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All the latest NFL highlights, breaking news, developing stories and player injury updates from around the league. There are lots of logical reasons why we shouldn’t or don’t approach a guy first, such as he might have a girlfriend, you may come off as trying too hard or creepy, according to Elite Daily’s “9 Basic Reasons Why Girls Still Won’t Approach A Guy First.” Though these are all good excuses, they are not good enough. From fashion to decor, Lilly Pulitzer to Vera Bradley, personal items to gifts, shop our boutique for all your 'Classy' needs. Do you feel uncomfortable, tense, or awkward during Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings?
But whatever it is this is not about specifically the nuances of Thanksgiving this is about how to be in a holiday situation.
So if you think of those challenging scenarios you can also start to think of come backs or how you want to deal with that situation, what would you want to say?
And here’s the biggest thing of all, you know what’s underneath all of these discomfort, all of these fear?
So, I want to share a few quick stories here and then we’re going to get your action step.
I remember this was a couple of years back and it was like about a month or so before our first son was due.
Your action step for today is to put into practice like I mean Thanksgiving is coming up like right away so put into practice. Click here to leave me a recorded voice message using the microphone on your computer or device. But, I learned how to change all that and I'm eager to share that you so you can avoid the same agonizing years I spent sitting on the sidelines watching life pass me by.
Get Instant Access To Over Eight Hours Of Interactive Confidence Training Plus Dozens Of Confidence Building Tools. NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. Both of you keep briefly glancing at each other from across the crowded party and your brain is screaming “Come talk to me already!” But you can sense that he’s not going to approach you first. Ladies, we need to stop letting a potential new boo slip through our fingertips just because the guy didn’t talk to us first. Jokes or pick-up lines are a clear indicator that you’re someone he can laugh and have fun with. Eye contact and slight touching are the obvious ones, according to Madame Noir’s “6 Ways To Approach a Guy.” But if you want to be a little more creative do whatever makes you feel comfortable and just do it!
Aziz and today we’re going to be diving in to how to rock Thanksgiving with confidence.
And here are some of the challenges that people experience around any holiday including Thanksgiving. You’re going to learn how to stay in conversations deep in them and share about yourself so you can easily connect with others. I was, I was reflecting there for a moment I was thinking about one challenges that I had is I would get there and I have one cousin who’s older than I am Kevin and he was, he is a psychiatrist and I remember a number of years ago when I was trained to be a psychologist and he was some years ahead of me and he would talk, he always did his whole life he would speak with such certainty in what he was saying. Let yourself show up differently, such a fear in people this isn’t just around family this is around change in general I see this all the time. The same stuff as elsewhere needing approval and the hardest place where it’s to let go of needing approval is with family, with your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your aunts, your uncles. Here is one story, this is from a client that I worked with who every year he go to Thanksgiving and it will be the same thing and there’s this cousin of his who would be there who was like the exact opposite.
Now I have Candace was like eight and a half months pregnant, little baby is coming in like a month. Look for those small things, do one or two little things each day or it was just one day that you’re hanging out with people during that one day.

