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Our biofeedback meditation monitor, GSR biofeedback and meditation tool can indicate altered states of consciousness.
Psychology research shows that biofeedback monitors can be used to help people learn to relax properly and achieve some of the beneficial, physical and mental, states normally achieved during meditation practices. A Noumic biofeedback monitor can provide two types of bio information useful when learning specific skills in relaxation and meditation, and in itself opens up a range of new meditation technique possibilities. Used in a different way, our Noumic invention is an incredibly precise biofeedback monitor of relaxation and tension changes in the muscles and nerves of the hand. Learning the skill of precisely controlling your hand nerves can have a profound affect on your whole body and mind's ability to relax. Our biofeedback meditation tool can be used to monitor your nervous system, moment by moment, during relaxation and meditation exercises.
Biofeedback Meditation Monitor with white light indicating when skin conductivity is completely unchanging. Psychology research discovered something amazing that happens to skin conductivity when certain states of mind are induced by meditation.
Only during very deep relaxation and successful meditation practices does skin conductivity stop changing completely. Our Meditation Monitor has a white light, or special sound, that indicates when your skin conductivity completely stops changing. If you get the white light, or no change sound, then you know something unusual is happening to your body and nervous system; it is achieving complete 'balance.' This could be an indication that you are about to having a special peaceful experience, or are near to having an altered state of consciousness!
The following graphs show data recorded during the testing and development phase of our Noumic Biofeedback Machines. The above graph shows that, skin resistance gently increased as the user of the device relaxed; this is the normal GSR response when people relax.
This graph shows the Galvanic Skin Resistance starting from a high point, achieved by an experienced meditator during a preparatory relaxation. This graph shows the Galvanic Skin Resistance increased rapidly as an experienced meditation teacher deeply relaxed his body and mind.
Our data graphs confirm that Noumic Devices are capable of detecting changes to the human body that happen during meditation practices. Biofeedback allows you to consciously regulate body rhythms that are normally under unconscious control, such as your heart rate. At Medical Neurofeedback Kingston we use a variety of peripheral biofeedback techniques designed to enhance calmness, focus, and well-being.

Viewing visual information on current heart rate variability enables clients to lower and stabilize their heart rate. You can learn more about heart rate variability based biofeedback at the website for the Institute of HeartMath. It rapidly and precisely monitors the body, yet it is easy to use, and its information out-put is simple. Psychology research discovered that changes in skin conductivity occur rapidly depending on physical and mental activity, emotions, and sometimes thoughts.
This happens during deep relaxation, or during meditation when altered states of consciousness are achieved. They show changes in galvanic skin resistance measured for a specific time as the machine users engaged in various meditation exercises. Upon opening his eyes the biofeedback meditation monitor responded immediately, showing a drop in relaxation. During his meditation he experienced an altered state of consciousness, which lasted for 30 seconds. Its 'white light' can be an indication that very calm, peaceful special states of consciousness are being achieved.
However, our invention might help people in their meditation practices, especially during the early states! Whatever your meditation goals are, biofeedback machines and other mind technology can greatly enhance your meditation and help you achieve your desired results much faster.
When visual information on current skin conductance is provided, clients learn to decrease their skin conductance, lowering their stress level and anxiety at the same time. A stabilized heart rate results in improved coherence; the synchronization of psychological and physical functioning. It also relieves stress and facilitates mediation, which can be used in conjunction with biofeedback to maximize stress and anxiety reduction. Meditation can be used in conjunction with biofeedback to maximize positive results, or on its own to facilitate health, relaxation, and positive mood. Using it does not distract your mind too much when attempting to relax deeply, or while doing meditation exercises. They original called this the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; today, more widely known as, Electro-dermal Activity, EDA.

Gentle deep breathing during meditation normally brings relaxation; this type of 'Pranic Breathing' had the opposite effect, it energised the body and mind. The biofeedback data shows an unusual 'levelling off' where skin resistance completely stopped changing.
Guided meditation approaches available at Medical Neurofeedback Kingston include mindfulness meditation, meditation based on positive psychology theory, binaural beats meditation, and more.
Also, once you realize the truth of existence, it becomes clear that in reality there is no separation between the spiritual and material. That’s just a man-made distinction.The best meditation machinesSo which device should you choose? And which one is the best?The answer to that question largely depends on what you hope to achieve, your meditation experience, and your personality. Mind machines like the procyon AVS are great for instantaneous relaxation, exploring altered states of consciousness, and stilling the mind, but some people (especially long time meditators) find them somewhat invasive because using them involves wearing goggles and earphones. All that it does, is give feedback on the state of consciousness you are in, and this enables you to improve your meditation skills in an effortless way.
The two biofeedback systems that I like best for meditation are the emWave2 by HeartMath and Wild Divine.
I personally use theA emWave2 the most because it can be used connected to the computer or as a standalone unit, which makes it highly portable and enables me to meditate with it wherever I find myself. In order to do this, please note that when you click links on this site and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to empower more people worldwide to live a happier and healthier life. I personally use the emWave2 the most because it can be used connected to the computer or as a standalone unit, which makes it highly portable and enables me to meditate with it wherever I find myself.

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