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The bansuri (Hindi: ???????) is a transverse alto flute of the Indian Subcontinent made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six or seven finger holes. Kingflute instruction Manuals and sample musical notes from Kingflute music booklet available at bambooman store. Ravi Shankar Mishra is one of the finest makers of Hindustani Bansuri flute - Indian Bamboo flute. Bansuri flutes - Bamboo flutes made by Ravi are of top quality - technically accurate and aesthetically beautiful. Ravi, an ardent aspirer and seeker of Music, symbolises commitment and dedication to the rich tradition of Hindustani Classical music of India.
Buyers in India kindly contact Ravi on his mobile 94481 50433 or landline 0821 4269761 or send him a mail. I acknowledge with great pleasure and pride that Shri Ravi Shankar Mishra is a budding flutist of the present younger generation. RAAG MILAN TRUST is a non- profit cultural organisation established with an aim to promote Indian classical music. Today, music is facing times of change, challenges and prospects with growing enthusiasm and spirit; for this reason Raag Milan was envisaged. RAAG MILAN intends to promote our culture and carry on with our traditions so that our future generations will have a firm path to move forward. An ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 AD. Each flute is made with dedication and passion that is required to turn out the most exquisite and beautifully resonate bansuri flutes.

Born on 21st June, 1970, he was initiated into the art of flute playing by his father Shri Dinesh Chandra Mishra, even as he developed a strong inclination to bamboo-wind instrument. Dedicated students are learning bansuri from him in the traditional Guru - Shishya Parampara style. Based in Mysore , the cultural capital of Karnataka, RAAG MILAN was started in the year 1997 by the young and enthusiastic flautist Ravi Shankar Mishra.
It must be thin walled and straight with a uniform circular cross section and long internodes. In his endeavour to craft the Bansuri flute for his own playing, he mastered the art of Bansuri flute making. He is a generous teacher who believes that knowledge multiplies in sharing and hence is passing on the rich legacy of Maihar Gharana to his enthusiastic disciples.
What I appreciate most about him is that, he has not been swayed away by the modern popular scene of the music but has kept rooted to the most valuable tradition of our music and Gharana. Because it enables superior control, variations and embellishments, the transverse variety is preferred in Indian classical music. The North Indian bansuri, typically about 14 inches in length, was traditionally used as a soprano instrument primarily for accompaniment in lighter compositions including film music. After harvesting a suitable specimen, the bamboo is seasoned to allow naturally present resins to strengthen it.
The hallmark of quality in his bamboo flutes is well reflected in the precision and a skillful workmanship evolved over the years of dedication and hard work.
Once ready, a cork stopper is inserted to block one end, next to which the blowing hole is burnt in.

Ravi’s Bansuri flute making was blessed by the flute maestro and one of the greatest Bansuri bamboo flute makers, late Pt. The holes must be burnt in with red hot skewers since drilling causes the fibrous bamboo to split along the length, rendering it useless. Devendra Murdeshwar, who revealed to him the intricacies and dynamics of ‘bamboo’ and ‘wind’ leading towards near perfection. Hariprasad Chaurasia has now been indispensable in Hindustani Classical music for well over half a century. The approximate positions of the finger holes are calculated by measuring the bamboo shaft’s inner and outer diameters and applying certain formulae. His new design is very convenient to handle and greatly facilitates the All Saptak Vistar of the ragas. Flute makers have only one chance to burn the holes, and a single mistake ruins the flute, so they usually begin by burning in a small hole, after which they play the note and using a chromatic tuner, gradually make adjustments by sanding the holes in small increments.
Once all the holes are perfected, the bansuri is steeped in a solution of antiseptic oils, after which it is cleaned, dried and its ends are bound with silk or nylon threads for both decoration as well as protection against thermal expansion.

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