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List of The Secret Saturdays characters, and check out List of The Secret Saturdays characters on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. This is a list of characters in the Cartoon Network animated television series The Secret Saturdays. Promotional image released for the series when it was first announced at the CN Upfront 2007. Zak Saturday is the 11-year-old (he turns 12 in "Kur Parts 1&2, turns 13 in "Life in the Underground") major character of the show. For a while, it was believed that if the cryptid Kur was ever unleashed, Zak would be the only one with the power to stop it. Solomon "Doc" Saturday is the patriarch and the "Indiana Jones"-like character who has spent his whole life studying cryptids. It was revealed in the episode "The Return of Tsul 'Kalu" that Doc got his scar and blind eye from Tsul'Kalu while protecting Zak. Drew Saturday is the matriarch and the one who "believes in the magic," being more prone to accepting things on faith rather than empirical evidence. Drew's preferred weapon is the Tibetan Fire Sword given to her by the monks, which absorbs light and channels it into potent bursts of flame.
Fiskerton, often called Fisk by Zak, is a seven-foot-tall "gorilla-cat" with glowing red eyes, based on the Fiskerton Phantom.
Fiskerton has great strength, showing himself capable of ripping apart metal bare-handed and hold his own against larger cryptids.
Zon, named after the Amazon rainforest where she was found, is a surviving member of a thought-to-be-extinct Pterosaur species (Ornithocheirus) that lives in a nest near the Saturday Headquarters, but isn't truly owned by them.
Uncle Doyle is Zak's biological uncle, Doc's brother-in-law and Drew's long-lost younger brother. Though Doyle is admired by Zak, he and Drew have a small sibling rivalry and at first, he and Doc barely get along at all. As shown in "The Atlas Pin" he's shown to be not entirely reformed as he was willing to go behind Drew's back to gather the pieces of Rani Nagi's Kur relic. It's a recurring joke that in every episode he appears in he gets destroyed only to come back later new and improved.
Professor Talu Mizuki is a scientist who invented a mind-swapping device for (unknown to him) crime lord and philanthropist Shoji Fuzen. The young prince of Kumari Kandam (supposedly about a year older than Zak, making him 12-14 in the series) whose father was killed in an assault orchestrated by V.V. Agent Epsilon and his 11-year-old "son" Francis are members of a secret organization loosely allied with the Secret Scientists, though they have their own agenda. Maboul is the father of Wadi and the chieftain of the Hassi who guard the Methuselah Tree (the source of all water on Earth). Wadi participated alongside her tribe in "War Of The Cryptids" alongside the rest of the Hassi.
A member of the Secret Scientists who is seen in "Shadows of Lemuria" and "And Your Enemies Closer". In his first appearance, he uses his Dream-Time Totem to put Fiskerton to sleep in order to find the motivation behind his instinctual behavior. In his second appearance, he was one of the scientists that are trying to capture a Revolving Beast. In "The Kur Stone Part 2", he told Doc that Henry has been fatally wounded by the explosion (that was caused by Argost's firecracker beetles), but said that he'll be alright. In "The King of Kumari Kandam", he called the Saturdays that the Kumari Kandam attacked him and his people somewhere at the South Indian Ocean.
Tiacapan (or simply known as Tica) is a young Mexican girl (around 11-12) who is seen in "The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl". A group of 13 hominid cryptids (consisting of Momo, Bishopville Lizard Man, the Honey Island Swamp Monster, Lake Worth Monster, Kinchafoonee Creep, Georgia Pigman, Bardin Booger, Man Cat, Devil Monkey, Green Goon, Hawley Him, Mississippi Swamp Ape, and the Fouke Monster) that have appeared in "Ghost in the Machine". These cryptids attacked Zak, Komodo, and Fiskerton when they were wandering into the swamp and were nearly eaten by over-sized alligators. There were also toy figures of the Honey Island Swamp Monster (which is part of the Swamp Creature's Battleground), the Georgia Pigman, and the Bishopville Lizard Man. Drew mentioned that after she was separated from her family, the Tibetan monks found her and raised her in their temple. In "And Your Enemies Closer", Doyle, Zon, and Van Rook visit the Himalayas and they find Drew. When the Allegewi released the Saturdays out of the traps, Harger thought it was letting them go and not eating them.
Honoring Lancaster's final request, the Saturdays and the cryptids destroy all that remained of the project. In "Kur Rising", Argost takes control of a creature he and the Saturdays believe to be Kur before the monster is defeated and he is taken to safety by Munya when his mask started to cracked after taking enough blows from Zak, revealed to be the host of the actual Kur.
During the episode "And Your Enemies Closer", as Dolye and Drew eventually learn of his true nature and his role into their parents' death in the Himalayas, Argost kidnaps Zak and takes him to an island where he revealed that during the events of "Into The Mouth of Darkness" when he hacked into the Saturdays' airship computer in a search for a means to extract Zak's Kur powers, he learned about the existence of the Saturdays' evil counterparts, the Mondays. Once Zak's babysitter, Abbey Grey is an ancient civilization expert and Miranda Grey's sister. Rani Nagi and her fellow Nagas returned in the season two premiere "Kur" as the main antagonists.
