II is made up of quasi-experimental, cohort and correlational studies and Level III is made up of case reports, case control studies and cross-sectional surveys.
A total of 203 (30.5%) of the 665 projects that reported a research design did not reveal the highest academic qualifications of the supervisors and could not be included in analyses of the academic qualifications. ResultsFrom Table 2, data were collected from 204 employees as valid responses from selected private sectors in Malaysia by the way of random proportionate sampling method.
This may reflect a manpower problem affecting developing countries generally, where it is often difficult to find more highly qualified faculty to lead training institutions. In this respect, it may be a positive finding that more than two-thirds of all projects were supervised by individuals with masters or doctoral degrees.The reasons why randomised sampling was carried out in only one of ten projects is not known, but it may be because other sampling methods are more convenient and less technical, and implementing randomisation can prove difficult in practice. At least three types of problems can occur in randomisation: (1) wrong choice of randomisation method, (2) design and programming errors in implementing the method and (3) human error during the conduct of the trial.
It was also disappointing to note that nearly one-third of the projects did not report any type of sampling method.That most of the studies reported a sample size less than 100 in itself may not be the problem but it is a problem that more than 9 out of 10 projects did not document a scientific or objective means of arriving at their sample sizes. A previous study by Charles et al.[8] reported that out of 215 selected published articles by researchers, presumably most fully trained, 10 (5%) did not report a sample size calculation and 92 (43%) did not report all of the required parameters for their calculation. A major implication for not having a justifiable sample size is that the conclusions drawn from these studies may not be applicable to the broader population and thus should not influence clinical practice. Either the research students did not obtain ethical approval or perhaps they did obtain approval but did not note it in their report. Either way this is a problem, as ethical review and approval are important competencies for student researchers to demonstrate, especially for studies carried out with human subjects, as were 99% of these student reports.
At the very least, studies should state that they adhered to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. DiscussionThe study attempts to examine the relationship between 4 antecedents of employee engagement in private sector. This may not be surprising in view of the educational level of the students, the availability of resources and relative simplicity with which cross-sectional surveys are conducted.
After the factor analysis conducted, it has been determine that only 3 antecedents to be examined with employee engagement.
Typically, the students had only a short time available to conduct their research to earn their degrees, and it is not unexpected that most would favour a simpler and quicker design. The conceptual underpinning used is the theory of planned behaviour (Icek Ajzen, 2006)The study supported the following 3 hypotheses:-1) Autonomy important as it allows employee a freedom and independence in making the decision.
The common choice of research topics in orthopaedics, neurology and sports may be because of the ready availability of facilities and patients for these conditions, or perhaps reflects the influence of supervisors.
This eventually will increase employee engagement in tandem with higher level of job autonomy.2) For goal setting, the study shows a significant relationship between the construct goal setting and employee engagement, which this means a higher level of employee engagement compare with those employees who are not given the goal setting.
The university attended, the degree offered by the university and the academic qualification of the supervisor significantly correlated with the strength of the research design undertaken by the students. 3) For role benefit , the employee who given the trust to carry out the duties hence to achieve a higher level of engagement that ultimately benefits the whole organizationThe variance on gender for all constructs show a higher male variance in comparison with the female employees. It also shows the male employees have higher involvement in the office setting compared to female employees. It is, however, noticed that stronger research designs were seen for projects conducted in the older universities, by students from degrees operating the newer curricula with longer years of physiotherapy training and by projects with supervisors with higher degrees.A major limitation of this study is our inability to know why students' projects were as we found them to be. The more seniority of an employee is the more engaged the employee has with the company.The level of academic qualification of an employee also determines an increase of his engagement in the company.
A future project could involve interviews where information on why projects were designed and reported as they were could be sought directly from the students and their teachers. Another limitation was that literature on similar studies was generally not available, making comparison across institutions and countries difficult. Suggestion for Future ResearchOne of the considerations for future research should be given to extending the current study to include using Employee Engagement as the mediator between the antecedents of Work Autonomy, Role Benefit, Strategic Attention and Goal Setting, and the impact it has on the level of Innovative Behavior.
However, we believe that the outcomes of this study will form part of a possible intellectual discourse on how to improve research capacity of physiotherapy students.
This study can serve as a basis for further study, which could include interviews with students and faculty to better understand the choices they make in student research projects. The purpose of the study was to determine relationship between the dependent variables i.e. The outcomes of this study could be used to help guide faculty members in identifying which types and areas of research are heavily subscribed and which types and areas are not, leading to a possible reorientation of students' research into priority types and areas. Study outcomes may also help stimulate a more informed instruction in research methodology for physiotherapy students based on weaknesses observed in the research projects of past students. Increases in the employee job satisfaction will enhance employee and organization productivity and furthermore decreased in expenses of hiring new employee. Higher productivity and lower company expenses will increase in company profits and also the government income in taxation.

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