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Dogs are disappearing from the village, but the Seven are so busy arguing and falling out with each other that they don't even notice. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Following the Famous Five 70th anniversary celebrations, another classic Blyton series gets a brand-new look for today's readers from the ever-popular Tony Ross. In their first adventure, the gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow .
Each book features rarely seen bonus Blyton: extra stories, a quiz, additional artwork and insights into Blyton's life and writing process.
Enid Blyton, 1897-1968, wrote over 600 books for children, and is still regarded as one of the most popular of all children's writers. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet's garden - and solve mysteries, and eat lots of delicious food.
In the 2008 Costa Book Awards, Enid Blyton was voted the best-loved author, ahead of JK Rowling and Shakespeare. But Jack sends a letter back to Peter saying, he is forming his own club with, Susie, Binkie, Bony and three others, and they'll be the Secret Seven and you'll be the Secret Six! Her books are translated into more than 90 languages, and have been adapted for film and TV. But then valuable dogs start to go missing, and the thief appears to be a large person according to his footprints. In 2012, Hodder Children's Books celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first publication of the Famous Five by reissuing the first five titles, in aid of the charity House of Illustration, with new covers by Quentin Blake, Chris Riddell, Emma Chichester Clark, Oliver Jeffers and Helen Oxenbury.

Jack's main problem is that he can never remember the password, and yet Susie always knows it. Jack also appears a bit absent minded at the start of this book and this is put down to examination pressures. I don't know why he has such a problem with Bony, but it seems the harmless French boy could have been the 'last straw'.But the worm will eventually turn. Then Pam puts her foot in it by remarking that it is a pity that Susie doesn't belong to the Secret Seven as she isn't afraid of anything and is really so clever. So the Secret Seven cease to exist for a time, as they don't take on another member, not even Scamper. Jack refuses to return even after an apology is sent, and Susie almost gets her wish to belong to a Secret Seven society, albeit her own, but Jack decides to go it alone.
The presence of Binkie and other girls in Susie's proposed 'Secret Seven' (Mark 2) was probably too much for him, and it is not mentioned again.A dog stealer is at work and the shepherd's dog is stolen. Peter says that they've never come up against a dog-stealer before, but we know better (Go ahead Secret Seven).
George almost gets his marching orders as well when he starts to mock Peter in a hollow kind of voice. He was also interrupting Peter, which is unusual for George who usually waits his turn to speak.In another shock, Scamper disappears as well, although Susie thinks he has just run away from Peter!The mystery is difficult to solve. They become desperate to do something and Colin's shadowing almost leads him into trouble, a la George (in the fifth book).
It's the sort of juicy mystery the Find-Outers would have liked to get their teeth into I think.

With only three chapters to go it doesn't look as if the society members will be able to solve it, and, strictly speaking, they don't.Review by David CookFrom starting the series by giving the Seven an adventure each holiday, latterly Enid was giving them one each month!
This takes place in December and the gardener refers Peter and Janet to 'last month' when they had to remove onions from their shed referred to two books back in Secret Seven Fireworks! This occurs when, because the weather is especially cold, the gardener is installing a 'safety first' stove in their shed.
The story starts in term time but carries on into the Christmas holidays and concerns, for the second time, dog thieves, though Peter has forgotten the events of Go Ahead, Secret Seven because he says that, despite all their many mysteries, they'd never "come up against a dog stealer before"!This excellent story is a whodunnit, the first since Secret Seven Adventure, and as good as a Find-Outers story. Indeed, the thief uses the same ruse as did the Find-Outers' Invisible Thief to throw suspicion elsewhere. It is full of interesting, well-drawn characters, Susie, Binkie, Matt the shepherd and his sheepdog, Shadow, and the gifted French boy, Bony. Peter has a huge tantrum, which results in Jack resigning from the Seven and managing to solve the mystery alone. There are many clues, suspects, and red herrings and, unlike some of the Find-Outers stories, the culprit doesn't display obviously unlikeable traits — it's quite a shock to discover his identity.
The story is totally believable except for one thing I'm sure the culprit's employers would, in real life, have supervised his doings more closely.

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