The Mondays are the Saturdays' evil antimatter duplicates from a parallel universe, summoned by the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. The Mondays accidentally banish themselves back to their own universe while fighting over the mirror. His hair color reversed from Zak Saturday's along with his eyes glowing green when using his power with his Fang weapon, Zak Monday possesses the Anti-Kur power and uses it to drive cryptids insane rather than calming them. Solomon "Doc" Monday's scarred eye is on the opposite side and he wears an eye patch over it. Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix is the first Ben 10 film released and a three part episode in the series. After some time of searching on Incarcecon, Ben (in a costume with Gwen) thinks he spots Vilgax. When they got to Xenon, they were attacked by a group of wild Floraunas, where Gwen was captured by them and was assumed dead. When Azmuth is re-inserting the Omnitrix dial, the "tower" of the dial is grey and green, as opposed to the standard black and green. The controls that Tetrax uses to scan the Omnitrix for the DNA signature are almost identical to the computer that helps the "Precrime" officers in the movie Minority Report. Truth • The Big Tick • Framed • Gwen 10 • Grudge Match • The Galactic Enforcers • Camp Fear • Ultimate Weapon • Tough Luck • They Lurk Below • Ghostfreaked Out • Dr. Perfect Day • Divided We Stand • Don't Drink the Water • Big Fat Alien Wedding • Ben 4 Good Buddy • Ready to Rumble • Ken 10 • Ben 10 vs.
The Plumbers are an intergalactic law-enforcement organization that makes use of many high-tech gadgets and weapons to protect the planets in the universe from various alien threats and attacks. In the original series, the Plumbers are a secret government organization that protects the general public from any alien threat. Max is effectively forced out of retirement after his grandson, Ben Tennyson obtains the Omnitrix. In Big Fat Alien Wedding, it is revealed that the Plumbers have had a generations-long feud with the Lenopans. In Alien Force, the Plumbers are revealed to be an inter-planetary law enforcement force, with both human and alien members. However, Max discovers that the Highbreed and their minions, the DNAliens, are up to no good and he warns Magister Labrid there is trouble brewing on Earth.
In Darkstar Rising, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are forbidden to fight against the Highbreed threat by Magister Prior Gilhil, who doubts the Highbreed are as much of a threat as they are. In War of the Worlds, all of the Plumber's Kids and Max participate in the final battle against the Highbreed.
As a result of Ben's defeat of Vilgax and neutralizing the Highbreed threat, as well as his status as Bearer of the Omnitrix, Ben holds a special status among the Plumbers ranks, even leading his own team. At the end of War of the Worlds, Max recruits a team of Plumbers In-Training, with himself as both their leader and mentor. In Fame, it is revealed that all governments on Earth secretly recognize the Plumbers organization in dealing with alien threats (explaining the existence of secret bases within Mount Rushmore and Fort Knox, as they were likely set up with the help of the United States government to aid the Plumbers). In Escape from Aggregor, Prior Gilhil answered a distress call from Galapagus aboard Aggregor's Ship, only to be told by Aggregor on arrival that the distress call was a computer error. In Deep, there is a place called Plumber Central Command and there is a Magister Plumber named Magister Pyke stationed on Piscciss. In The Enemy of My Enemy, the Plumbers Academy had made an appearance and Magister Coronach is running the academy and he doesn't approve of the place being a prison or a battlefield. In Basic Training, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are sent to a different Plumbers Academy where they were trained by Magister Hulka, the toughest Plumber of all.
In A Knight to Remember, a squad of Plumbers help Ben's Team fight the Flame Keepers' Circle in an attempt to capture Vilgax but failed. The Plumber Headquarters beneath Max's Plumbing reappeared, where most captured villains are imprisoned if not imprisoned in the Null Void.
In The End of an Era, the Plumbers, along with various people throughout the galaxy, were having a celebration of Max Tennyson's retirement, who had also given Rook his position of Magistratus.
In 1773, Washington was a member of the original Earth Plumbers before Earth joined with the intergalactic authorities. Patelliday is the second-in-command Magister of Earth.Patelliday works at a Plumber Headquarters. Pierce was trained by Max and was training at Plumbers Academy.Pierce was murdered by a Forever Knight while off duty. There are Plumbers who don't battle or arrest: some of them, like Galvan plumbers, are teachers, scientists, or technicians working to promote the public well being. In A New Dawn, it is revealed that the original Earth Plumbers have been active since at least 1773 till they disbanded. Wikipedia says that it doesn't have anything that exactly matches "generator_rex:_heroes_united". The son of Doc and Drew Saturday, Zak seeks adventure at every turn, which is easily satisfied by his cryptid-researching family. The hook is a three-fingered claw called the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu, which acts as a focusing device for Zak's powers. However, in the season one finale "Kur Rising", after Zak defeated the creature that was believed to be Kur, the Kur-sensing Naga relic Doyle had repaired glowed not in the creature's presence, but in Zak's, meaning Kur was in fact Zak the entire time. Doc Saturday naturally had black hair but after a fight with a guardian known as Tsul 'Kalu, Doc was shocked by the claw that originally belonged to Kalu, giving him a streak of white hair.
Her sword needs light to access the fire, if there is no light source around it shoots blue flames.
