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There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, but I feel quite confident that you know where that line is drawn and, if not, just take a step back and notice which one gives you a good feeling. I need to heart this message more often, haha, having a lack of confidence is big struggle of mine. Yesterday I had a lovely intellectual conversation with a Frenchman twenty years my senior (and quite my senior in terms of work titles too) about our jobs and history. I am shy, but I used to be really shy, and afraid of even being out in big crowds when I didn’t know anyone.
Women come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes you wouldn't know it from what you see on the screen or page.
This past week we took some rest at a cabin in the woods during our children’s Spring Break.
This year hasn’t been quite so difficult thus far, in spite of the flu-turned-bronchitis-add-to-that-mono months of December and January. I’m certain the difference can be attributed to my walk with the Lord, which has been a little closer and a lot sweeter lately. And just when I’m feeling overwhelmed that sweet reminder comes that by His side the burden will also be light. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I remember I was asked to give a speech on global warming to a class a few years ago and I was so nervous before (this is probably where confidence takes the biggest beating: public speaking), but once I started talking, I knew the topic so well that all the unease left and was filled with confidence. If you feel happy with who you are, what you are doing and where you want to be, the confidence just comes naturally because you’re not worried about what other people think! I think my confidence comes from certainty and right now everything in my life is really uncertain. It was one of the best conversations I’d had in a while, and I really surprised myself! I have chosen to wear very little-to no makeup on some days just because I don’t need it. Instead of overly Photoshopped images, we're celebrating Summer with something else: some words of encouragement from real women who are proud of their own perfectly imperfect bikini bodies.
I’m learning that no matter what comes my way, He is my only source of life, love, strength, shelter, and so much more. If not, it’s yours for the taking and you can find it by abiding in Him moment by moment, day by day, trust building upon trust. I was most proud of my ability to answer questions which I hadn’t prepared for at all. The game-changers and connectors in this world are almost always unmatched in their quiet confidence sense of self-worth.

In my early twenties it was hard to truly be confident because I wasn’t quite sure who I was yet. We have certain parts of our lives where our confidence shines, but for some, confidence is lacking in the place that is most important: in ourselves, for ourselves. As I got closer to 30 I stopped apologizing so much and started to kind of say- love it or leave it!
And I think one of the key differences between confidence and arrogance isn’t how you feel but how act.
And it’s not that life never feel overwhelming now, either, but it was different then.
I have a heart for encouraging women everywhere to understand God's limitless love for them and what His grace means for everyday living. I see so many people (and am guilty of this myself quite often) slouching through life, but I urge you to sit up straight, speak clearly, and walk with confidence.

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