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If you are NOT currently a coach and would like to know more please fill out this form to join our next Coach Apprenticeship group. What I love is I actually ended saving money by replacing my breakfast with Shakeology instead of going to the convenient store.  Is Shakeology a scam?  Absolutely not! It is inevitable that as your friends, family, and coworkers see you drinking that strange “green” smoothie or enjoying that yummy, creamy chocolate shake they will ask questions and want to know what it is.  That is then, your chance to tell them about it and your experience with it and sharing with them how it has helped you. This will be a slightly different 4 year anniversary with Team Beachbody post than you have seen in the past. It was the continual love and example of both our parents that gave us an example to follow in our relationship and strive for daily. Many thousands of friends and complete strangers have told us what a great example we are as parents of 4 and soon to be 5 kids.
One thing you must understand is that Personal Development is one of the Three Vital Behaviors of being a coach and quite possibly the MOST important.
If you are thinking to yourself that you don’t need personal development and you’re not willing to commit to it, I can tell you RIGHT NOW that your business will move slower than others. I started to see the bigger picture in life, started dreaming bigger and taking steps to improve my life and my future. First things first, if you are enrolled in my NEW COACH SUCCESS SCHOOL, then the first book you MUST order is called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Next, if you are struggling with putting yourself out there and getting over your fears, then I would suggest Be A Badass. While I love books to encourage you to get over your fears, Be a Badass is ENOUGH to push you outside of your comfort zone, so enough of the Be a Badass, go be You, etc. If time management is something you’re really struggling with, then try this quick read, Eat That Frog.
If you have a fear of inviting, connecting with others, and fear of people saying NO to you, then you MUST read this next book, Go For No.
If you want another book similar to Go Pro that really teaches you even deeper strategies for network marketing and multi-level marketing, then try this one, Rock Your Network Marketing Business. And lastly, this is not a book, but I’m including it on my list because it’s THAT important.
If you are not currently a Beachbody coach, but would like to learn more about the opportunity to help other people, continue on your own health and fitness journey and work from home, then please fill out the application below. Chris was another guy that I met through the awesome X2 Crew Challenge Group and his story is super motivating! I have to thank my coach again for being persistent with his articles, which kept me coming back for more.
Find Your Workout Want to find a workout that will help you reach your health and fitness goals? I am grateful for my wife Gabby who has always been my rock and biggest supporter.  She brought me to tears yesterday when she shared this. I believe the best Beachbody success story is the story you are writing in your own life each and every day.

I want you to know that we have all the same struggles and quarrels as anybody else has but are learning that a great relationship happens when the other person encourages and challenges you to become a better version of yourself everyday. You may be going through some tough times right now, life may seem hard, or the trials may seem that they just continue coming your way and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
While this road can be exciting, scary, overwhelming, and intimidating, TRUST ME when I say it’s worth it!
With that being said, here are my top suggestions for books to read as a New Beachbody Coach for personal development.
This book is the BEST at explaining Multi-Level Marketing and why it quite possibly is one of the best career paths you can take! If you want to learn more about a certain topic, then I really want you to embrace the act of what I like to call “YOUTUBE it.” If you are struggling with Instagram, youtube instagram strategies. I’d be happy to answer your any of your questions and of course give you more information about the opportunity.
I eventually got to such a state in my health that there were certain things I couldn’t do like I used to.
The first is my copy of P90X2 came in the mail, and the second was I felt I myself had changed. I want to help the average man or woman who needs that little push or guidance, because they might not have the knowledge to achieve their weight loss or  fitness goals. If you want to be an Elite Coach in 2014 make sure that you LEARN how to qualify and then know that you can do anything that you can believe in.  If you are looking to grow your business in 2014 you will want to follow the example of these Top Beachbody Coaches 2013.
Remember that the enemy fights HARDEST when he knows God has something BIG in store for you.
THESE ‘self help books,’ better know as Personal Development books, are what changed my life and the course of my business! Some of the strategies are a little out dated, but the concepts of how to connect with people and run your business remain the same! My New Coach Success School starts at the beginning of each month and it is a 4 week program to teach you all the strategies on how to become a successful coach and build the business of your dreams!
I figured I would try to diet for a month after the new year to get ready to start P90x on Feb 1st of 2011. We believe that our highest representation of the image of God is a husband and wife serving each other. I started surrounding myself around the people who I wanted to “BE LIKE” instead of people who were bringing negatives thoughts and negative opinions into my life. I always had these little fantasies of being in shape, and I would picture what my life would be like if I was. I also tried to cut the beer consumption down to just one day, but usually would drink all weekend.
She never once made me feel like I was less of a man for not completing what I said I would –  I made myself feel that way. ALL of these things helped me become a stronger leader, stronger coach, and improve my business as a coach!

My next all time FAVORITE FAVORITE book after The Compound Effect is The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster, also by Darren Hardy. I liked to do things out doors like hiking, running, and kayaking, but they were hard for me to do because I was out of shape and heavy, so most of them stayed my own personal fantasies. Man it was tough, but I got through the workouts – Barely!  “Just press play.” as Tony would say. The one thing I did do consistently was Every Workout, even through the Holidays! My results this time were just like the 2 times prior to this one. I had been bragging to my friends and family that I was doing P90X and I was getting in shape. Each time I failed at a round of P90X I gained a little bit more knowledge of what not to do. I saw this beautiful woman almost only in a Hilton Garden Inn uniform standing behind a front desk and almost only for a short 5-10 minutes.
I’m not saying that you should take all the strategies you learn and find on Youtube, but make sure to watch the videos that have the highest amount of views and appear at the top of the search results. The main thing is that I learned from this and came back stronger until I came out the victor. I want to share the way I feel with everyone who wants to listen.  I do not claim to know all there is, but as a team (Team DestinationRipped) we can help others and ourselves gain the knowledge of proper fitness and nutrition to better individuals and people in general. We now have had almost three years of being full-time coaches and more time then we could have ever asked for together including a trip to Cancun with many of our best friends through Beachbody and we leave tomorrow afternoon after our teaching assignments at church. When I say “Dieting” I meant to say I would eat less, and by saying “get in shape” I meant to say I would do some push ups and sit ups. As far as nutrition goes I started to pay attention to what I was eating more and tried to make healthier choices, not just cutting back.
My old obsessions, food, alcohol, and nicotine have been replaced by new healthier obsessions.
Then on the weekends I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted because of all the hard work I put in during the week. I did loose more weight and lost more body fat, but I still didn’t look like the guys and gals on TV or the internet! My copy of P90X2 would be here soon and I thought that maybe that would be my final answer. For the last year I watched this man pour his heart and soul into his articles on his webpage and I still wouldn’t listen to him. I don’t think one is better than the other I think they both are necessary to achieve an elite fitness level. I made up every excuse in the book of why I needed a cheat day, or why I deserved a few beers on the weekends.

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