He was adopted by the Saturday family when his home was burned down by the locals in Nottinghamshire, England. The Saturdays anger her by crashing into her nest during the second episode, but she comes to appreciate them after Zak saves her life.
Doc is annoyed by Doyle's tendency to show off and frustrated by Doyle's chaotic lifestyle, influenced by living as a mercenarya€”his tendency to bend or even break rules (and laws) in pursuit of his goals, his willingness to do questionable things in pursuit of money and particularly his tendency to take risks, as this proves an unfortunate influence on Zak, who sometimes imitates Doyle's risky behavior and puts himself at risk.
It was mostly because of Doyle that Kur was revealed to be Zak as he repaired the relic and brought it into the proximity of Zak at the end of "Kur Rising". He ultimately sacrifices himself to save Drew Saturday from a blast from her own fire sword when it was taken by Rani Nagi during the final battle at Weirdworld, saying she was the only thing he loved almost as much as money.
Paul Cheechoo is a Secret Scientist that specializes in cold-climate research, he and a team of experts travel the Earth studying strange geological anomalies. When asked to use it to implant the mind of one of Fuzen's men into a Hibagon, he takes the Hibagon's body himself to prevent Fuzen from getting his hands on the Hibagon, which Fuzen sees as a potential superweapon. Epsilon is usually quite serious and by the book, personifying the "Men in Black" archetype (in behavior if not appearance). Wadi is a kleptomaniac, which her father disapproves of (even though after the events of "Eterno", she has vowed to recover stolen property).
Years ago he challenged Doc to a fight due to an accident caused by Zak which destroyed an archeological place guarded by him. She and the other scientists were at the meeting and discovered that the rivers have turned to salt in the Middle East of Arab.
They live on Honey Island, Louisiana and they seem to be based on the real-life reported ones (although some could be made up). They were mentioned in "Van Rook's Apprentice" and make an actual appearance in "And Your Enemies Closer". Drew thought it was the storm, but it was actually a mysterious cryptid that killed them and pushing Doyle to the village. While Harger was counting the "gorilla" and the "dino-bird" as one, it makes nine, which made Fiskerton and Zon (who's carried in a basket) yell at him and Zak warns him to count them separately as Harger agrees that it makes ten. Throughout the second season, using Munya to give the Saturdays the notion that he had died, Argost when into hiding before saving Zak from Rani Nagi and offering to help him hone his Kur powers. The research had Argost realize that Zak Monday is logically the Anti-Kur and stole the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca from the Paris museum to bring the anti-matter Zak into their reality to siphon the Anti-Kur into himself. She appears in "The Kur Guardian", helping Zak, Doyle, and Fiskerton to learn about his Lemurian roots.
She can control any type of snake (even Kumari Kandam's city-moving serpent) and speak through them.
He tries to obtain a mind-swapping device invented by Talu Mizuki to transfer the mind of one of his followers into a Hibagon (a large, ape-like cryptid). He has a surgically modified jaw made of four metal flaps which can bite through almost anything. The Saturdays leave and fail to notice that Zak Monday and Komodo Monday escape from the mirror, leaving the others behind, even when Drew Monday purposely threatened her son even though he's out of sight and can't hear her.
He usually speaks in incoherent babbling and has a much lower intellect than his counterpart. Animo, who has kidnapped Gwen and Grandpa Max, and threatens to release his DNA Bomb and de-evolutionize the world.
The watch is in self-destruct mode and will destroy itself along with Ben (and the universe, but Tetrax does not reveal this until later). He changes into Upchuck, and fights him, only to reveal that "Vilgax" is a female Chimera Sui Generis named Myaxx, who claims she created the Omnitrix. After Ben's sadness, Tetrax told him the tragic story about him bringing Vilgax the final element he needed to destroy his home planet, Petropia. Max uses his experience as a Plumber (along with various Plumber gear and weapons) to aid Ben in various battles along the road.
However, when a close relationship was formed between Plumber Joel Tennyson (Max Tennyson's nephew) and a Lenopan named Camille, a truce was forged as a result of their relationship and their wedding was to be the first ever marriage between a Lenopan and a human and was meant to put an end to years of fighting.
Labrid quickly discovers Max has gone missing and mistakenly tries to capture Ben and Gwen, believing that they were stealing the Omnitrix.
However, all three sides find themselves working together when Darkstar captures them all but Gwen to feed his powers.
After demanding a search of the ship, he soon locates Aggregor's prisoners, only to be murdered by Aggregor.

