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People for centuries have been astral projecting, it has been documented by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as being a method to experience something beyond our physical realm. To learn a little more about astral projection, we looked at Clinical Hypnotherapist, Steve G. After you feel fully relaxed, you need to enter a hypnotic state where your mind is at the edge of sleep and no further. Once you grab a hold of the rope, bring your hand back into your physical body, slow down the vibrations, and end the session. You may feel a little dizzy at this point and the vibrations will buzz at a higher frequency. In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content!
Astral Projection is similar to remote veiwing, extending consciousness only moving out of the body.
I'm going to try to induce this today and then do the rope technique to see if this will help. This Desk-Size Turbine Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide and Can Power 10,000 Homes! Just after midnight on Feb 21st 2012, I remember I was sleeping and I heard the voice of a woman say my name. Previous article20 Astral Projection Myths BustedNext article3 Censored TED Talks They Don't Want You To See The Mind UnleashedThe Mind Unleashed is a News and Consciousness dissemination organization that seeks to break the chains of conventional thinking. I believe I had some quick experiences while dreaming or meditating but here is the thing….last night I read the three affirmation you sent us like you instructed I wrote them down then read them a couple of time before going to bed and guess what? I rescheduled all my meetings, changed my whole day to listen in and all this turned out to be was a BIG sales push.
Esp if this is pre-recorded, please make your staff sit thru' these events and evaluate their worth, before posting them to the general public and wasting our time.
I've had an experience from time to time over the years in which I energetically (not physically) shake.
Sometimes it gets so violent that I become extremely nauseated and the only thing to stop it is to put my feet on solid ground. In the mean time, I would love to hear from anyone who also has experience with the shaking so much that they have to stop the process, and what, if anything, they've done to move through this.
Read below and see what you feel about the possibility of being able to seperate conciousness from your physical form.
To be honest, when I first woke up, I thought it was the most crazy, realistic dream that I had ever had.
If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below. Seems like perhaps others might benefit as well - so if this is something of interest to you - then enjoy! When you do begin to feel the vibrations, your astral body has begun to leave your physical body. As you feel them, try to control the frequency of the waves as well as stopping and starting them.
Without opening your eyes or moving your physical body, visualize yourself reaching up towards the rope.

Imagine your other hand coming out of your physical body and reaching for the rope. Slowly place hand over hand on the rope as if you were pulling yourself up. I don't believe I am ONE step closer to becoming a better Astral Projector – and you had me captive for 90 Minutes! Even if I open my eyes or sometimes move my physical body while laying down, the shaking will continue. I would normally just let myself relax then fall asleep, after awhile i would normally wake up and feel very good and rested and go about my daily routine, but this time I fell into some kinda trance everything was dark around me very quite when suddenly i awoke to find myself shaking violently.
Once you master changing the frequency and you are sure that you can induce them when needed, you’re ready for step 6. This is a pretty poor investment of my time, considering I learnt more from the 2 minutes of Jessica's affirmation session! I stick with it as long as I can but before i've ever had an OBE or any other interesting experience, I must get myself out of it before I vomit. I was seriously freaked out so i tried to move but it was like i couldn't feel my arms, I tried screaming but i just felt like i was being choked. The things they told me and showed me, helped me understand why the world is the way it is, and it has helped to guide my research ever since. When I went to move the curtain to look out, my hand went through the curtain and through the window. I think I was scared and as I felt myself coming back into my body I tried to calm myself down to continue the experience but I guess it was too late and I was back in it. Suddenly I noticed that i was being sucked outta my body, or it felt like someone was pulling me. The reason I am awake and aware enough to make such awesome posts on this page, is because they woke me up and reminded me who I really am.
I pulled my hand back for a moment because it startled me, but then I just assumed it was a dream and I gathered the courage to walk through it. Finding it made me feel a lot less crazy about what I experienced when I learned I wasn’t the only one.
As you described in your own experiences this felt very vivid and real I was conscious for that one unlike some of my dreaming experiences.
If you are giving us something free, please make it worth our time or let us know that this is sales call so we have the option to ignore it! I tried with all my might to get back in my body but failed the first time and felt myself being sucked out further so i pulled myself back in somehow and everything started going black again and i slipped into a dream.
I must say his CD write up & description of content looked good – for wasting my evening, I do not want to give him a single one of my hard earned dollars! I must say his CD write up & description of content looked good – for wasting my evening, I do not want to give him a single one of my hard earned dollars!
The only thing I was told during my Astral Projection that I had heard before my experience, were the stories about the existence of Reptilians via David Icke, and the claims about the Illuminati.
Who cares to hear about audio teams and birunal beats and titanium technology – just give us the method – we do not need the sales pitch! I can promise you right now, nothing shakes the foundations of our reality and our core beliefs like seeing your soul separated from your physical body. Then, I noticed what I thought was a star above me that was glowing much brighter than the other stars.

All of a sudden, everything around me starting getting brighter and brighter until I literally couldn’t see anything.
Later that day, when I researched Pleiadians and Starseeds, I no longer had any doubts whatsoever that it was in fact a real event.
My experiences over the past year and a half since the experience, have even further convinced me it was real. I could see that I was no longer outside my house, but I was in a room somewhere with white walls. I have to be open and honest about my experience because I could never deny the most amazing event I’ve had in this lifetime so far. They reminded me of who I am, they woke me up from the illusion I was trapped in and they enabled me to help others the right way. He said we were friends on that planet and he asked me if Id like him to show me a glimpse of it.
Then, after we discussed pretty much everything I could think of, I asked why she was telling me all this and why she had brought me to her. It was almost like he was uploading his thoughts into my consciousness, but they were appearing in picture form.
Guides are basically souls you’ve intermingled with through past experiences, that are not currently incarnated in physical form.
The planet looked a lot like Earth, but the land was shaped different, the planet seemed much larger and it appeared to have less water around it. She then told me I’d lived on other planets before, but I had chosen to come to Earth for an important reason. Some were very tall, and many of them came to a point, almost like a pyramid or an obelisk. He then told me that I made a big sacrifice to come to Earth, but that I never regretted it for a moment because I knew it was the right thing to do.
They are allowed to interfere with malevolent plans occasionally, but they aren’t allowed to directly intervene by making mass contact.
He told me how most of the benevolent races were kicked off the planet right before Atlantis was destroyed. He then told me about how the malevolent ETs modified the DNA of captured and enslaved humans from around our Galaxy and turned them into a slave race. He gave me the short version of the history between humans, the Reptilians and the Gray Collective.. When I saw it, I instantly made a little shriek noise and the image disappeared from sight. So far we know, only about 5-10% of the Starseeds that came here are actually aware of who and what they are. That is one of the reasons why we made sure you and other starseeds were on the right path.

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