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I have it don't play it to much though just isn't as good as other games it is almost a rip-off minecraft but some people like it more since it's free. It boggles my brain & I just have to accept that it's not for me to figure out or create but there to enjoy.
When I used to play 'SIMS' I had a photo of one of my fav paintings & my hubby was able to add it to the game as one of the dresses the girls could dress in. Someone was able to locate the specific data file that pertains to Pine Cone seed characteristics and alter it.
3) Knowledge about how the data in that file is used by the main code to govern characteristics and behavior of the planted seed. After successfully altering one seed data, it was just a matter of duplicating them (or letting a pine cone tree bear more seeds) and then Portal Chesting them to my server where the Great Super Pine Cone Tree Event began. Other Servers: Arrakis, Alpha Centuari, Skeeves Empire, Skeeve's Playground & Skeeve's Mars Base!

Location (GMT -4) At Hogwarts, pulling unicorn tail hair and phoenix feathers for my wands. My biggest complaint is that you cannot kill or kick a griefer who starts an action and then logs out. I'm seriously laughing at myself right now all I saw were the exchange about chickens and dodo's.
That's Beethoven's music to my ears!I didn't know dodos spawned under fruit trees and donkeys near carrots, though. Tanooki's right, thanks for making that clear, I was kinda wondering how you could get to the code in the first place. They're what is often referred to as 'script kiddies.' They just make use of tools developed by actual hackers. I'll stick with single player as of now because I'm still a newb, but I will experiment with multiplayer when I'm more familiar with the game.

The trouble is in doing so they are often installing things on their computer that would make their teeth itch, if they but knew it. They end up being victims themselves, and suffer much worse things than having a world griefed that may easily be restored from backups! I'll give it a whirl and see what I think about it.Unfortunately I cannot host a server because I do not have a mac.

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