At the end of the episode, Aggregor is shown attacking the Plumbers' ship which was carrying P'andor, the windows crack from Aggregor's attacks and throw the Plumbers into space, killing them. The Plumbers have also seemed to gain control over in imprisoning certain humans if they proved to be a great enough threat or in alien related matters as they captured Dr. In few occasions they have more than one position like Max functioning as the chief for the Plumber base on Earth. Some with previous experience in an army or another law enforcement organization of their respective home world. Zak has an unorthodox upbringing that has taken him around the planet and placed him in the face of danger since the day he was born. Zak also seems stronger and more durable than a normal child his age, as he was able to climb a radio tower carrying a full grown man in "The Vengeance of Hibagon" and gets back up immediately after being thrown against a vent in "Black Monday". Although he is the oldest and largest member of the family, Fiskerton is like an innocent brother to Zak. In "Once More the Nightmare Factory", it is revealed that Fiskerton is a Lemurian (a fact which Fiskerton himself was unaware of), a member of a race of creatures that guard the Earth against Kur and is able to locate Kur through psychic and instinctual means. He also can make other objects invisible, such as when Doc hooks him up to the airship Komodo's powers turn the airship invisible as well. He helps Zak put a tribe of Amaroks back into hibernation in "The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes", starting a stable relationship with him. Doyle resents what seems to him to be constant criticism by Doc of his methods and tactics, as well as what he perceives to be Doc being judgmental of his mercenary trade (which he resents, as Doc inherited his fortune, whereas he has had to work as a mercenary to support himself.) Eventually, they make up, as the threat from Argost grows greater and Doc recognizes the potential value of Doyle's unique skills. After finding what seemed to be proof that Argost was dead, he reported his findings to the family. After Argost was destroyed and his cryptid army retreated, the Saturdays and their friends paid their respects to their old enemy turned friend.
However, far from being a conspiracy nut, his obsession is apparently justified as he saved the Earth from invasion by figuring out the 'crop circle code'. Argost stole it, then used a cryptid parasite to extract the location of the third piece from him.
She's an expert at quantum physics and works on particle acceleration in Antarctica with her robot sidekick Deadbolt.
In the ensuing confrontation, his body is lost in a fire and the mind-swapping device is destroyed. Francis wears a shield generator that shocks anyone who tries to touch him without permission. In "Curse of the Stolen Tiger," he has the Saturdays babysit Wadi while he is away on Hassi business. In "Eterno", she steals a salt crystal which inadvertently awakens the salt creature Eterno. She and the other scientists helped Zak, Wadi, and Fiskerton to get the sap from the Methuselah Tree. After Drew told David to not let anyone in, she left, but Zak (who was controlled by the neural parasite) enters in and attacks. He also suggested the Saturdays to leave Zak with him, while the rest of them get the last piece of the Kur Stone.
She told the Saturdays that Ahuizotl is a nocturnal cryptid and steals the eyes from the living as if Ahuizotl is blind. He and his three workers decided to make a city by cutting down trees, but one night, a large cryptid called the Allegewi attacks their campsite and abducts two of his workers. As the man-eating cryptid chases them (with Doyle carrying Abbey and Fiskerton carrying Zon as if her wings are injured), they climbed on a tree with Drew chopping it with her sword and they seemingly outran the Allegewi.
As Doc and Doyle rescue Cody from the Allegewi, the three head outside with the cryptid chasing them. According to creator Jay Stevens, his full name is Vincent Vladislav Argost, after actor Vincent Price. However, as revealed in "Legion of Garuda", Argost possesses the flute of Gilgamesh with the intent to extract Zak's power while obtaining an orange ape-like cryptid from his past during the episode "Return of Tsul".
Once the ritual is completed, now immune to Zak's powers, Argost destroys the relics to keep his new powers while revealing his true identity.
She and Doyle begin dating at the end of the episode, only for him to discover in "Food of the Giants" that Van Rook hired her not long after Doyle quit.
She uses a relic forged from Kur's own essence which is said to glow in the presence of its master.
Rani attempted to convince Zak to tap into his inner nature and lead cryptids in a war against humanity.
Mizuki instead transfers his own mind into the creature, then goes on a rampage of revenge against Fuzen. He has above-average strength and durability, able to knock out Fiskerton with a single punch and survive a direct blast from Drew's fire sword (coupled with smashing through a wall from the impact) without injury. Doc calls the plausibility of the story into question and it seems likely that Doyle was exaggerating to entertain Zak.
Each Monday has a distinguishing characteristic that sets them apart from the Saturdays and cause reality to warp when in the presence of their duplicates.
In "Paris is Melting", the evil Zak and Komodo attempt to threaten Zak into retrieving their airship from the antimatter universe following their attack on Dr. Out of the Monday's Zak Monday was the most reoccurring alongside Komodo Monday before they are sent back to their universe. As shown in "Paris Is Melting", he has a power glove like Doc's, but it is gray and black, as well as fingerless and left-handed. Whereas Drew Saturday comes off as rough but loves Zak, Drew Monday acts sweetly and hates Zak (both of them). Ben (as Heatblast, XLR8, or Eye Guy in different beginnings) rescues Max and Gwen, defeats Animo's latest invention, and sets off an error in the bomb by overloading the system.
Ben, Tetrax, and his pilot, Gluto, travel across the galaxy to find Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix. Even though transforming would accelerate the self-destruct, Ben transformed into Cannonbolt to break into Azmuth's lab, but Azmuth refused to help them.
Ben then transforms into Way Big, defeats Vilgax's army of drones, grabs Vilgax, and throws him into space. Max Tennyson was a member of the Plumbers in his youth and was ultimately the one who defeated Vilgax. Camille's parents and ex-boyfriend tried to stop the wedding; however, they were defeated by the combined efforts of Camille and the Tennysons and thus, the two were married. In the episode of Truth, the Null Void projector was stolen by Phil Billings as a part of scam to profit from catching aliens he himself had released; however, his plan was thwarted by Max and Ben.
