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Retreat from the world together for a weekend to explore the delights of Yoga in nature, only a short distance from Melbourne.
Michele will guide participants through Hatha Yoga sessions in asana, pranayama and meditation. Enjoy some time out to explore matters within your mind and heart, staying at a magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Centre, near Healesville. The retreat is an opportunity to step back from the world and do a little bit of soul searching. Just enough time to recharge and maybe shed a few ‘layers’ before the silly seasons hits! I want more from a yoga class than just a work out or a stretching class or a lecture, I want to leave feeling fabulous physically and emotionally and spiritually and I always leave his classes feeling like that.

Part of the appeal is he goes off and does the great retreats with inspiring people in far flung locations, and I get to live a little of that by learning from what he has learned. Michele sees Yoga as an opportunity to connect to the divine spark within, with the added bonus of working with the physical systems of the body so that we can immediately feel the benefits of a Yoga practice. Classes are Hatha based, Michele trained in the Gita sytem and delivers a playful, dynamic class which will allow you to leave, refreshed, revitalized energizd with a spark in the eye!! The deeper Yoga practice helps to facilitate the process, often churning things up within that may need to be released. Not too serious, not just about the physical, while still being challenging enough to work up a sweat (if you want to), great dose of the spiritual and energetic and the mindset of what yoga is in a practical way.
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Wallpaper images in the Barbie Movies club tagged: barbie fairy secret the fashion fairytale princess. I started out as a total beginner and with Mickeys guidence I have improved so much and enjoy attending yoga every week.

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