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Mental stimulation plays an important part in insuring that our brains remain sharp and agile, and the experts at HAPPYneuron have developed games and exercises that are not only scientifically proven to improve brain function but are also fun to play.
HAPPYneuron has 10 million users who have completed more than 150 million games on the site in ten different languages. Influencing Minds provides access to a wide range of resources by linking with trusted partners.
Not just one? not just two? or even three? Here you get a dozen of the best brain games around in one perfect little package for this year, arranged day-by-day in a repeating pattern throughout the year.
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I know you hate getting caught waiting in a long line with your kids without something to keep them (and you) from going crazy! Now that I have successfully brainwashed you to believe that brain teasers will improve your life tenfold, you will want to try all 20 of these waiting games for kids; they are great on-the-go games. Choose three items from your purse and challenge kids to invent a story around those three items. If you aren’t convinced about using poetry as a waiting game, read about these 8 ways poetry calms kids!

Despite the fact that I always win, my 7 year old never gets bored of challenging me to a thumb war.
Each page of this calendar contains a challenging and engaging game or puzzle for readers of all ages who are looking for a fun way to keep their brains in tip-top shape.
The child starts moving very slowly and the parent tries to mirror the movements as closely as possible. Name a category and your child has 10 seconds to name as many things in that category as possible.
Everyone stays quiet until they hear someone else in the waiting area say that word or phrase. Learning about haiku was part of our poetry challenge, which you can read about here: haiku and hyperbole. The Measured Mom has 100 questions you can print out if you prefer to keep a supply in your bag. The first person says a word, the second person says that word plus his own, the third person says the first two words plus her own, and so forth, continue until someone can no longer remember the word chain. We always find ourselves looking for things to entertain the kids while in line at LEGOLand or Disneyland.

This book has five levels of difficulty and more than 150 Sudoku, so there are plenty of puzzling challenges ahead.
Or, two children can mirror each other and the parent tries to guess who is leading the movement. The first person then adds on to the pattern and the others must repeat this longer pattern. This small, stylish book is perfect for toting in a purse or briefcase, and the handy elastic band will hold your place. Keep the whole family laughing and having fun and keep these play anywhere games in your virtual back pocket.

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