Upon discovering who they are, he asks for their assistance in discovering the reason for Max's disappearance.
There is also a practice where alien Plumbers who have inter-bred with humans give their hybrid-offspring a Plumber Badge to prevent them from being wrongly arrested by other Plumbers for interplanetary trespass.
With the help of the DNAliens, Gwen frees them and Darkstar is arrested while the Highbreed and the DNAliens escape. Animo prior to It Was Them, Billy Billions in Arrested Development, and Nyancy Chan in Tummy Trouble. In many cases, working with them in cooperation and even establishing partnerships as shown with the Galvan Soldiers who are mostly plumber cadets. Zak was born the same year the Kur Stone was found (specifically, he was conceived shortly before the discovery). It was eventually learned that the Kur Stone Doc and Drew discovered before Zak's birth contained Kur's essence.
Years later, she was reunited with her long lost brother, Doyle (Jay Stephens stated that their parents didn't survive the incident).
He may be a coward at times, but he is proven to be a great and strong ally to have, willing to risk his life for his new family. He eventually leads the family and accidentally, Argost to where Kur will be revealed in Antarctica. This power is something that comes in handy for stealth missions, though Komodo seems not to like it. Unafraid of humans, she allows Zak to comb her mane and ride her, but she absolutely resists the family's domestication efforts and refuses to give up the great outdoors. Doyle is something of a jack-of-all-trades, fighting using a combination of grenades, lasers, as well as hand-to-hand combat.
Zak secretly informed him that Argost was indeed still alive and asked him to search for information regarding Argost's past. Doyle says goodbye by tossing three flowers onto his grave, then takes one away and says, "Two is plenty." This refers to episode one, in which Doyle throws eight concussion grenades which hit Doc and Leonidas responds by growling "I told you two charges at a time was plenty, the other six come out of your pay!".
She has a gun which can create miniature wormholes, allowing her to physically attack opponents from a distance.
In one episode he mentions he grew up in cold weather and he indirectly reveals at the end of "Where Lies the Engulfer" that he is from Canada. He and Zak have a rivalry, as evident in "The Swarm at the Edge of Space" and "Paris Is Melting".
As a token of honor Tsul 'Kalu gave him his amulet, a claw, which was to be used later on Zak's weapon. Once they reached to the surface, Zak accidentally dropped the bottle (that had the sap) and some of the sap was destroying the salt bonds on Drew. She even explained that Ahuizotl was resting in its tomb, but awakens for unknown reasons after about 6 months passed. Van Rook was disgusted by the tea and asked how to stay "taste like yak vomit" in Tibetan, resulting one of the monks to hit him on the head.
The group shoot catapults and spears at the Allegewi, which gives Fiskerton and Zon the chance to knock the Allegewi to a large net made of vines with Hickory sap (which was Zak's idea). When they reached the Allegewi's lair, the cryptid tries to catch Cody, who's hiding in a crevice. Soon after, in series finale "War Of The Cryptids," Argost set his plans into motion, unleashing a gigantic cryptid army all over the Earth.
But once revived, furious that Animo did it in three years rather after a month, Argost was initially displeased to find his body turned into a chimeric amalgamation. In this form, he gains superhuman strength, is able to climb walls, as well as can fire thick streams of webbing from his mouth. She admits her feelings for Doyle were real, but still intends to finish the Saturdays off.
When the artifact fails to glow, Argost asks her why the picture of Fiskerton was in Kur's tomb.
Her attempt was interrupted by the timely arrival of the rest of the family and after a rough battle, they saved Zak and escaped.
The Saturdays convince Mizuki to abandon his revenge and send Fuzen to jail for his crimes.
He attacks the Saturday household in order to devour Fiskerton, but is repelled by Zak using his mother's fire sword.
In "Cryptid vs Cryptid," Doyle later fought Baron Finster in the arctic and managed to defeat him and his henchmen, showing the villain at least exists. The name Monday was given to them by Zak Saturday, since according to him his double is a "less fun version of a Saturday", hence a Monday. However, in 'And Your Enemies Closer' when summoned back to his counterpart's reality in what he later learned was a trap, Zak Monday is killed off when Argost uses the Flute of Gilgamesh to absorb the Anti-Kur spirit from him. After escaping the fight, she reveals that she was Azmuth's assistant and directs Ben and the others to Xenon, where Azmuth lives. Most of the Plumbers eventually disbanded; however, a few of its members (like Max and his relatives) remain in a semi-active capacity. Though Joel's parents were against the marriage at first, they later realize how unfairly they had treated Camille and finally accepted her as their daughter-in-law, thus putting an end to the feud. There is also a base located within Fort Knox and the Seattle Space Needle and a map detailing the location of all the Plumber bases in USA revealing there is at least one per state. The three of them manage to interrupt an arms deal between the Forever Knights and the DNAliens, with Ben's old-rival, Kevin as the middle-man. In gratitude, Prior Gilhil makes the team honorary Plumbers so they can defend the Earth legally.
Zak has a special psychic ability to connect with cryptids, allowing him to control their actions to an extent.
