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The puzzles themselves are very simple (6 pieces each) and there are only four of them in this little book. I had the chance to try out the feature that lets you 'record your own narration' when I reviewed the "Winnie the Pooh" puzzle book app that is similar to this title.
Overall value the app can offer, either as a book app that can occupy the reader for hours or a story that will be returned to for many re-reads. We consider length (under 10 minutes is ideal), enhancements & extras (ideally not too overstimulating), as well as story content that is appropriate for children at night-time. We consider anything in the app that goes beyond the story, like games, puzzles, coloring pages, etc. Back in the ocean, Marlin and Dory ride a sea turtle named Crush and then get dropped off by a whale in Sydney Harbor. Disney brings their film adaptation of Frozen to life in this digital book, pairing animated clips from the feature film alongside a nicely abridged version of the movie's plot. From Disney Digital Books, this app is a companion to the theatrical release of Planes and follows the movie plot closely. Sofia the First is a new character featured in a new Disney Channel television show out this year.
Disney brings their film adaptation of Finding Nemo to life in this digital book, pairing animated clips from the feature film alongside a nicely abridged version of the movie's plot.
Wreck it Ralph Storybook Deluxe is a universal app from Disney Digital Books, based on the Disney Studios movie of the same name.
My absolute favorite aspect of this book is that each page has a different puzzle (5 in total) and the picture of the puzzle is also UNDER the puzzle itselfagree ?disagree ?
We were in our local Barnes and Noble and he came across this beginner’s puzzle book.
My absolute favorite aspect of this book is that each page has a different puzzle (5 in total) and the picture of the puzzle is also UNDER the puzzle itself.
The pictures themselves are very colorful and since each offers a completely different scene, he doesn’t get bored with it. Since there are 5 different puzzles and my son often likes to take them apart, it is genius that they are color coded on the backs of the puzzle pieces.
Another great feature is that as long as the pieces are fit correctly into the puzzle and you keep each page closed, they will actually stay together. Like most people, I have a slight fascination with pirates and, when I came across the 1837 book The Pirates Own Book written by Charles Ellms, I had to give it a read.

A Date on Cloud Nine written by Jenna McKnight is a good dreamy story that I love because it plays with good, funny fiction. The first time that I looked at the cover for the book Recipe for Disaster by Miriam Morrison, I was already fascinated. My mother bought this Jake and the Never Land Pirates lift the flap book for my 2 year old son and he has me read it to him at least once a day. I was looking for something different to read last weekend and happened to come across an older book written by Frank R. I received this book as a bonus with my copy of the special edition DVD of At World's End (the highly anticipated epic conclusion to the Pirates film series, starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and others).
Before I started reading Sustained, I had my doubts about whether I was gonna like it or not. Jake Drake Know-it-all is geared towards a younger audience than many of Andrew Clements other books, as this book is suited for readers about 7-10 years old. Split by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja is a very easy read for me, and at times, I need something light to read and just relaxing my mind.
You don't have to get very close to the right spot to get the pieces to fit, and the child is only given two pieces of the puzzle at a time.
We focus on quality rather than quantity, although very little animation will rate slightly lower on this scale (to allow proper sorting). We consider whether the music & sound effects are easy to listen to and well-matched to the story.
We look for interactivity that is well-matched to the story & engaging but mark down for interactivity that interfere with reading comprehension. We consider enhancements, added content (like reading comprehension questions or other suggested activities) and any unique educational value that makes the app stand out. Apps based on folktales & previously published titles will score lower unless they have a unique presentation. High ratings in this category mean the extras are well made, engaging and have high replay value. This app is light on storytelling features but picture-perfect when it comes to the giggles and whimsy that Willems' artwork usually elicits. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how we rated this app in 9 categories. I think the first time I read it was when I was 15 years old And I have been reading it a few times a year since that's.

It is filled with dozens of full color photographs and interesting text that covers all three of the feature films.
The reviewer certified that no compensation was received from the reviewed item producer, trademark owner or any other institution, related with the item reviewed.
The illustrations are colorful and cartoon-like with minimal animation, not a replication of the computer-animated classic.
Like most parents, I realized early on that this is a nice-sounding feature that is too time consuming to actually use. They find Nemo in the dentist's office, but they think Nemo is dead because he is floating upside down in a plastic bag.
After the damages from the earthquake (read this in Sandry's book), Winding Circle's defenses are now weak. The text is simple enough for a young child, although the font is a bit 'whimsical', which may challenge the youngest 'learner readers'.
A picture of a fish tank with outlined spaces for each of the items is at the end of the book. The animated scenes that come up after completing the puzzles are cute, even if they are very brief.
On Nemo's 1st day of school his classmates dared him to swim up to a boat where a diver captured him. It turns out Nemo is playing dead, soon to escape through a sink's drain to return to the ocean.
The child is then asked to, "Help Nemo spruce up the fish tank with the treasures you found!" After placing all of the items, the fish tank volcano erupts and the child is prompted with a button to "Read Again". When Nemo is reunited with his father, they are so happy because they love each other so much. These settings also include a page guide, plus an option to join a mailing list or exit to the appstore to buy more Disney books.

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