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Visual stimulation can be delivered by using an advanced fiber optic goggle system (Avotec), the high resolution Visuastim XGA system (Resonance Technology), or using back-projection with an LCD projector and a screen at the end of the table. Collection of peripheral physiological measures in the MRI are done using the Biopac MP150 system.
To acclimate patients to the unique environment of the MRI scanner, the lab houses a simulator room. The MRI facilities are supported by a full-time physicist, imaging technologists, and research staff. CD packaging design for Organic Cage’s full-length album, Brain Surgery Machine on Vendetta Music.
The album is packaged in a standard Jewel case with a transparent traycard and features a full-color disc print.

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The Avotec fiber optic goggles are interfaced with SensoMotoric Instruments eye-tracking system (sampling rate of 50 HZ). All auditory stimuli are presented through a digital equalizer that is optimized for tone and clarity. This room has a mock MRI scanner, another Avotec fiber optic goggle system, and auditory system with two control computers.
These extremely tall machine-gun bongs with have a metal down-pipe & bowl and are sure to pacify even the hardest gun lover. This eye-tracking system yields four different analyses: percentage analysis, pictorial analysis, order of object vs.

The MP150 System provides high-speed acquisition (400 kHz aggregate), and Ethernet connectivity. I chose to use cool colors rather than warm colors to give it a cold medical look and feel. This room is used to introduce subjects to the identical experimental procedures that they will experience in the actual scanner.

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