During the accident when it was uncovered, the energy was released from the stone and found a new host, namely, the unborn Zak.
He mostly talks in grunts and mumbling which occasionally mimic human speech, though the family is able to understand him regardless.
Despite learning that Zak is Kur, Fiskerton continues to protect Zak, literally becoming the "Kur Guardian".
In "Van Rook's Apprentice", he changes sides and joins the Saturdays after learning he is Drew's brother and about V.V. He is strong enough to lift a grown man one-handed and is able to wrestle with cryptids much larger than himself. With Zon and Van Rook continuing to aid him, he tracked down those who had connections to Argost's past, but it proved difficult as they kept not-so-mysteriously disappearing. He gives people nicknames based on their appearance (Zak's hair, for example, results in names such as "Skunk-do" or "Salt and Pepper"). He was seriously wounded when he took the brunt of an explosion meant to kill the Saturdays, but survived. The Saturdays tend to cause, or at least get involved in, ecological disasters when they do any work near him, which he eventually points out with slight annoyance.
He now lives in a cave lab alongside his white tiger (which was mind-swapped with a dog) working on a way to get his mind back into his body and continue his research. It is revealed in "The Unblinking Eye" that he and Francis are actually clones of the "perfect agent" their organization found 100 years ago.
He, Wadi, as well as some members of the Hassi took part in the fight against the cryptids controlled by V.V. She later assists the Saturdays in reclaiming a village's stolen blue tiger from Shoji Fuzen, Wadi helping to defeat him by stealing a component from Shoji's high-tech armor that controls its flight capability.
In the present he tracked Zak down, having learned that he is Kur and tried to reclaim the amulet, not wanting it to be used for evil purposes. She also said that her people are using Miranda as a sacrifice to the beast, because they don't want Ahuizotl to steal theirs. When the cryptid hybrid (that looks like a cross between Zak, Fiskerton, and Komodo) escapes, the swamp cryptids begin to destroy the lab and Doc and Drew went after him. Doyle was telling Drew that Argost and Munya have captured Baron Finster (which he knew that Finster knew about Argost's past), but wasn't sure why he abducted the Xing-Xing (which wasn't identified in the show and referred as an "old sasquatch thing"), but he knew it was also from the Himalayas.
He told Ruby to take the four-wheeler back to base camp and says to her that she'll be safe there.
When Harger offered Doyle to rub mud on himself, Doyle refuses and "knows what he's made of and it's not the stuff". When they planned to relocate the Allegewi to another location with plenty open land and zero human population (which Doyle didn't meant), Abbey frees it.

They managed to rescue him and defeat the Allegewi (thanks to Abbey, who lured it to a chasm). Argost's Weirdworld, a series that made him "the modern master of the bizarre" of the Earth.
However, his arrogance proves to be his undoing when he siphons Zak's powers in an attempt to amplify his own, having obtained an electronic sound-system that recreated a weaponized version of the Flute Of Gilgamesh. But Argost quickly finds his new body is to his advantage when he seeks revenge on Zak and is thrilled to learn that he still has the powers of the anti-matter Kur which allows him to control an entire army of mutant cryptids with a single thought. Following Argost's defeat at Antarctica, Munya wrapped up Argost in webbing and made off with him. However, the Nagas had already succeeded in having Zak's power summon the most vicious cryptids from around the planet in a battle against humans. On the Viral website Ten Hero Tusk, there is an egg that was provided by Baron that shows that he is a Cryptozoologist like Van Rook.
They find the DNA signature of Azmuth in the Omnitrix and find that he is on Incarcecon, the prison planet. Their ship was intercepted and boarded by Vilgax and his Drones, but they were stopped by Ben, Gwen, Tetrax, Gluto, and Myaxx. After a brief battle, they captured Kevin and convinced him to help them find out what was going on, Kevin decided to help as he had not been paid. Tamer cryptids seem to trust him instinctively and even fiercer ones can tell that Zak is different from other humans. This was because, as Rani Nagi said, it was a much more dangerous form as it could exist between the worlds of humans and cryptids. Drew is always encouraging Zak to try new things like tribal dancing or sand painting, but when there's a risk of danger, Drew gets a little overly protective of her only son. Though for the most part quite obedient, Komodo's actions are often dictated by his stomach and he will ignore the family for a good meal. In 'And Your Enemies Closer', his search led him to the Himalayan monks who had raised Drew after they were separated. Doc and Drew called him in to watch Zak, Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon while they were away on their anniversary dinner. He also has more of a sense of humor than the other Secret Scientists and seem to be the most friendly with Zak. Apparently, he has become a member of the Secret Scientists as shown in "Eterno" where he helps the other scientists solve the Eterno crisis. Argost and Munya escaped with an ancient and powerful Sumerian medallion which Ulraj stated to be too dangerous to wield. It was revealed in "The Unblinking Eye" that Francis and Epsilon are clones of a "perfect agent" their organization found 100 years ago thus explaining why he has no mother. All of Zak's family thought that he has a crush on her due to his being very clumsy around her (which turned out to be true), which he vehemently denies until she admits she thinks he's cute, which he immediately blushes at. After losing the battle against Zak he was able to see his true intentions and permitted Zak to use the power of the Claw. Feeling bad that it's wrong to do it, Zak explains that people do a lot of things when they're scared. The Devil Monkey and the Fouke Monster were holding away Doc and Drew as Lake Worth Monster grabs the Zakermodo, until he heard Drew saying "Zak Saturday". The cryptids were saved by Lancaster and they went into hiding, but they'll be waiting to destroy the project. As the Allegewi attacks, Abbey tells Doyle and Zak to tell their family that "she's sorry" as she pushes them out of the way and the Allegewi attacks her, causing her and the beast to fall into a chasm, but Abbey doesn't die. With knowledge of cryptids and being showy and dramatic, Argost's overall goal is the possession of Kur and the power it holds. Unable to hear Zak's warning of the danger, Argost finds himself imploding from the two Kurs' energies and is presumed dead. Ultimately he is defeated once again through the teamwork of Zak and Ben Tennyson, the later of whom manages to drain Argost's powers: effectively trapping him within his own body in a coma-like state. In "Into the Mouth of Darkness" Doyle and van Rook capture him to get information about Argost, but he is taken away by Munya.
