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Nicki Minaj seems to have enjoyed herself at the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show as she posed with some of hip hop’s most influential people, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyonce.
Beyonce's self-titled new album dropped over the weekend with no advance whispers, no fanfare and absolutely no hype.
When the clock struck midnight on Friday, the singer, 32, simply posted a message on Instagram.
Andrew Hampp, senior correspondent with Billboard magazine, explained that there were code names used at every stage of the production process to avert the possibility of leaks. As the agreed-upon release day approached, all of the people involved - the extras, directors, producers, her label, and those at iTunes - were reportedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements, Hampp added. In a press release after the release, Beyonce explained that she released the album this way because she wanted to change the way she'd done it before.

Apparently, the lovebirds found that challenge so easy that they went back to Borges for more. When my birthday was coming up, what I thought was really cool to get drunk and not take care of myself at all or do anything remotely spiritual.
It makes sense, making a small change that you must be mindful about can definitely lead to being more consistently conscious in general. Nearly a month of a vegan diet might constitute a challenge for most people, but I highly doubt it was at all taxing for Jay Z and Beyonce. It contained 14 songs and 17 music videos, and it left fans and industry experts alike wondering just how Beyonce managed to pull it off in such secret. Though the bootylicious patron saint of excellence and confidence has always had a seriously banging physique, her recent weight-loss has piqued the interest of loyal subjects, adoring fans and misguided haters internet-wide. They are so rich and powerful that there’s no way they are doing their own marketing or cooking, plus they can go out for every meal.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only it probably wasn’t a challenge for Beyonce and Jay Z because they are super rich. For normal people, going without meat, eggs or dairy for a month would require serious changes in both time and money management, something Bey and Jay did not have to worry about.
She looks out of this world because she’s an entertainer and has the world looking at her expecting the perfection she is.

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