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This course will teach you the difference between assertiveness and aggression, the benefits of being assertive and when to be assertive. Assertiveness Cartoons and ComicsAssertiveness cartoon 1 of 54Dislike this cartoon?'Honey, when you grow up I want you to be assertive, independent and strong-willed. Assertiveness is about getting over to other people what we want them to know.It does not mean that we always get our own way, although generally we do end up getting more of what we want. Becoming more assertive involves learning a variety of techniques for doing this - there are always various possible ways of handling any situation assertively.
Although these are serious courses on which students learn a lot, reading and writing are not required. The courses are also about personal development, students will be learning about themselves as part of becoming more confident and assertive.

Everything personal is kept confidential, so that students can discuss whatever issues they choose - and only what they choose. Not essential but for anyone who likes learning from books Anne Dickson's A Woman in Your Own Right: Assertiveness and You is perhaps the best book there is on assertiveness. Our standard one-to-one training includes a flexible combination of face-to-face and telephone sessions. The cost is dependent upon the location and duration of the face-to-face session and we offer discounts for two or more sessions.
If this is of interest, let us know and we'll give you a quote depending on your requirements.
Assertiveness is the ability to state positively and constructively your rights or needs without violating the rights of others.

Most popular is a half-day (4 hour) face-to-face session either at your work premises, or at a convenient local venue, plus two one-hour telephone sessions - one before and one after the training. When you use direct, open, and honest communication in the workplace and in relationships to meet your personal needs, you feel more confident, gain respect from others, and live a happier, fulfilled life. You will also learn how to recognise and deal with fear, and how it's effect on assertive behaviour. The telephone sessions help us to ensure that the face-to-face training is tailored exactly to your needs and that you are able to put your learning into practice to make real improvements to your performance at work.

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