This meant that Zak is half-cryptid.[1] Despite the Saturdays trying to keep the truth about Zak's nature secret, the other Secret Scientists found out through unexplained means and began pursuing Zak, forcing the Saturdays to go on the run. The four crystals on the knuckles also have individual powers: freezing, heating, shocking, and sonic vibrations.
She's a mystic who is well-versed in the Earth's cultures and can blend in anywhere her travels may take her.
Extending from this, Komodo will often pick fights with others to get food, even when his opponent is far larger and stronger (Komodo fights with the elephant-like Groot Slang over a piece of meat in "Something in the Water", for example). In "The Underworld Bride," King Ulraj later helped the Saturdays when the Dua'a was trying to take Zon into the Underworld. Francis also explained that in time he will be given a "Francis" of his own to raise as Epsilon is raising him. An army of Fisk-Bots broke in (apparently created from Fiskerton's mind) and destroyed the Saturdays' headquarters. The monks told her that they couldn't bare to add one more nightmare in her troubled sleep. Having hid his true nature well, Argost is actually a Yeti that had been attacking humans out of enjoyment in the Himalayas and taking items from their camp as souvenirs. 2, Munya was using a special typewriter called a "text to speech engine" to help promote V.V. Later it's revealed that she is much better the field of mercenary work then Van Rook not only does she make more money but also is able to buy higher grade equipment due to her not being as much of a cheap skate as her former teacher.
She later follows Zak, Doyle, Fiskerton, and Abby to Shangri-La in order to learn where Kur is located. He is also now armed with a samurai-themed suit of high-tech armor, he ends up engaging the Saturdays. Pietro instead tries to eat Fiskerton during the conflict on the train, so Argost uses a neuroparasite to knock him unconscious. They did manage to find out Argost designed Baron Finster's robotic scorpion body in exchange for funding for Weird World as well as the fact that Argost was once a very poor man. Zak recovers it for them, but makes a deal with the rest of the Monday family while doing so.
Gwen, Ben, and Max then go to the shopping mall, but the Omnitrix releases a sudden energy burst, banning them from the mall.
The Nagas have also sought him, intending to have him embrace his inner nature and become their new master. In 'And Your Enemies Closer', she and Doyle (whose search for Argost's past led him there) reunited in Himalaya at the same place that their family was lost. Doyle recalls that he ended up sliding down the slope and wound up in an orphanage, which led to the way he grew up. In the "Thousand Eyes of Ahuizoti," it's revealed that she has been watching Weird World for surveillance. He also showed a great disdain and bitterness over this fact, due to the massive amount of pressure it placed upon him. In the episode "Life in The Underground", Wadi shows that she has a crush on Zak and gives him a kiss on the cheek she also copied his idea of "the claw" with a yo-yo shown in "Life in the Underground". Doc then saw the flower that uses to have the sap and said that he'll have Pachacutec analyze it. After Zak defeated the parasite, the Fisk-Bots used parts of the headquarters that resembles the globe of the diving rod. They said that the cryptid is called the Yeti and her parents were not its only victims in those days. However, it's later revealed that Abbey was the culprit, who's working for Van Rook (who sold the land to Harger). According to Jay Stephens, one of the 'souvenirs' Argost had taken from a camp he had attacked was a television, from which he learned to speak English and resolves to live among humans by influencing them with a television show of his own. After a brutal battle in which she mostly holds her own against the family, she is finally defeated by Fiskerton.
During the battle, Fuzen is knocked off a cliff by Doc after Wadi steals a component from the suit necessary for flight. Zak drains the ship's power with their help before returning, causing it to crash back into the repaired Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca (which was on display in the Louvre) when the evil Zak and Komodo attempt to fly it. His dying wish was for them to finish their mission and charged them with protecting the Earth from this new threat.
