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With today's health trends, people of all ages and all lifestyles hit the gym multiple times a week.
I have been working in the brain fitness(brain games etc) space since 2001 and we have come along way. Improved brain function can be achieved through a variety of activities including a strong social network and having a sense of purpose in working towards mental fitness. Improved brain function can also be improved through aerobic and strength exercises, a mental workout, life-long learning and healthy lifestyles. Explore the mobile Millennium Cognitive Cafesm and empower yourself to be educated, encouraged, engaged, find enjoyment and ease your concerns when it comes to improving brain function.  Take the plunge! The Cambridge Public Library, a branch of East Central Regional Library, has received a grant from the Cambridge ACT on Alzheimer’s group to purchase resources on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, care-giving, and brain health, to increase awareness and provide support information in order to create a dementia-friendly community. In addition to purchasing books, DVDs, and books on CD, East Central Regional Library seeks to be proactive in stimulating and engaging the brain. With this grant funding, East Central Regional Library has developed 18 Brain Fitness Kits. TwitterMy TweetsPinterest Visit East Central Regional Library's profile on Pinterest. East Central Regional LibraryStrengthening communities by connecting people with resources, spaces, and educational experiences that enrich and empower their lives.
Serving libraries in East Central Minnesota: Aitkin, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs and Pine Counties. Enter your first name and primary email address below to get two free Have A Ball Learning audio programs. Susan Bello Phariss is a brain fitness coach, author, speaker and founder of Brain Fitness Strategies LLC.
Learn ten easy steps to increasing your brainpower and decreasing the odds of experiencing Alzheimers disease and dementia.
New research has proven how brain plasticity allows your brain to continue to perform well even with Alzheimers disease.
Learn about the importance of physical movement for brain development from the worlda€™s leading experts: babies in diapers. Like a door swinging loosely by only one hinge, his mouth hung open, allowing the saliva to pool unpleasantly on the fabric.
It is a mystery to us all, or at least to me, why children manage to look so serene and composed while they sleep, and I manage to look like something Dali painted the day he thought he might paint blindfolded.

The brain goes through a pretty predictable process overnight, but it’s by no means as inactive as you might think. These cycles are separated into two types of sleep, based on the features we see in each type. The other type is NREM Sleep, or Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, which is further split into Stages 1, 2 and 3. REM is characterized primarily by rapidly moving eyes, and it’s fascinating to watch someone in REM sleep. Once we’re moving into Stage 2, brain waves are slowing down and body temperature is dropping. If you’re a napper, try and keep it under 20 minutes, unless you can get a full cycle in.
But, while we're so concerned about exercising our bodies to meet today's aesthetic standards, we forget about our minds and strengthening them in the now and for the future.
There has been significant scientific studies over the last 5 years that illustrate how we can maintain and develop our cognitive skills through our lifespan. Sam was the first student to realize that the exercises Paul and Susan were doing helped him with his moods. Susan helps schools, individuals, and corporations implement strategic brain exercise programs focused on enhancing brain function. Learn the four cornerstones of brain fitness and the simple steps anyone can take to increase brain plasticity.
Hair straggled limply across his forehead while his cheek was squashed unattractively, the features riding high on that side. When we sleep, we progress through cycles of sleep; four or five sleep cycles in a normal night. Kids are great for it because they have more REM sleep and you can see the eyes going crazy under the eyelids.
If you can, you then want take the 90 minutes at a time when your body is more naturally inclined to sleep. A new San Francisco based business is trying to bring brain activity into the mainstream, by offering a fitness gym called Vibrant Brains.
We can improve our memory performance immediately and stave off, possibly even prevent, future memory decline.

Each Brain Fitness Kit contain 4 games, recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association and Mayo Clinic as being designed to keep or build brain power. The kits were created with this purpose, but all ages will enjoy the games. He started asking me if he could do the exercises on his own when he started to get frustrated. As co-creator of the revolutionary guide for parents and teachers, Have a Ball Learning: How Juggling Helps Kids Overcome Their Learning Disabilities, Susan Phariss is one of the nationa€™s leading experts on the topic of teaching movement as a tool for brain fitness. Add a workshop to this speech and teach your audience how to jugglea€”the ideal brain fitness exercise for enhancing brain performance. Like they say, if you do crossword puzzles every day, then if you get Alzheimers you will be very good at doing crossword puzzles. Created with Baby Boomers in mind, the brain gym can help keep minds sharp today and prevents the onset of mental impairments in the future.Encouraging brain fitness in a manner that's similar to physical workouts, Vibrant Brains offers monthly memberships for $60 that allows people of all ages to exercise their minds and improve their cognitive skills. Attendees will learn what brain plasticity is and how important it is to their golden years.
Susan Phariss will share how we can change our brain function by emulating the small, rhythmic movements infants make in their first year of development. If we’re prone to sleeptalking or walking, bed wetting or night terrors, the end of Stage 3 is the most likely time for them to occur. As you’ll know, a resolution without a detailed plan and effort is otherwise known as a vain hope. Susan helps parents and teachers understand the power of physical exercise in optimizing brain health and reveals the steps that allow them to achieve it quickly and effectively.
The combination of the awake looking brain with the complete lack of muscle tone gave rise to the nickname paradoxical sleep.
For those who prefer the circuit training style of workout, there's the Neurobics Circuit which consists of 50 of Vibrant Brains top selection of stimulating computer-based activities.

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