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These days, it seems like every media outlet that has any remote connection to the law is making an effort to dispel the allure of the esteemed U.S. Our goal was to provide an alternative ranking that was focused more on results and service, and that would provide legal education with admirable incentives.
We focused on the following categories – postgraduate success, student satisfaction, affordability and diversity.
A little further down the list, holy hell, we see that debt is only weighted as ten percent of a law school’s total score. Online legal research technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade alone – and continues to do so today, making legal research easier than ever. I am laughing at a best value list that includes UC Irvine with its exhorbitant tuition and poor employment numbers. Finally, even if one does want a non-individualized list like this, one should at least try to gather info on actual average tuition charged (as opposed to the sticker price), although this info in likely unavailable and unverifiable.
And as with the glorious Cooley rankings, any traction that the new National Jurist rankings might have received went totally out the window when the powers that be at the magazine decided to rank Alabama higher than both Harvard and Yale.
Because every time a ridiculous set of rankings comes out, a terrible idea in the mind of a prospective law student grows its wings.

Help support TaxProf Blog by making purchases through Amazon links on this site at no cost to you. Come on, everyone knows that the only place ‘Bama should be ranked ahead of Harvard is on a football field! Why is the post-graduate success category so larded up with nonsensical ratings like the Super Lawyers designation — an accolade that’s been repeatedly criticized as being an out and out scam?
News rankings methodology and replacing some of its flawed criteria with other flawed criteria. These rankings are supposed to be results-oriented, and they treat law students as consumers to be satisfied (if only the judges presiding over the law school lawsuits agreed on that point). In case you haven’t heard by now, being able to get a job is pretty much the ENTIRE POINT of going to law school. News) is a better law school than Yale, the number-one law school in the nation (which is insultingly ranked at No. As an animal rights and law expert, her advice is frequently sought-after by distraught pet owners in Delhi who have been turned out by landlords for keeping pets, those fighting for custody of pets during a divorce case or simply cheated of valid pedigree certification."The concept of having people run to lawyers only in the case of criminal or corporate cases is fast changing. Today, one also enlists lawyers for medical, cyber, environmental, academic and social rights. Law schools need to adapt to meet this changing mindset by providing more specialised training," says R. News methodology could be changed for the better, others have only offered up absurdities in their alternative ranking systems.

Venkata Rao, vice-chancellor and professor of law at National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore.Students outside the NLSIU libraryKeeping in mind the need for more specialised subjects, the last academic year saw a host of new programmes and diplomas introduced at all the top law schools in the country. Be it public policy at NLSIU, aviation law at NALSAR, entrepreneurship administration at NUJS or labour welfare laws at Symbiosis Society's Law College in Pune, law students have plenty to choose from today.
Law colleges are also actively promoting extracurricular activities such as moot court contests, field work, internships and journal writing.Moot courts, a mock courtroom competition, in particular have captured the attention of law schools and last year saw NLSIU winning the coveted Philip C. The NLSIU Legal Services Clinic won $5,000 from MacJannet Foundation for providing free legal services to the underprivileged in May.
At the end of the year, all 365 thoughts are collated into a book and given to the graduating batch.
More than seeking a living, we teach them to seek a life here," adds Rao.Top law collegesThis year, the INDIA TODAY-Nielsen Best Colleges Survey's law rankings show nearly all colleges retaining their spot in the top 10. NLSIU has replaced NALSAR at number one and Faculty of Law at Banaras Hindu University has made it to the ninth spot from its number 11 position last year.

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