She then learns that it wasn't the blizzard that separated her and Doyle, but an attack on their camp by The Yeti. He then reveals something shocking to Drew: it was not the storm that ruined their family, but an attack from a cryptid called a Yeti. 1, Van Rook admits that he trained Abbey too well because she has taken over the mercenary business from him. In 'War Of The Cryptids,' it is found out that he has a recording from the Flute of Gilgamesh. In "War of the Cryptids," Miranda had a change of heart as she saved Zak in the season finale from a copy of the song that would harm Kur. Zak tells him he's in charge of his own destiny and is his own person, not just another clone. If the flower can by synthesize it, they might be able to reverse the effects of what Eterno did. Once they reach to a pyramid, they find Miranda bound and gagged (and hanging upside down) with the Ahuizotl preparing to steal her eyes. They said that they tried to hunt it down countless times, but when they finally found its lair, the beast was gone. When the Allegewi attacks and knocks out Abbey, it saw the Saturdays and Harger in the traps. Lee by destroying enough of their research to cripple the project, saved the cryptids and fled to the bayou. Donning a Megatooth shark skin cloak and mask, Argost lived on the streets before acquiring the funding he needs from Baron Finster in return for his scorpion lower body.
After learning that Doyle was searching for his secrets, Argost had Munya hunt down every person who has to do with his past on orders, including Baron Finister. She is seen later in "The Atlas Pin", where she is using her Kur-sensing relic around Kur's tomb, only for it to be stolen by Argost so he can use it to find Kur. Rani Nagi and her Nagas had possession of the Flute of Gilgamesh which Zak and Fiskerton stole. Argost, who offers Zak a deal that will "help [him] master his Kur abilities." Zak agreed to the plan, though Argost has informed him that he has his own hidden agenda. Much to her shock, she and Doyle discovered that the cryptid that destroyed their family is in fact Argost. Upon finding the beast's abandoned lair, Doyle and Drew make a shocking revelation: the Yeti who attacked their family, killed their parents, caused them to be separated and grow up in different ways is in fact Argost.
He seems to have gotten out of shape between Season 1 and Season 2: Doyle pointed out that he had some extra gut room in his armor and he even admitted he was out of shape while fighting Munya. Francis understands and allows Zak to escape instead of capturing him as a way to thank him (though he wouldn't admit it).
Lee and the scientists are captured, the cryptids have left the machine to turn the cryptid hybrid back to Zak, Fiskerton, and Komodo. As his colleagues went into hiding, he left Honey Island and will know that the cryptids will destroy the project and the machine that created them.
In the episode "And Your Enemies Closer", it was shown that Munya had enough cryptid DNA to be controlled by Zak. She enlists the Saturdays' aid in retrieving her stolen relic, threatening to remove the Atlas Pin should they refuse to comply. When Zak's life was threatened by Gokul using the Flute of Gilgamesh on him, she and her fellow Nagas helped the Saturdays and the scientists that were after Zak stop Gokul. It is not known if whether or not Doyle has an evil counterpart like the rest of the Saturdays. In "Life in the Underground" he and Zak both compete for Wadi's affection with turns the friendly competition less friendly.
In "War of the Cryptids", Munya led an attack on Paris as part of Argost's army only to be defeated by Tsul 'Kalu, shortly after Argost's downfall. Drew, Zak, and Komodo manage to stop her with help from Kumari Kandam, though she and her followers escapes capture. It's most likely that Monday isn't really their last names, as Zak Monday had asked "Is that what you call us?" in "Paris is Melting", since technically, Zak (Saturday) made up the name.
During a fight with an Ahuizotl in "The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl", Zak discovered that his powers enabled him to sense cryptids (as well as move around as though not blind-folded) without seeing them. Once Ahuizotl was defeated, the Saturdays decided to leave Miranda in Mexico, until Tica knows that they're all cleared. The Lake Worth Monster reveals the radio as Doc turns it on to hear the message from Lancaster. However, one of the monks said that the Yeti doesn't have orange fur, but is pure white with pale blue skin and they suggested it was not the cryptid he saw. Munya is once again at his master's side upon he revival by Dr Animo and also confronts Zak when he discovers Animo's lair, but is defeated in the ensuing fight. Zak Monday returned in 'And Your Enemies Closer', where Argost tricked him so he could steal his power with the Flute of Gilgamesh.
In "Into the Mouth of Darkness" it was revealed that some cryptids such as Fisk love Zak because of his Kur power. When Doyle and his quest to learn the secrets of Argost's past leads to Himalaya, they are reunited with Drew, who does not greet Van Rook with open arms.
However, when Drew learned that the Nagas were dark mystics, she says the relic must be destroyed which Fiskerton does. She was responsible for using Drew's sword to attack her only for Leonidas to sacrifice his life to block the attack. Afterwards, Argost smashed both the flute and Smoke Mirror, trapping the other Mondays in their reality forever. Epsilon and Francis' people also think that Zak is "a time bomb waiting to explode" and insist that they help train him. When the Himalayan monks who raised Drew lead them to the abandoned cave of the Yeti cryptid who destroyed Doyle and Drew's family, Van Rook discovers a camera on the ground among other items from camps it had attacked, which Van Rook saw as souvenirs, meaning that the beast attacked for fun and not food (or money), to which he said "Even I'm disgusted!". Although he has aged 2 years, not much has changed about his appearance, although he has grown a bit taller.
Zak is known as fearless, reckless and unpredictable.It is hinted that Zak has feelings for a thief girl named Wadi (stated in Curse of The Stolen Tiger and Life In The Underground).

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