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Setting up a Successful Day with Binaural Beats If you listen to anyone who has achieved great success and worked hard to have the life they truly desire they will all say the same thing: How you start your morning off plays a vital role in how successful the rest of your day will be. Enter your email to recieve our huge collection of free binaural beats, meditation recordings, spirituality lessons,  and much more! In order to meditate you don’t have to change your beliefs, find a new circle of friends, move to a remote location, or spend hours each day sitting in an uncomfortable position. If you’ve ever tried to meditate for just a short amount of time then you know just how frustrating and difficult it can be. Meditation binaural beats brings us down to the deep levels that only experienced meditators can reach allowing anyone to instantly reap the full benefits without the years of practice. If you want to reach the deepest states of meditation with the least amount of effort then I recommend that you use Deep Meditation IsoBeats. If you would like to learn more about this powerful technology and try out our free recordings then please enter your email in the top right form. When combined with meditation (and some people argue that binaural beats actually induce meditation) binaural beats support deeper relaxation, improve creativity and force the brain to increase it’s capacity to handle stress. By combining binaural beats meditation with self-hypnosis, you can literally train your brain for all kinds of desired results. In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! I've seen some studies on this before that included brain imaging and the results were amazing. In fMRIs you can watch this happen while the binaural beats are being heard, though for long term results to occur you have to listen to these audios often so that more permanent pathways can form. Yet for anyone who has ever attempted to meditate for just a short amount of time, instantly knows that this is not the case. For most they imagine a yogi sitting pretzel position somewhere in the mountains completely disconnected to the outside world.
Meditation is a simple practice where one attempts to gain control over their thoughts and reach a deep state of relaxation and awareness.
Scientists have done tremendous amounts of research proving it to be very effective, more and more doctors are recommending it to their patients, and everyday people from around the globe are beginning to implement it into their everyday lives. Stress: Stress is the number one life killer and meditation is the number one stress killer. Health: When you meditate your blood pressure normalizes, cholesterol levels go down, your mind ages at a slower rate, your immune functions improve, and the health of your body improves drastically.

Self-Awareness: In this fast-paced day and age we have become slaves to zombie consciousness.
Perception: Reality is a manifestation of our perception, which is very distorted due to our limited awareness.
Trying to quiet our mind when it’s been programmed to continuously feed us thoughts, attempting to relax our body that is so used to dealing with stress and anxiety, and finding that moment of peace and tranquility in the chaotic world around us seems impossible.
The biggest problem with meditation is that most people give up before they truly experience what it can feel like.
This recording will take you down to the lower Theta and Beta frequency range easily and naturally allowing you to experience a deep state of bliss . But the truth is, the most powerful, creative thinkers, the most mentally and emotionally balanced people, use both sides of their brains more often and in a more balanced way.
Your brain receives – or better put, perceives these sounds with the use of specific audio stimulation. Some of the most popular goals people like to use this technology for include: increased wealth, improved health, weight-loss, to quit smoking or other bad habits, and to find love.
There’s lots of free binaural beat audios on the internet, but not all of them are close enough in frequency to be any good. I felt it was cheating a little at first, but am now finding that sometimes I just want to meditate without the cd, so thats good.
Mostly, I try to incorporate the positive Silva Mind Control methods in conjunction with the 1st track on the cd, and with the other two tracks, I just let the cd do it's thing while I relax with a positive attitude going in, and let it take me to neverland.
It’s something that anyone can use from all walks of life to deal with stress, medical problems, anxiety, restlessness, frustration, and much more.
The average person has over 200,000 thoughts in one day and two thirds of them are negative and useless. By expanding our perception we gain a better understanding of the universe around us and our true nature. By using binaural beats in your meditation sessions, you will reach those deep euphoric states quicker, stay there longer, and go further then you ever imagined possible.
This program completely transforms your mind to operate at a higher and more evolved level of functioning.
When used during meditation, these binaural beats bring about whole-brain thinking and a host of other benefits. The 3rd track gets me into a state of deep, dreamlike sleep for awhile, which I needed from having a graveyard shift for a few years, and found my circadium rythms got out of whack.

Only listened to the whole cd thru a handfull of time, when I wanted to sleep, and had some awesome deep dreams .
I find I'm considerably influenced by binaurals that assist in paying attention and preserving information and facts.
It’s also a great way to exercise the mind, improve concentration, reflect your thoughts, contemplate life, and gain an overall sense of peace and euphoria. Meditation calms the body and puts it back in a natural calm state, allowing it to repair itself, and prevents further mental and physical deterioration from stress. In order to live in a peaceful state of mind we must shift all of our negative thoughts to positive ones. The first step to personal and spiritual growth is becoming more self-aware of our thoughts, choices, surroundings, and becoming more responsible for our actions. Imprisoned by the confines of our mind, meditation will break the shackles of self-imposed lead boxes.
The effect of this is to cause your brain to perceive an imaginary third beat which is a unification of the two your ears are physically hearing. Some are sound only, some incorporate hypnosis and affirmations, and other use subliminal suggestion. Common misconceptions in our society that, regardless of extraordinary benefits and scientific findings, plagues meditation as a taboo practice.
But the trick to make it work is that the difference between the two frequencies has to be small. Once mastered, meditation is one of the most beneficial, thrilling, and life changing experience that one can have.
Binaural beats are the simplest and most effective way for anyone to quickly master meditation making the entire process much simpler. They get the job done, however you you have to listen every morning to truly consider any result.

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