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Secret hotel rooms are essentially accommodations that are being sold at a reduced price by hotels that don’t want the rooms left empty.
That's why we've pulled together 20 tricks for your next trip, inspired by this Quora list on hacks that have scored travelers large savings. From secret ways to snag cheap flights to apps that give you access to free international calling without WiFi, here are 20 ways you can avoid overpaying the next time you take a vacation. Honey is a browser extension that scours the Internet for coupons that are available for the website you happen to be shopping on. When you're ready to check out, simply click the Honey button, and it will automatically apply the coupon that will save you the highest amount.

If you have to pay $3 each time you withdraw money from the ATM (or 3% when you swipe your credit card), the fees can add up.
Quora users recommended going with a Charles Schwab debit card to avoid having to deal with ATM fees, as well as credit cards that don't charge foreign transaction fees, like the Capital One Venture Card. Some airlines don't operate in the same alliance or have a codeshare agreement, which means they might not show up together on flight searches even though the option is available. Tripdelta uses an algorithm to search connections from nearby airports or between two airlines to track "hidden airports", as the team calls them.
Allegiant Air will send out an email and post special deals and fares on Tuesday, and Club 49 members of Alaska Airlines can see an update of weekly sales every Tuesday.

Refreshing a window won't make your flights cheaper, but it can make them go up based on changes in demand. To avoid this, Quora users recommended either clearing your cookies (bits of information that store the details of your web browsing) to effectively delete your recent searches, or to use an incognito search window. For example, Virgin Australia has its Thursday Happy Hour, which is an exclusive sale for discount flights that you can access only by signing up for their email alert.

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