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When Brisbane author Benjamin Law [pictured right] decided to write his first book, he realised that rather than writing a thinly disguised memoir, he’d best come clean and write non-fiction. He tells the story of his father, who didn’t meet his own father until he was 12 years old. American dollars were wired back to his wife and the son he’d never met, until he decided to make the month-long voyage home. Andrew's first book, Talking Smack: Honest Conversations About Drugs, was published by University of Queensland Press in July 2014. Andrew also hosts Penmanship, a podcast about Australian writing culture, which features in-depth interviews with Australians who earn a living from working with words. William Sheppard (1595-1674) was born in a small Gloucestershire village on the Severn estuary, where he spent much of his life as country lawyer. Sheppard’s first book, The Offices and Duties of Constables, published in 1641, was a law enforcement manual, in which he expressed his belief that an orderly and ethical society is founded on the character and skills of those elected to positions of authority.
In 1649, his first religious tract, Of the Foure Last and Greatest Things, was released and was quickly followed by A New Catechism.

His religious tracts might have brought him to Cromwell’s attention, which eventually led to his employment as a legal consultant (Matthews, 1984). As it stands, the Lillian Goldman Law Library holds a representative sample of all twenty-three of Sheppard’s law books. First edition of William Sheppard’s Touch-stone of Common Assurances (London, 1648), his most popular work. His father’s father had left his wife shortly after she became pregnant, opting to leave their small village on the outskirts of Canton, China, to seek opportunity in San Francisco.
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However, this did not keep him from becoming “one of the most prolific” legal writers of the 17th century (Matthews, 1984, p.
His next book, The Touchstone of Common Assurances (1648), was a collection of essays on the law of conveyance and is his best-known work. In Of the Foure, Sheppard, a Calvinist, provided instruction for pious behavior and wrote of his support of the Rump Parliament.

Smith, Parliaments and Politics During the Cromwellian Protectorate (Cambridge University Press, 2007).
In 1651, Sheppard published his first legal encyclopedia, The Faithful Councellor, which was the result of a Rump Parliament edict that all legal records and literature be translated into English. Many of these proposals were presented to Parliament as bills; they touched on such issues as reconstruction of the judicial system, recovery of debt, and improvement of local government. For instance, the library currently holds eight of ten editions of The Touchstone of Common Assurances. In a career spanning more than half a century, he wrote twenty-seven books: twenty-three on such legal topics as property, law enforcement and common law, and four religious tracts (Matthews, 1984, p.
After the publication of England’s Balme, Cromwell promoted Sheppard to Serjeant-at-Law.

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