Aziz to discover how to break through the most common holiday challenges so you can confidently show up and enjoy Thanksgiving and any other family event.
And ultimately how to access powerful authenticity which allows you to influence others, impact them and inspire them draw them to you become a magnet to other people by being your most authentic self.
And in this is not just about his career or anything like anything even when we are kids and we’re talking about basketball or magic to gathering because mega nerds we were and I still am. If this was the best Thanksgiving ever, the best holiday ever, what would you want to happen? Great, now let’s do this think of the top three challenging scenarios that are going to throw you up your game, the top three challenging scenarios. Actually come up with things that you can respond with ahead of time, think of them, what are your comebacks. And then we looked up the three main challenges that you imagine to come up dealing with this person dealing with that, oh my god it’s so loud and I hate the dinner part of the evening.
And it was really cool and this can actually happen you can actually transform your experience. Gender norms have changed so much in the past 10 years; therefore, we should be taking full advantage of them and change who approached who first. This is not about the actual holiday of Thanksgiving where you’re going to eat a turkey and I talk about turkey-eating strategies or something.
And that could be any family, it could be closed family, parents, brothers, sister that could be more extended family, cousins, aunts, uncles, second twice remove this or that. This might lead to you a times during the weekend or during Thanksgiving feeling like a kid again just going silent or shutting down.
So you’re going to discover exactly how to start conversations with anyone in a completely relax casual way. Be like refreshing and practicing and doing that stuff and that might be starting conversation with strangers that might be doing some inner work each day to be working on your self-esteem.
Whatever it is think of your three challenges, start practicing your comebacks and thinking about how you are going to handle those situations, how you would like to handle those situations.
People come to a live weekend have a massive shift just big boost in their confidence feeling really strong in themselves. No, be… allow yourself to be different, you are constantly different and evolving and changing and hopefully you are constantly growing. And that has been my experience because it’s totally shifted there in Thanksgiving, now when I go down there it is I said it takes time for myself the way that I decided I want to be and how I show up is just totally irreverent and like not taking anything seriously. But anyway we were hippies and we’re going to do a home birth with candles and shit around the living room or the bedroom and we have midwife and all that stuff. So you could actually interact with people, enjoy yourself and really make it an awesome holiday. And spending time around those people that could be challenging because I found that nothing can be harder on our confidence than dealing with family. Comparing yourself and feeling insecure and maybe just wanting to escape and just want to get out of there. And I remember when we get down there to Los Angeles is where we would spend the Thanksgivings. I’m moving soon and there some big objects that I want to be able to move by myself because it would be just easier and it’s just a dresser and it weighs like a 180 pounds and I want to move it myself.
And here some other things that I had to suggest to make the experience to allow yourself to be more confident and to enjoy yourself more. But then what is amazing is we worked together, here’s a one on one client and over the course of the year by the time Thanksgiving rolled around he was just totally different.
And he would be talking about something in his career or a patient he saw or whatever this or that and he would just have so much damn certainty in what he was saying.

What something I can say to myself right before I lift it up it just got pump me up to do it.
So think about the exact scenario or Cousin Tom is going to tease me, great, think about that scenario. I guess as you do know, you just might be scared, scared to confront Tom, that jerk, that made up jerk.
So they don’t have any thoughts or questions about that, no, no, no, no you want to like you holding back is not in any way serving them or you. He spoke up, he shares his ideas around the Thanksgiving dinner, he will make jokes, he would ask questions, he just walk right up through his cousin when he first saw him and gave him big hug and ask him questions. We are already committed to this, we already assessed the risk I don’t need him telling me and freaking me out about all these disaster scenario. What’s that one moment where I could respond to that person who is critical of me who is not listening to me? In fact go deeper because the beauty of this is usually Thanksgiving it’s a yearly ritual and it’s kind of the same shit every year right? And some sort of idea that I guess the fear that someone would challenge you and say, “Hey, hey, hey you what’s going on with you?
But sometimes just time alone I take some time alone in the morning or I just go for a walk. Whatever it is, what’s that one moment where I could just let go of needing approval and just not care as much and go on to the next thing?
I was scared about what others would think of me and avoided taking risks that could lead to embarrassment. And in my experience I could be just, I mean I have this kicking ass on my business and writing a book and just showing up bold and confident and it put me in the right combination of people for a long enough and I feel like I’m 12 years old and not good enough. I was still kind of being like what is this going to cost psychology thing that I sign up for and does it really work?
But the real answer is well maybe lift weights for a couple of months ahead of time and get a really good shape that’s probably the answer. Why are you all confident and talking to me right now?” I thought, really, is someone going to do that and if so couldn’t you handle that? Whatever it is find those little moments, apply them in your life and go out there and rock Thanksgiving. Not because I changed my values but because it just taste good and I’m not made of stone. Until we speak again may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you are awesome. I mean 180 pound dresser I weigh like a 150 pounds so maybe I could lift it but probably not.
But anyway it will be like get in great shape leading up to that and then you have a much better chance to doing that. Yes, see you guys in a bit and just do that just take care of yourself and then as you walk just reflect as you run, okay here I go here I am I’m going to deal with this what’s going on how am I feeling? And be feeling some of those uncomfortable, feelings that are building up as you’re around people you can process them, you can focus them, you can get them attention, give them acceptance let them pass through you, super simple but super life changing and powerful. Maybe I want to be able to take get away from him and go to something else instead of hangout with him the whole weekend.

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