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This programme is designed to teach safe and effective hypnosis techniques that can be practised during pregnancy in preparation for your labour and birth. Hypnobirthing breathing techniques (breathing techniques, Hypnobirthing breathing techniques.
Pregnancy Relaxation – Going Within – is a 15 minute relaxation that you can listen to every day to assist you to go into deep state of calm, peaceful awareness and relaxation, whilst practising breathing techniques in preparation for your labour.

Empowering Yourself for the Birth Ahead – ‘Creating a Labour of Love’ Is designed to take you on a journey of ‘imagineering’: looking ahead and visualising the birth of your baby. Through learning how to relax and remain calm, you will gain confidence in trusting and believing in your body and the job it is designed to do! The gold HypnoBirthing emblem is a sign of both credibility and professionalism for practitioners internationally.

Rhythmic breathing during labour will maximise the amount of oxygen available to you and your baby.

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